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Pearson Dental Supplies, equipment, dentist Office Design, laboratory supply
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Dental Supplies (Everything for your Practice)

 Anesthetics Anesthetics   Bonding Bonding   Burs Burs   Cosmetic Cosmetic   Disposables Disposables

 Endodontics Endodontics   Gloves Gloves   Impression Impression   Infection Control Infection Control   

Dentsply Ivoclar GC Kerr Coltene Kuraray

Equipment (Quality Equipment & Reliable Service)

Large Equipment Large Equipment   Arrow Panoramic Imaging   Panoramic Imaging Film Processors

Intraoral Cameras Intraoral Cameras   Digital Sensors Digital Sensors  Autoclaves Autoclaves  Stools Stools

AirTech Belmont Myray SternWebber Anthos DentalEZ
Digital Dentistry

Digital Dentistry (Scan, Design & Mill)

 Intraoral Scanners Intraoral Scanners   Scanners Scanners   Software Software  CAD/CAM Supplies CAD/CAM Supplies

 Milling Milling  Scannable VPS Scannable VPS  Lithium Disilicate Lithium Disilicate  Milling Blocks Milling Blocks
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3D Printing (Scan, Design & Print)

 3D Printers 3D Printers   3D Printing Resin 3D Printing Resin   3D Printing Curing Units 3D Printing Curing Units

Moonray Envisiontech Kulzer WhipMix keystone Detax

Implantology (Hi-Tec Complete Implant Fixture Only $79.50)

Implants Implants  Bone Graft Implants w/ Zirconia Collars  Mini Implants Mini Implants

Bone Graft Bone Graft  Implant Motors Implant Motors  Implant Support Kits Implant Support Kits  Membrane Membrane

TBR Logo IDS Logo Hi-Tec Implants Saeshin Implants Surg-Esthetic Implants Ace Implants

Orthodontics (Pearson - Your One Stop Ortho Source)

 Brackets Brackets   Buccal Tubes Buccal Tubes   Archwires Archwires   Arrow Elastomerics   RCS RCS

 Cutters Cutters   Pliers Pliers   Clear Aligner Clear Aligner   Pre-Welded Bands Pre-Welded Bands

Astar Implants Creative Dental Implants RSO Implants GNHR Implants Gestenco Implants IMD Implants

Dentistry on the MoveTM (Innovative New Dental Products)

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New Dental Products
New Pearson Products
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Featured Brands
Pearson Dental Supplies, equipment, dentist Office Design, laboratory supply
Piezo Surgery & Laser Dentistry
 Arrow Lasers  Arrow Piezo Surgery

Laser By Denmat Laser By Zolar Laser By Denlase
Piezo By Pearson Piezo By Mectron
Handpieces (H.P.)
 Arrow High Speed F.O.  Arrow High Speed Non-F.O.  Arrow Low Speed F.O.

 Arrow Low Speed Non-F.O.  Arrow Prophy  Arrow Surgical  Arrow Lube

 Arrow Electric Motors  Arrow Turbines  Arrow Sprays

Star Handpieces NSK Handpieces Kavo Handpieces Midwest Handpieces Bien Air Handpieces

Hu-Friedy Instruments PDT Instruments American Eagle Instruments
Medesy Instruments YDM Instruments Premier Instruments
Prophy & Hygiene
Prophy & Hygiene  Arrow Piezo Scalers  Arrow Piezo Tips  Arrow Scalers (25k & 30k)

 Arrow Inserts (25k & 30k)  Arrow Prophy Pastes  Arrow Prophy Angles

 Arrow Periodontal Treatment  Arrow Ultrasonic Scalers

Cavitron Prophy & Hygiene Products Young Prophy & Hygiene Products Vivid Prophy & Hygiene Products Preventech Prophy & Hygiene Products Pacdent Prophy & Hygiene Products
Tooth Whitening
Tooth Whitening Products Tooth Whitening (In Office) In Office Tooth Whitening  Tooth Whitening (Take Home) Take Home Tooth Whitening

Tooth Whitening Lights Tooth Whitening Lights

SDI Tooth Whitening Iveri Tooth Whitening Sinsational Tooth Whitening Flash Tooth Whitening Flash Tooth Whitening

 2018 Summer Savings
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Spring Savings
Bonding Agents (7th Gen.)
Vivid Bond VII
Buy 2 Get 1 FREE!
Refill Bottle 5ml - Net Price ...$26.33

Vivid TotalBond SE
Unidose Pkg of 50...$76.95
6ml Bottle...$40.95
Vivid NanoFlow
Flowable Composite in Vita® Shades
2gm Syringes ...$11.95

