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 (Beckmer Products)  DENTAL RAT 2.0
the Dental R.A.T. Is a foot operated mouse that enables hands-free access to perio charting, intraoral cameras, & digital x-rays. It doesn’t require additional software. Just plug into a USB port and go! The concept is simple and operation is just as easy. The image shows the basic functions.
  • Each of the four buttons are to record periodontal probe readings.
  • If pushed once they are 1,2,3 or 4.
  • If held down they are 5,6,7 or 8.
  • The joystick moves the mouse cursor with speed and accuracy that are appropriate for a foot control.
  • There is also a speed control for the cursor.
  • The heel rests on the left mouse click and rocks back to activate.
  • Audio Feedback- numbers are repeated thru computer speakers or headset when entered for patient education
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    Dental R.A.T. 2.0 Unit
    Mfg. Part #: DENTALRAT
    D89-1000 $1,431.00

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