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 Implant Instruments

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Implant Instruments
Promotions by: Hu-Friedy    26_logo.jpg
Buy Any 3 Surgical Hand Instruments (mix and match), Get 1 At No Additional Charge(1)
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Coupland Aspirator
Hu-friedy Blade Handles (Stainless Steel)
Kirkland Chisels
Feidi Chisels
Miller Elevators
Potts Elevators
Curtis Elevators
Cogswell A Elevators
Stout Elevators
Seldin Elevators
Apexo Elevators
Macmillian Gouges Elevators
Heidbrink Elevators
Cryer Elevators
Serrated Elevators
Hourigan Elevators
Cross-Bar Handles
Potts Bars
Heidbrink Root Tips
Howard Root Tips
Serrated Root Tips
Hu-Friedy Davis Teaser Root Tips
West Root Tips
Hu-Friedy Periosteal Elevators
Hu-Friedy Bone Files
Hu-Friedy Surgical Curettes
Cawood Minnesota
Weider Tongue Depressor
Hu-Friedy Mouth Props
Shuman Surgical Retractor
Channel Retractors
Black Surgical Retractor
Hu-Friedy CW Type Aspirating Syringe
Hu-Friedy Astra Type Aspirating Syringe
Bone Spreading Kit
Bone Spreading Osteotome Spreader
Bone Spreading Osteotome Spreader (angled)
Bone Spreading Osteotome Shaver
Bone Spreading Osteotome Pusher
Mini Scalpel Blade Holders
Hu-Friedy Implant Burs
Hu-Friedy Plastic Retractors
Hu-Friedy Surgical Blades (Stainless Steel)
Castroviejo Calipers
Osteotome Spreader Angled
Implant Chisels
Implant Retractor
Hu-Friedy Implant Periosteals
Hu-Friedy Bone Scoop
Bone Pluggers
Bone Packer
Hu-Friedy Periotome
Cortical Bone Block Clamp
Bone Graft Syringe
Hu-Friedy Surgical Blades (Carbon Steel)
Other Elevators
Root Tip Elevators
Friedman Serrated Elevator
Hu-Friedy Bone Chisels
Blackline Periosteals
Blackline Periodontal Knives
Blackline Periotomes
Blackline Luxating Elevators
Blackline Surgical Curettes
Blackline Periodontal Bone Chisels
Blackline Bone Graft Condensers/pluggers
Luxating Elevator
Luxating Hybrids
Blackline Sinus Lift Instruments
Blackline Membrane Placement
Hu-Friedy Sinus Lift Instruments
Hu-Friedy Syndesmotomes
Dr. Allen Intrasucular Knife
Reddy Thin Periodontal Knife
Interchangeable Periotome
Seldin Elevator
Hu-Friedy Child Retractor
Yankauer Tonsil Aspirator
Modified Needle Cover Holder
Cogswell Suction Tube
Warwick-James Elevator
Kramer-Nevins Periodontal Chisel
TG Periodontal Chisel
Micro Scalpel Blades
Back-Action Chisel
Hu-Friedy Bone Condensers
Hu-Friedy Membrane Placing Instrument
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