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TPH® SPECTRUM™ (Syringe)

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TPH SPECTRA LV  (Dentsply Caulk)
TPH Spectra™ Universal Composite is a direct restorative material indicated for all cavity classes. The composite is available in 2 viscosities LV (Light Viscosity) which has a creamy, spreadable consistency and HV (High Viscosity) which is firmer and more packable. TPH Spectra™ offers a simplified shading system comprised of 7 VITA® based shades which cover the entire 16 VITA shades. TPH Spectra™ also offers excellent physical properties, brilliant polish and clinical longevity as it is based on the clinically proven TPH® brand of composites.
Manufacturer's Promotion:
Buy 4 TPH Spectra™ refills (Compules® Tips or syringes), get 1 (same as purchased) free.
TO REDEEM YOUR FREE GOODS: Mail your Pearson invoice noting free product(s) desired to: DENTSPLY Caulk, 38 West Clarke Avenue, Milford, DE 19963 or (toll free) fax to 1-800-788-4110. Incomplete submissions will not be processed. Purchase must be made on ONE (1) invoice. Limit 5 redemptions of each offer per Doctor. These offers may not be combined with any other DENTSPLY offers or contract agreements. All free goods fulfilled through DENTSPLY. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. Offers valid in the 50 United States only. Free Goods must be of equal or lesser value than those purchased.
Description/Package Item No. Price Qty Order
TPH Spectra LV Compules Intro Kit
Contains: 10 A1 Compules® Tips, 15 A2 Compules® Tips, 10 A3 Compules® Tips, 5 A3.5 Compules® Tips, 5 B1 Compules® Tips, 5 C2 Compules® Tips, 5 A4 Compules® Tips, Compules® Tips Gun, Shade Guide
Mfg. Part #: 642600
C22-4200 $227.85
TPH Spectra LV Compules A1 20 x .25g
Mfg. Part #: 642610
 Manufacturer Promotion 
C22-4206 $107.60
TPH Spectra LV Compules A2 20 x .25g
Mfg. Part #: 642611
 Manufacturer Promotion 
C22-4208 $107.60
TPH Spectra LV Compules A3 20 x .25g
Mfg. Part #: 642612
 Manufacturer Promotion 
C22-4210 $107.60
TPH Spectra LV Compules A3.5 20 x .25g
Mfg. Part #: 642613
 Manufacturer Promotion 
C22-4212 $107.60
TPH Spectra LV Compules B1 20 x .25g
Mfg. Part #: 642614
 Manufacturer Promotion 
C22-4214 $107.60
TPH Spectra LV Compules C2 20 x .25g
Mfg. Part #: 642615
 Manufacturer Promotion 
C22-4216 $107.60
TPH Spectra LV Compules A4 20 x .25g
Mfg. Part #: 642616
 Manufacturer Promotion 
C22-4218 $107.60
TPH Spectra LV Syringe A1 3g
Mfg. Part #: 642630
 Manufacturer Promotion 
C22-4220 $64.40
TPH Spectra LV Syringe A2 3g
Mfg. Part #: 642631
 Manufacturer Promotion 
C22-4222 $64.40
TPH Spectra LV Syringe A3 3g
Mfg. Part #: 642632
 Manufacturer Promotion 
C22-4224 $64.40
TPH Spectra LV Syringe A3.5 3g
Mfg. Part #: 642633
 Manufacturer Promotion 
C22-4226 $64.40
TPH Spectra LV Syringe B1 3g
Mfg. Part #: 642634
 Manufacturer Promotion 
C22-4228 $64.40
TPH Spectra LV Syringe C2 3g
Mfg. Part #: 642635
 Manufacturer Promotion 
C22-4230 $64.40
TPH Spectra LV Syringe A4 3g
Mfg. Part #: 642636
 Manufacturer Promotion 
C22-4232 $64.40
TPH Spectra LV Compules LB 10 x .25g
Mfg. Part #: 642800
 Manufacturer Promotion 
C22-4262 $54.10
TPH Spectra LV Compules DB 10 x .25g
Mfg. Part #: 642801
 Manufacturer Promotion 
C22-4264 $54.10
TPH Spectra LV Compules L 10 x .25g
Mfg. Part #: 642802
 Manufacturer Promotion 
