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X-Ray Film (Intraoral)
X-Ray Film (Extraoral)
X-Ray Viewers
X-Ray Grids
X-Ray Envelopes
X-Ray Quality Control
X-Ray Marking Tape
Developing Solutions
Film Mounts (Notched)
Film Mounts (Open Window)
Film Mounts (Pocket)
Film Mounts (Pocket/Universal)
Film Mounts (Cardboard)
Film ID Printers
Film Holding Instruments
Film Cushions
Panoramic Covers & Sleeves
Panoramic X-Ray Holders
Bite Wings Loops & Tabs
Darkroom Accessories
Leaded Aprons
Lead Free Aprons
Tracing Acetate-Film Dispenser
Processor Cleaners
Silver Recovery Systems
Camera System
Fixer Treatment System
X-Ray Film Carrier
Dark Roon Lights
Film Digitizer
Film Mounts (Close Out)
Printing Solution II
X-Ray Tooth Markers
Film Mounts (Pearson)
X-Ray Scanner
X-Ray Screens and Cassettes
X-Ray Film Reader

Manufacturer's promotions
Promotions by: Carestream Dental    
Purchase 3 boxes of T-MAT G/RA and receive 1 of the same FREE!
Click the following links to see the products:
Carestream T-MAT G Panoramic Dental Film
Carestream T-MAT G Film

Promotions by: Dentsply Sirona Preventive    
Buy 2 Soothe-Guard Air® lead-free or Soothe-Guard® lead-lined aprons, Get $100 REBATE!
Click the following links to see the products:
Soothe-guard Lead Aprons
Soothe-guard Plus
Soothe Guard Air
Soothe-guard Air® W/ Extended Collar

Buy 4 XCP ORA® or XCP® arms, rings or biteblocks, Get 1 FREE!
Click the following links to see the products:
Xcp® & Bai Instrumentation
Xcp Bite-blocks
Xcp® Disposable Bite-blocks
Xcp Bite-wing Bite Blocks
Xcp Stainless Steel Indicator Arms Rings
Xcp Aiming Rings

Buy 3 boxes of disposables, Get 1 FREE! Free goods of equal or lesser value. Mix-n-Match permitted. Valid on Stabe® Biteblocks, EZ-Prop™ Mouth Props and Adhesive Bitewing tabs
Click the following links to see the products:
Stick-on Bite Wing Tabs
Stabe® Bite-blocks

Promotions by: Kulzer    
PURCHASE 4 AGFA Film, RECEIVE 1 of the same at no additional cost!
Click the following links to see the products:
Agfa Dentus Film #2
Agfa Dentus Film #0
Agfa Dentus Film #4 Occlusal
Agfa Extraoral Film Green Sensitive - St8g

Promotions by: PacDent International, Inc.    
Buy 2 Focus XC X-Ray Collimator, Get 1 FREE!

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