Vivid BulkFil
Posterior Bulk Fill Composite
20 x 0.25g...$49
4gm Syringe...$16.90

Vivid Flow Plus
Flowable Composite in Larger Syringes
5gm Syringe...$19.95

Vivid NanoFil
Nano-Hybrid Composite
4gm Syringe...$16.10

Vivid NuFill
Micro Hybrid Composite
4gm Syringe...$12.95
C&B Temp Materials
Vivid QwikTemp - 1:1 Cartridge
Std Pkg...$59.00 76gm w/ Mixing Tips

Vivid SecureTemp - 10:1 Cartridge
Buy 3 Get 1 FREE!
Net Price ...$59.63 75gm w/ Mixing Tips

Vivid TempMax - 4:1 Cartridge
Std Pkg...$49.00 76gm w/ Mixing Tips

Vivid SoloTemp - Automix
Syringes...$25.00 Std Pkg 2x5ml
Flavored VPS Impression Material
Vivid FlavorMatch - 50ml
Flavored VPS Impression
Pkg of 4...$29.99
VPS Impression Material
Vivid Elegance - 50ml
VPS Impression Material
Pkg of 2...$22.50 Pkg of 4...$31.95
Pkg of 32...$208.50
Pkg of 32...$208.50

Vivid Image - 50ml
Pkg of 2...$19.50 Pkg of 4...$28.00
Pkg of 24...$156.00
Flavored Bite Registration Material
Vivid FlavorBite - 50ml
Flavored VPS Bite Registration
Pkg of 2...$19.50
VPS Bite Registration
Vivid QwikBite - 50ml Cartridge
2 Cartridges w/ Tips...$16.00

Vivid BiteTray
Disposable 3-Way Bite Trays
Pkg of 35 or 50...$8.50
Alcohol-Free Mouth Rinse
Vivid RinzeAll - Alcohol Free Spearmint
Buy 3 Get 1 FREE!
16oz Case of 12 Net Price $25.46
$2.24 Each
Cold Sprays
Vivid ColdSpray
Dental Ice Spray
Buy 2 Get 1 FREE!
200ml Net Price...$13.30

OraBloc (Pierel)
Articaine hydrochloride 4% w/ Epi
Pkg of 50...$39.99
$0.80 Per Cartridge

Vivid NumbGel
20% Benzocaine in 9 Flavors.
1 oz...$4.50

Barrier Products
Vivid StickyWrap
Barrier Film - Perforated Easy Peel in 5 Colors
4"x6" Pkg of 1200...$10.95

Pearson Handpiece Sleeves
1.25" x 8"
Buy 3 Get 1 FREE!
Pkg of 500 Net Price $3.71
Enamel Therapy (Take Home)
Vivid SensiGuard
Hydroxyapatite + Xylitol + Fluoride 2oz Tube
Case of 12...$59.95
Nitrile Gloves (Powder Free)
Vivid BlueTouch
Buy 7 Get 3 FREE!
Box of 250 Net Price ...$10.15

Vivid WhiteTouch
Buy 7 Get 3 FREE!
Box of 250 Net Price...$10.15

Blue Nitrile Gloves
Buy 7 Get 3 FREE!
Box of 300 Net Price...$10.33
Latex Gloves (Powder Free)
Vivid Natural Touch
Latex Exam Gloves
Box of 100 ...$4.90
Vivid OraBrush - Premium Quality
Available in 14 adult & 4 child sizes
Pkg of 12...$4.50 Case of 72...$24.50
Net Price $0.34 /Brush

Vivid PowerClean
Powerful Battery Operated Toothbrush
Ultrasonic Cleaners
Vivid Dualzyme
Instrument Pre-Soak
Pkg of 64...$24.99
Ultrasonic Scaler Inserts 25k & 30k
Vivid MagnaSert
Ultrasonic Inserts in 25k and 30k
Rotary NiTi files for complete canal preparation with only 3 instruments
Pkg of 3...$25.95

Vivid RotoPro
Rotary NiTi Files Compares to Protaper®
Pkg of 6...$24.00

NIC K-Files
Strong and Extremely Flexible K-Files
Pkg of 6...$4.95
Vivid UniCup
Disposable 5oz Cups
Case of 1000...$18.50
N'Sure Tray Covers - Size B
Case of 1000...$15.95

Cotton Rolls Size 2
Case of 2000...$8.99

SnapExam III (Sterile)
Disposable Mirror, Explorer and Tweezer Kit
Pkg of 100...$59.99
Net Price $.59/Patient

