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    About Pearson
    Being a valued customer of Pearson Dental Supply has always been an unparalleled experience. As a Family Operated Business, our main priority has always been to treat our customers with the respect and personalized attention that they deserve, distinguishing us from all other competitors.
    As an AUTHORIZED Dealer of High-Quality national brands for over 60 years, we have provided generations of dentists with quality dental supplies and equipment all with an eye towards value and customer care. Our large inventory and strength in bulk purchasing allows us to provide products with the best prices of any Authorized Dealer in North America.
    Purchasing from an Authorized Dealer like Pearson ensures that you receive Authentic, Non-Counterfeit and FDA-approved products that are backed with their respective warranties and liability insurance
    Pearson Dental offers all Dental Specialties a comprehensive choice of all the supplies and equipment that is necessary in order to operate a successful dental practice.
    General Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry, Orthodontics, Oral Surgery, Endodontics, Periodontics, Pedodontics, Implant Dentistry, Prothodontics

    We are constantly providing our customers with the newest advances in the field of dentistry that will take their practice to the forefront of the industry. With ten branches across the United States, allowing us to stock over 130,000 products, including hard-to-find items, Pearson Dental offers the benefits of a large supplies dealer without all the corporate red tape and hassle.
    The lack of corporate influences and unnecessary spending has allowed us to offer our clients the lowest prices among Authorized dental dealers!!!
    As a One-Stop-Shop for all your dental and office needs,

    With the understanding that the needs of no two dentists are the same, Pearson Dental is an AUTHORIZED distributor of over 200 of the leading dental manufacturers in the fields of Dentistry, Dental Laboratory and Medicine found anywhere in the world. Our large inventory and strength in bulk purchasing allows us to provide products with the best prices of any AUTHORIZED dealer in North America. Purchasing from an AUTHORIZED dealer like Pearson ensures that our customers receive authentic, "non-counterfeit" and FDA approved products that are backed with their respective warranties and liability insurance. Furthermore, with no corporate allegiances with any specific dental manufacture sales quotas and biases in sales of certain manufacturers like those found with other dealers are eliminated. The result: providing the products that our clients need with the prices that they deserve.

    House Brands: 
    We are extremely proud to feature the largest selection of High-Quality house brand products available; our own Pearson Brand Products, which will provide you with the most value for your money.
    Pearson and PQ (Pearson Quality) Brand merchandise is industry-tested and spans across all product lines. In some instances more than one generic alternative is offered for a specific product presenting our clients with a wealth of choices.The savings in some cases can be up to 75% when compared to mainstream brands.

    Purchasing equipment can be a daunting task for any dentist. Whether a new office start-up, replacing existing equipment or updating your office with the latest digital technology there are many factors that dentists need to consider. With ten showrooms, dentists are sure to find the exact equipment that caters to their tastes and budgets.
    Unlike other dealers, Pearson has no exclusive ties with any specific equipment manufacturers allowing for an unbiased sales approach, therefore making sure that you get the equipment you need; nothing more, nothing less.
    We also feature specialists that will assist you in selecting anything from a handpiece to a digital x-ray system to a full operatory.
    Pearson also offers an exclusive 100-PAGE OPENING-OFFICE BOOKLET that details everything that is needed for opening an office.

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