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Fluorescence and transillumination technology have been proven successful in identifying soft and hard tissue abnormalities. Healthy tissue fluoresces green while abnormal tissue appears dark. DOE Oral Exam System provides dentists an X-ray equivalent vision to easily identify abnormal tissue that might develop into oral cancer or dental caries. Annual Dentlight Oral Exam provides a comprehensive oral screening to give your patients a piece of mind. It is pleasant and fast, and helps impriving your patient's oral health and potentially saves lives.

The DOE System uses high power LED illumination and high contrast switching filter for oral exams beyond normal visualization capabilities with no need of rinsing the mouth.
  • Small, Cordless, and Reliable
  • High-power Collimated LED Beam
  • High Contrast Fluorescence Filter
  • Multi-wavelenth LED Head
  • Always Ready Without Sleeping Mode
  • Modular with Multiple Functions
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    Dentlight Doe Oral Exam System
    Including DOE Wand with Violet and White Light Head, Universal 2.5x Flip-up Loupes, Fluorescence Filter Pairs, Charging Stand, Charge Adapter, Two Exam Tips, Patient Eyewear Goggle, and 100 barrier sleeves.
    Mfg. Part #: 770-0010
    D27-0230 $1,999.00
    DentLight Fusion-Doe Starter Kit
    Mfg. Part #: 750-0102
    D27-0234 $695.00

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