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LuxaBite is a revolutionary new rigid bite registration material. It wont distort or change its shape once set.
Manufacturer's Promotion:
Buy 2 O-Bite or LuxaBite, Get 1 FREE!
To receive FREE goods, please fax your Pearson invoice to DMG America at 201-894-0213 or email to
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LuxaBite™ Cart + 15 Mixing Tips 50ml Cartridge
Mfg. Part #: 110560
 Manufacturer Promotion 
F30-1000 $137.50
LuxaBite™ Mixing Tips (Bag of 25)
Mfg. Part #: 110609
F30-1001 $42.95
LuxaBite™ Application Gun
Mfg. Part #: 110411
F30-0218 $142.00
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