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    Woodpecker - DXM
    Dr. Walser - Laschal
    EARasers - Thomas
    Synergy - Arm & Hammer
    Lysol - Infinium
    B-Brite - Orabloc
    MDT - Man & Machine
    MCT - Transcodent
    Roland - EasyForm
    Ti-Oss - Angelus
    Codent - Gemma
    Denjoy - Sancutary
    Sinsational Smile
    Nikinc - Surgident
    Motion - Diaswiss
    Nakamura - Nichronomix
    Polydentia - Sanctuary
    Hi-Tec - Meta Biomed
    Odontit - Qwikstrip
    Dental Supplies

    Dental Supplies

    Pearson offers one of the largest selections of dental supplies and equipment in the industry with more than 150,000 items in stock.
    Orthodontics  Implantology  C&B Temp  Laboratory  Disposables  Bonding
    Tooth Whitening  Impression Material  Toothbrushes  Gloves  Endodontics
    Dental Equipment Equipment

    Equipment & Technology

    Pearson has equipment departments in 8 locations offering high quality dental equipment with related service support.
    Large Equipment  Small Equipment  Equip. Specials  Intraoral Cameras
    Digital Sensors  Handpieces  Digital Imaging Supplies  New Mixing Machine
    Dentistry on the Move
    Dental Supplies

    Dentistry on the MoveTM

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    Motion Med DiaSwiss Nakamura
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    This Quarter's Promotions
     2017 Summer Savings & Promotions
    C&B Temp Materials
    Vivid QwikTemp - 1:1
    76gm w/ Mixing Tips
    Std Pkg...$45.00

    Vivid SecureTemp - 10:1
    75gm w/ Mixing Tips
    Buy 3 Get 1 FREE!
    Std Pkg...$59.62 Net Price

    Vivid TempMax - 4:1
    76gm w/ Mixing Tips
    Std Pkg...$49.00

    Vivid SoloTemp - Automix
    Std Pkg 2x5ml
    Vivid NanoFlow
    Flowable Composite in Vita® Shades
    2gm Syringes...$11.95

    Vivid BulkFil
    Posterior Composite
    20 x 0.25g...$49
    4gm Syringe...$16.90
    Bonding Agents (7th Gen.)
    Vivid SecureBond
    Buy 3 Get 1 FREE!
    Refill Bottle 5ml...$29.62 Net

    Vivid TotalBond SE
    Unidose Pkg of 50...$76.95
    6ml Bottle...$40.95
    Impression Material
    Vivid Image - Polyvinyl
    2 Pack w/ Mix Tips...$19.50
    4 Pack...$28.00
    24 Pack...$156.00

    Vivid QwikImage - Polyvinyl
    2 Pack w/ Mix Tips...$16.00
    4 Pack...$28.00
    24 Pack...$156.00

    Vivid Elegance VPS
    2 Pack w/ Mix Tips...$22.50
    4 Pack...$31.95
    Prophy Products
    Vivid EconoPro
    Disposable Prophy Angles
    Pkg of 100...$16.95
    Pkg of 500...$75.00

    Vivid SlimPro
    Disposable Prophy Angle
    Pkg of 100...$19.99
    Pkg of 500...$90.00

    Vivid ProKleen - Prophy Paste
    Pkg of 200...$16.50
    Vivid NumbGel
    20% Benzocaine in 9 Flavors.
    Buy 5 Get 1 FREE!
    Net Price...$3.75
    Phosphor Plate Envelopes
    Vivid DigiSleeve
    Top Loading or Side Loading Barrier Envelopes
    Size #2 Box of 100...$6.50
    Size #2 Box of 300...$18.00
    Ultrasonic Scaler Insert
    Vivid MagnaSert
    Ultrasonic Scaler Inserts
    Rubber Dam
    Sanctuary Rubber Dams
    Buy 2 Get 1 FREE! FREE!
    Latex Pkg of 36 Net Price...$6.63
    Non Latex Pkg of 15 Net Price...$13.30
    Complete Canal Preparation with Only 3 Instruments
    Pkg of 3...$25.95
    NIC K-Files
    Strong and Extremely Flexible
    Pkg of 6...$4.95
    Spring Savings
    Nitrile Gloves (Powder Free)
    Vivid BlueTouch
    Blue Nitrile Gloves
    Buy 9 Get 1 FREE!
    Box of 250 Net Price...$13.05

    Vivid WhiteTouch
    White Nitrile Gloves
    Buy 9 Get 1 FREE!
    Box of 250 Net Price...$13.05

    Vivid AdvanceTouch
    White Nitrile Gloves
    Buy 9 Get 1 FREE!
    Pkg of 200 Net Price...$8.99

    Vivid KoolTouch
    Blue Nitrile Gloves
    Buy 9 Get 1 FREE!
    Pkg of 200 Net Price...$8.99

    Disposable Instruments
    SnapExam III
    Disposable Mirror/Explorer/Plier Kit
    Pkg of 100...$59.99
    Net Price $0.59/kit

    SnapExam II
    Disposable Mirror/Explorer Kit
    Pkg of 200...$80.99
    Net Price $0.40/kit

    SnapExam I
    Single-Use Disposable Mirrors
    As low as $0.20 each

    Vivid PolyBib
    Patient Bibs 13" x 18"
    Case of 500...$15.50

    Vivid UniCup - Disposable 5oz Cups
    Case of 1000...$18.50
    N'Sure Tray Covers - Size B
    Case of 1000...$15.95

