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Radiation Caution Labels (2) Radiation Detection Badges (4) Rag Wheels (Cotton/Cloth) (2) Rag Wheels (Hardened Center) (8)
Rag Wheels (Mini) (3) Rag Wheels (Stitched/Reinforced) (5)
Re-Treatment Rotary Files NiTi (8) Reamer Files, Endodontic (Niti) (12) Reamer Files, Endodontic (Stainless Steel) (35) Reamers, Endodontic (Medium Sized) (2)
Reamers, Peeso (20) Recapper Stands, Needle (14) Recipro® Compatible Rotary NiTi Files (6) Red Mounted Stones (HP Shank) (1)
Reflective Cotton Roll Substitute (6) Reinforcement Fiber (36) Reline Jigs (5) Reline Material, Denture (Cartridge Delivery) (2)
Reline Material, Denture (Powder & Liquid) (12) Removal Diamond Prep Kits (4) Repair Acrylics, Denture (8) Replacement Turbine Cartridges For Bien Air (7)
Replacement Turbine Cartridges For Glow (2) Replacement Turbine Cartridges For KaVo (20) Replacement Turbine Cartridges For Midwest (14) Replacement Turbine Cartridges For NSK (19)
Replacement Turbine Cartridges For Star (10) Resin Cement Try-In Paste (5) Resin Cements, Capsulated (4) Resin Luting Cement, Glass Ionomer (Automix) (7)
Resin Luting Cement, Glass Ionomer (Capsules) (7) Resin Luting Cement, Glass Ionomer (Light Cure) (1) Resin Luting Cement, Glass Ionomer (P&L) (17) Resin Luting Cements, BioCeramic (4)
Resin Luting Cements, For Zirconia (4) Resin Luting Cements, Resin (Automix) (36) Resin Luting Cements, Resin (Hand Mix) (11) Resin Luting Cements, Resin, Dual Cure (17)
Resin Luting Cements, Veneering (13) Resins, Temporary C&B (Radiopaque) (1) Respiratory Supplies (2) Restoration Holding Aid (1)
Restoration/Matrix Interproximal Spacing (1) Restorative Glass Ionomer (Self Cure, P&L) (7) Restorative Gold Foil (2) Restorative Retention Pins by Coltene (TMS) (24)
Restorative Retention Pins w/ Finger Driver (1) Restorative Retention Pins, Fiberglass (1) Restorative Retention Pins, Self-Shearing (10) Restorative, Intermediate (13)
Restoratives, Glass Ionomer (Light Cure) (8) Restraining Body/Head Immobilizers (4) Resuscitators (3) Resuscitators, Disposable (1)
Resuscitators, Manual (5) Resuscitators, Mouth-to-Mouth (5) Retainer Boxes (Imprinted) (2) Retainer Boxes For Aligner (1)
Retainer Boxes, Delux (10) Retainer Boxes, Foam Filler (1) Retainer Boxes, Glitter/Sapphire (2) Retainer Boxes, Marbleized (1)
Retainer Boxes, Mini (1) Retainer Boxes, Scented (3) Retainer Boxes, Vented (2) Retainer Boxes, with Mirror (6)
Retainer Boxes/Bath (15) Retainer Cases, Label (1) Retainer Cleaner (4) Retainer Wires, Nickel Cobalt (7)
Retainer Wires, Stainless Steel (11) Retention Pin Benders (1) Retention Pin Drills (3) Retention Pins by Coltene (TMS & Other) (24)
Retention Pins w/ Finger Driver (1) Retention Pins, Fiberglass (1) Retention Pins, for Temporary Crown (1) Retention Pins, Self-Shearing (10)
Retraction Caps (2) Retraction Cord Scissors (2) Retraction Cord Tweezers (1) Retraction Cords (25)
Retraction Hemostatic Gel (5) Retraction Material Stretchable Tube (1) Retraction, Cordless (13) Retractor Mirrors (14)
Retractor, Saliva Ejector w/ Mirror (3) Retractors, Cheek (Minnesota) (17) Retractors, Clear View (6) Retractors, Gingival (4)
Retractors, Implant (5) Retractors, Lip/Cheek (8) Retractors, Lip/Cheek Metal (Double Sided) (8) Retractors, Photography (23)
Retractors, Plastic (Double-Sided) (39) Retractors, Plastic (Single-Sided) (17) Retrieval File Instrument, Micro (3) Retrieval File Instrument, Micro Alligator (6)
Retrieval File Instrument, Other (6) Retrieval File Instrument, Peet (5) Retrieval File Instrument, Specialty (2) Retrieval File Instrument, Steiglitz (8)