C22-4266 $54.10
TPH Spectra LV Compules LG 10 x .25g
Mfg. Part #: 642803
 Manufacturer Promotion 
C22-4268 $54.10
TPH Spectra LV Compules LY 10 x .25g
Mfg. Part #: 642804
 Manufacturer Promotion 
C22-4270 $54.10
TPH Spectra LV Compules C3 10 x .25g
Mfg. Part #: 642805
 Manufacturer Promotion 
C22-4272 $54.10
TPH Spectra LV Compules B2 10 x .25g
Mfg. Part #: 642806
 Manufacturer Promotion 
C22-4274 $54.10
TPH Spectra LV Compules B3 10 x .25g
Mfg. Part #: 642807
 Manufacturer Promotion 
C22-4276 $54.10
TPH Spectra LV Compules C1 10 x .25g
Mfg. Part #: 642808
 Manufacturer Promotion 
C22-4278 $54.10
TPH Spectra LV Compules C4 10 x .25g
Mfg. Part #: 642809
 Manufacturer Promotion 
C22-4280 $54.10
TPH Spectra LV Compules D3 10 x .25g
Mfg. Part #: 642810
 Manufacturer Promotion 
C22-4282 $54.10
TPH Spectra LV Compules XL 10 x .25g
Mfg. Part #: 642812
 Manufacturer Promotion 
C22-4284 $54.10
TPH Spectra LV Compules BW 10 x .25g
Mfg. Part #: 642811
 Manufacturer Promotion 
C22-4286 $54.10
TPH Spectra LV Compules DY 10 x .25g
Mfg. Part #: 642813
 Manufacturer Promotion 
C22-4288 $54.10
TPH Spectra LV Compules XGB 10 x .25g
Mfg. Part #: 642814
 Manufacturer Promotion 
C22-4290 $54.10
TPH Spectra LV Compules B1-I 10 x .25g
Mfg. Part #: 642815
 Manufacturer Promotion 
C22-4292 $54.10
TPH Spectra LV Compules C2-O 10 x .25g
Mfg. Part #: 642816
 Manufacturer Promotion 
C22-4294 $54.10
TPH Spectra LV Compules CE 10 x .25g
Mfg. Part #: 642817
 Manufacturer Promotion 
C22-4296 $54.10
TPH Spectra LV Compules YE 10 x .25g
Mfg. Part #: 642818
 Manufacturer Promotion 
C22-4298 $54.10
TPH Spectra LV Syringe LB 3g
Mfg. Part #: 642820
 Manufacturer Promotion 
C22-4300 $64.40
TPH Spectra LV Syringe DB 3g
Mfg. Part #: 642821
 Manufacturer Promotion 
C22-4302 $64.40
TPH Spectra LV Syringe L 3g
Mfg. Part #: 642822
 Manufacturer Promotion 
C22-4304 $64.40
TPH Spectra LV Syringe LG 3g
Mfg. Part #: 642823
 Manufacturer Promotion 
C22-4306 $64.40
TPH Spectra LV Syringe LY 3g
Mfg. Part #: 642824
 Manufacturer Promotion 
C22-4308 $64.40
TPH Spectra LV Syringe C3 3g
Mfg. Part #: 642825
 Manufacturer Promotion 
C22-4310 $64.40
TPH Spectra LV Syringe B2 3g
Mfg. Part #: 642826
 Manufacturer Promotion 
C22-4312 $64.40
TPH Spectra LV Syringe B3 3g
Mfg. Part #: 642827
 Manufacturer Promotion 
C22-4314 $64.40
TPH Spectra LV Syringe C1 3g
Mfg. Part #: 642828
 Manufacturer Promotion 
C22-4316 $64.40
TPH Spectra LV Syringe C4 3g
Mfg. Part #: 642829
 Manufacturer Promotion 
C22-4318 $64.40
TPH Spectra LV Syringe D3 3g
Mfg. Part #: 642830
 Manufacturer Promotion 
C22-4320 $64.40
TPH Spectra LV Syringe BW 3g
Mfg. Part #: 642831
 Manufacturer Promotion 
C22-4322 $64.40
TPH Spectra LV Syringe XL 3g
Mfg. Part #: 642832
 Manufacturer Promotion 
C22-4324 $64.40
TPH Spectra LV Syringe DY 3g
Mfg. Part #: 642833
 Manufacturer Promotion 
C22-4326 $64.40
TPH Spectra LV Syringe XGB 3g
Mfg. Part #: 642834
 Manufacturer Promotion 
C22-4328 $64.40
TPH Spectra LV Syringe B1-I 3g
Mfg. Part #: 642835
 Manufacturer Promotion 
C22-4330 $64.40
TPH Spectra LV Syringe C2-O 3g
Mfg. Part #: 642836
 Manufacturer Promotion 
C22-4332 $64.40
TPH Spectra LV Syringe CE 3g
Mfg. Part #: 642837
 Manufacturer Promotion 
C22-4334 $64.40
TPH Spectra LV Syringe YE 3g
Mfg. Part #: 642838
 Manufacturer Promotion 
C22-4336 $64.40
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