    Non Woven Sponges - 2"x2" 4 ply
    Case of 5000
    $19.99 When you Buy 2

    Cotton Rolls Size 2
    Case of 2000...$8.99

    All Gauze Sponges - 4"x4" 16 ply
    Case of 2000...$59.95
    N'Sure SurgiTip
    Surgical Aspirator Tips
    Pkg of 25...$3.50

    Vivid SalivaCare
    Premium Saliva Ejectors In 12 Colors
    Pkg of 100...$2.75
    Case of 1000...$25.00

    Vivid BriteVac
    Enzymatic Evacuation Cleaner
    Buy 2 Get 1 FREE!
    14oz...$39.99 Net Price
    Non Fiber-Optic High Speed Handpiece Push Button Single Spray in Std and Torque Head
    Buy 2 Get 1 FREE!
    Each...$230 Net Price

    Vivid ProLux
    Fiber Optic High Speed Handpiece With MultiFlex Lux® Coupler

    Vivid ComfyPro
    Prophy Handpiece
    Silver or Pink...$255

    45º Surgical Handpiece
    Standard 4 Hole...$345.00
    Fiber Optic 5 Hole...$445.00
    Piezo Ultrasonic Scaler
    Vivid PiezoKleen
    Piezo Ultrasonic Unit - EMS® Type
    Unit w/ 6 Tips...$260.00
    Vivid BriteGel
    Patient Giveaway Toothpaste
    Fluoride Toothpaste .085oz Tube
    New Lower Prices
    Pkg of 10...$3.95
    Pkg of 72...$25.20
    Vivid OraBrush
    Premium Adult & Child
    Pkg of 12...$3.95
    Case of 72...$21.00

    Equals $0.29 per Brush

    Vivid PowerClean
    Battery Operated (Blue & Pink)
    Enamel Therapy
    Vivid SensiGuard
    Hydroxyapatite + Xylitol + Fluoride 2oz Tube
    Case of 12...$59.95
    Fluroide Varnish
    Vivid TruShield
    Bubblegum Flavor 5% Sodium Fluoride Varnish
    Pkg of 100...$75.00
    Case of 72...$21.00

    Equals $0.29 per Brush

    Citrine  (Dharma)
    Available in Caramel
    Pkg of 50...$38.50
    Floss Threader
    Vivid SlydeFloss
    Floss Threaders

    Fluoride Toothpaste
    Pkg of 1000...$34.50
    Face Masks
    Vivid SupremeMask
    Earloop Mask w/ Adjustable Chin & Nose. BFE over 99%
    Pkg of 50...$5.00

    UltraSafe Mask
    Earloop. BFE over 99%
    Pkg of 50...$4.50

    Disposable Syringe Tips
    Vivid Plus+ Syringe Tips
    Disposable Multi-Color Syringe Tips
    Pkg of 250...$11.95

    Z Shield
    Multi-Color Syringe Tip Covers
    Buy 3 Get 1 FREE!
    Pkg of 100...$7.46 Net Price

    Barrier Film
    Vivid StickyWrap
    Barrier Film - Perforated Easy Peel in 5 Colors
    4"x6" Pkg of 1200...$10.95
    Autoclave Pouches
    PQ Autoclave Pouches
    Self Sealing w/ Dual Indicator
    in 11 Sizes
    3 1/2" x 9" Pkg of 200...$5.50
    Instrument Pre-Soak
    Vivid Dualzyme
    Instrument Pre-Soak
    Pkg of 64...$24.99
    Water Irrigators
    Vivid SmartFloss
    Water Flosser / Irrigator

    Mixing Tips
    Vivid Mixing Tips
    Buy 6 Get 1 FREE!
    Pkg of 48...$23.10 Net Price

    Vivid DynoMix
    Mixing Tips for Dynamic Machines
    Pkg of 50...$25
    Lab Equipment
     Featured Product Lines
    Tray Covers
    Patient Bibs
    Disposable Instruments
    Cotton Rolls
    Cotton Pellets
    Barrier Sleeves
    Chair Sleeves
    X-Ray Sleeves
    Syringe Sleeves
    Rotary NiTi Files
    (Stainless Steel)
    K-Files (NiTi)
    Hedstrom Files
    (Stainless Steel)
    Hedstroms (NiTi)
    Gutta Percha Points
    Dental Floss
    Floss Picks
    Cosmetic Dentistry
    Tooth Whitening
    Flowable Composite
    Light Cure Composite
    Bonding Agents
    Curing Lights
    Micro Applicators
    Nitrile Gloves
    Latex Gloves
    Powder Free
    Flavored Gloves
    Implants by Hi-Tec
    Implants by Odontit
    Mini Implants by Hi-Tec
    Mini Implants by Odontit
    Implant Burs
    Implant Instruments
    High Speed Handpieces
    Low Speed Handpieces
    Electric Handpieces
    Prophy Handpieces
    Surgical Handpieces
    Laboratory Handpieces
    Face Masks
    Level 1 Earloop Face Masks
    Level 2 Earloop Face Masks
    Level 3 Earloop Face Masks
    Pattern Face Masks
    N-95 Particulate Filtration Face Masks
    Cone Face Masks
    Digital X-Ray
    Digital Sensor Holders
    Digital Sensor Covers
    Sensor Bite Wings
    Digital Sensor Cushions
    Phosphore Plate Holders
    Phosphor Plate Envelopes
    Dental Cartridges
    Dental Needles
    Topical Gel Anesthetics

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