Winner 4-Ply 2x2 Sponges
Buy 3 Get 1 FREE!
Case of 5000 Net Price $20.63
Autoclave Pouches
PQ Autoclave Pouches
Self Sealing w/ Dual Indicator
in 11 Sizes
3 1/2" x 9" Pkg of 200...$5.50
N'Sure SurgiTip
Disposable Surgical Aspirator Tips
Pkg of 25...$3.50

Vivid SalivaCare
Premium Saliva Ejectors In 12 Colors
Pkg of 100...$2.75
Case of 1000...$25.00

Vivid BriteVac
Enzymatic Evacuation Cleaner
Pana-Max(NSK) 4 Hole
Non Fiber-Optic High Speed Handpiece Push Button Single Spray in Std and Torque Head
Buy 2 Get 1 FREE!
Each...$230 Net Price

Premium Quality Handpieces
Fiber Optic..$163.95
Non-Fiber Optic..$112.50
45º Surgical..$119.50

Vivid ComfyPro
Premium Prophy Handpiece - 4 Holes
Silver or Pink...$255

45º Surgical Handpiece
Non Fiber Optic 4 Hole...$345.00
Fiber Optic 5 Hole...$445.00

Prophy Products
Vivid Pro
Disposable Prophy Angles
Pkg of 144...$29.95
Pkg of 500...$99.95

Vivid SlimPro
Disposable Prophy Angle
Pkg of 100...$19.99
Pkg of 500...$90.00

Vivid ProKleen - Prophy Paste
Pkg of 200...$16.50
Patient Bibs
Vivid OnceBib
Polyback Patient Bibs
Case of 500...$14.95
Carbide Burs FG
Vivid ExelCut
Clinic Pkg of 100...$105.00

Vivid ExelCut
Std Pkg of 10...$10.95
Piezo Scaler Tips
Piezo Ultrasonic Inserts Compatible with EMS® and Satelec®
As low as...$13.50
Disposable A/W Syringe Tips
Vivid RainbowMist
Multi Color A/W Syringe Tips w/ White Core
Buy 3 Get 1 FREE!
Pkg of 250...$17.95

Pearson Disposable Syringe Tips
Buy 2 Get 1 FREE!
Clear w/ Colored Core (200) Net Price $11.00
Colored w/ White Core (200) Net Price $16.50
Pastel w/ White Core (200) Net Price $16.50
White w/ Metal Core (250) Net Price $19.50

Vivid Syringe Cover
Disposable Air/Water Syringe Cover
Buy 1 Get 1 FREE!
Pkg of 250 Net Price...$9.25
Tooth Whitening Strips and Pens
Vivid WhiteStrip
Premium Tooth Whitening Strips
14 Day Treatment Pkg of 28...$14.00

Vivid DailyWhite Pen
22% Carbamide Peroxide
Water Irrigators
Vivid SmartFloss
Water Flosser / Irrigator
5% Sodim Fluoride Varnish
Vivid TruShield
Bubblegum Flavor
Pkg of 100...$75.00

Citrine  (Dharma)
Available in 4 flavors including caramel
Pkg of 50...$38.50
Face Masks (Earloop)
UltraSafe Mask - Level 1
Premium Earloop Face Mask
Pkg of 50...$4.50

Vivid KoolBreath - Level 1
Pleated Earloop Face Masks
Pkg of 50...$2.95

Vivid Perfect Mask - Level 2
Earloop Face Masks w/ Adjustable Chin
Buy 8 Get 2 FREE!
Pkg of 50 Net Price...$6.36

Vivid SupremeMask - Level 2
Face Mask w/ Adjustable Chin & Nose
Pkg of 50...$5.00

Vivid DuraFit Mask - Level 3
Face Mask w/ Adjustable Chin & Easy Breathing
Pkg of 50...$6.95
Phosphor Plate Envelopes
Vivid DigiSleeve
Top Loading or Side Loading Barrier Envelopes
Size #2 Box of 100...$6.50
Size #2 Box of 300...$18.00

N'Sure Phosphor Plate Envelopes
Size 1 or Size 3
Buy 1 Get 1 FREE!
Pkg of 100 Net Price $3.38
Pkg of 300 Net Price $9.98
Surface Disinfectant Wipes
Sani-Cloth AF3
Disinfectant Wipes
Canister of 160...$7.95
Disposable Gowns w/ Velcro Closure
Vivid NuGown
Buy 3 Get 1 FREE!
Pkg of 50...$46.25 Pkg of 10...$9.95
Net Price As Low as $0.69 Per Gown
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