Retrieval File Instrument, Steiglitz w/Tips (2) Retrieval File Instrument, Superfine (2) Retrieval Instrument Kits (1) Retrograde Gun, Deluxe (1)
Retrograde Guns, Bone Graft (11) Retrograde Guns, Endodontic (1) Reverse Curve of Spee Archwires (Rectangular) (18) Reverse Curve of Spee Archwires (Round) (14)
Reynolds Pliers (12)
Ribbon Strips (Saw Edge) (25) Ribbond Substitute (36) Ring Liners, Casting (3) Rinse, Pre-Brushing (1)
Roland Milling Burs for Lithium Disilicate (4) Roland Milling Burs for PMMA (5) Roland Milling Burs for Titanium (1) Roland Milling Burs for Zirconia (17)
Roller Cleaner, X-Ray (3) Ronguers, Bone (Beyer) (3) Ronguers, Bone (Blumenthal) (6) Ronguers, Bone (Cleveland) (6)
Ronguers, Bone (Delicate) (3) Ronguers, Bone (End Cutting) (1) Ronguers, Bone (Friedman) (13) Ronguers, Bone (Hirakawa) (1)
Ronguers, Bone (Karmer Nevins) (1) Ronguers, Bone (Kerrison) (1) Ronguers, Bone (Leur) (3) Ronguers, Bone (Mead) (4)
Ronguers, Bone (Side Cutting) (4) Ronguers, Double Action (2) Ronguers, Sinus (1) Root Canal Bioceramic Repair (3)
Root Canal Cleaner, Ultrasonic (13) Root Canal Disinfection, Endodontic (6) Root Canal Paste Carriers (16) Root Canal Pins, Plastic (12)
Root Canal Repair (MTA) (11) Root Canal Repair (MTA, Hand Mix) (1) Root Canal Sealers Paste/Paste (5) Root Canal Sealers, Antibacterial (4)
Root Canal Sealers, Automix (6) Root Canal Sealers, Bioceramic (8) Root Canal Sealers, Epoxy (2) Root Canal Sealers, MTA (3)
Root Canal Sealers, Powder/Liquid (4) Root Canal Sealers, Pressurized (1) Root Canal Sealers, Self Etch (2) Root canal sealers, ZOE (1)
Root Canal Temporary Filling Material (2) Root Canal Temporary Filling, Antibacterial (4) Root Canal Therapy (1) Root Elevator Cassette (1)
Root Elevator for Wisdom 3rd Molar Teeth (1) Root Elevators (64) Root Elevators (Slim Handle) (1) Root Elevators, Kopp (1)
Root Extractor (3) Root Fragment Extraction System (1) Root Pick Elevators (24) Root Pick Elevators (Periotomes) (23)
Root Planning Burs (3) Root Restoration Posts (28) Root Tip Pick Elevators (4) Root Tip Teaser (4)
Root Tip Tweezers (1) Rotary Engine Files/Broaches (11) Rotary File Handpiece, Cordless (18) Rotary File Organizer (16)
Rotary File Organizers, Round (7) Rotary File Organizers, Square/Rectangular (41) Rotary File Prep System (1) Rotary Niti Files Compare to ProTaper Next® (7)
Rotary Niti Files Compare to ProTaper® (34) Rotary Niti Files Compare to ProTaper® Gold (29) Rotary NiTi Files, ISO Sizes (25) Rotary NiTi Re-Treatment Files (8)
Roth Orthodontic Brackets by Astar (9) Routers (3)
Rubber Dam Caulking (1) Rubber Dam Clamp Boards (6) Rubber Dam Clamp Forceps, Brewer (8) Rubber Dam Clamp Forceps, Ivory (9)
Rubber Dam Clamp Forceps, Stockes (9) Rubber Dam Clamp Kit, Specialty (1) Rubber Dam Clamp Kits (4) Rubber Dam Clamp Kits w/ Forceps (5)
Rubber Dam Clamps (29) Rubber Dam Clamps w/ Tongue Retraction (1) Rubber Dam Clamps, Black Line (1) Rubber Dam Clamps, Color Coded (1)
Rubber Dam Clamps, Disposable (1) Rubber Dam Clamps, Pedo (1) Rubber Dam Clamps, Peek (1) Rubber Dam Frames Plastic/Nylon (9)
Rubber Dam Frames, Carbon Fiber (2) Rubber Dam Frames, Foldable (2) Rubber Dam Frames, Metal (14) Rubber Dam Napkins (1)
Rubber Dam Punches, Ainsworth (8) Rubber Dam Punches, Ivory (7) Rubber Dam Stabilizing Cord (1) Rubber Dam Tape (1)
Rubber Dam Templates (3) Rubber Dam w/ Built-In Frame (4) Rubber Dam Wedjets (2) Rubber Dam, Latex (24)
Rubber Dam, Non-Latex (15) Rubber Polishers (36) Rubbing Alcohol, 70% & 99% (5) Ruler (8)
Ruler, Over Bite (2) Rulers, Facial (2) Rulers, Finger (Endodontic) (14)
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