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All face masks pkg of 50
Pearson Level 3 Face Masks
Anti-Fog Level 3 Masks
Vivid XactSafe Premium 4-Layer
Lady's Face Mask
Level 3 Child Masks
Level 3 Face Masks w/ Shield
Leveled Rainbow
Pearson Level 2 Face Masks
Pearson Level 1 Face Masks
Level 1 Camouflage
Kids Mask
Pearson Sterile N95 Masks
N99 Mask
KN95 Flat Fold  Face Masks
Camouflage Face Masks
KN95 Masks With PTFE Filter
KN95 Cup Shape Face Masks
KN95 Fish Shape Face Masks
KN95 Masks With Valve
KN95 Ultra Protection Face Masks
Reusable Cotton Masks
Fashion Masks
Electronic Masks
See-Through Masks

 Dental Products - Clearance Items

Note: All specials are while supplies last unless otherwise specified. If product is ordered online and no longer in stock, prices will no longer be honored. All sales of clearance items are final.
  Acrylic, Dentures, Heat Cure
  Air/Water Syringe Tip Covers
  Alcohol Prep Pads
  Alcohol, 70% & 99%
  Alginate Cutters
  Alloy Polishing
  Amalgam and Gold File Mallet
  Amalgam Capsules
  Amalgam Polishing, FG Shank
  Anesthetic Syringes, Aspirating
  Anesthetic, Cartridges
  Anesthetic, Topical Gels
  Angle Formers
  Attachments, Other
  Band Pushers
  Barrier Sticky Wrap
  Bite Registration Trays, Disposable
  Bite Registration, Trays w/ Metal Rim
  Blood Pressure Units
  Bracket Adhesive Removing Pliers
  Bracket Forceps
  Bracket Height Gauge
  Bracket Removing Pliers
  Brackets, Metal Edgewise Prescription .022
  Brush Tip Applicators
  Buccal Tubes (Bondable/Non-Convertible)
  Bur Bath/Mesh
  Bur Blocks, FG-RA
  Burs, Acrylic/Denture Trimming
  Burs, Crown Cutting, FG
  Burs, FG Carbide
  Burs, FG Carbide (Short Shank)
  Burs, FG Carbide, One-Piece Construction
  Burs, FG Finishing
  Burs, FG Finishing (Sterile)
  Burs, HP Carbide Shank
  Burs, RA/Latch Carbide
  Cements, (Temporary Crown & Bridge)
  Ceramic Abrasives
  Chairside Reline (Soft)
  Chisels, Periodontal
  Chlorhexidine Gluconate
  Clear Aligner Pliers
  Composite Finishing Discs, Pop-On
  Composite Finishing Discs, Snap-On
  Composite Finishing Kits
  Composite Finishing Points
  Composites, Light Cure
  Composites, Light Cure (Flowable)
  Composites, Light Cure (Micro Hybrid)
  Composites, Light Cure (Nanofil)
  Core Build Up Composites (Unidose)
  Cotton Pellet Dispensers
  COVID-19 Testing
  Crown Contouring Pliers
  Crown Remover/Slitter
  Crown Removers, Morrell
  Crowns, Stainless Steel
  Crowns, Temporary (Gold Anodized)
  Crowns, Temporary (Polycarbonate)
  Curettes, Gracey
  Curettes, Gracey (Mini Five)
  Curettes, Gracey (Plus Five)
  Curettes, Universal
  Curing Light Unit Replacement Fiber Optic Probes
  Curing Lights (Old Style)
  Curing Lights LED Gun Style With Base
  Curing Lights LED with Fiber Optic Probe
  Dental Floss + Picks
  Dental Floss Irrigators (Cordless)
  Dental Floss, Charcoal Infused (Patient Size)
  Dental Floss, Expanding (Patient Size)
  Dental Floss, Nylon (Patient Size)
  Dental Floss, PTFE (Patient Size)
  Dental Floss, Satin (Patient Size)
  Denture Adhesives
  Denture Base (Pourable)
  Denture Boxes
  Denture Soft Reliner Trimmers
  Diamond Bur Universal Prep Kits
  Diamond Burs, (FG, Disposable, Sterile)
  Diamond Burs, (FG, Pedodontic)
  Diamond Burs, (FG, Reusable)
  Diamond Burs, (FG, Short Shank)
  Diamond Burs, (Finishing)
  Diamond Burs, (HP)
  Diamond Burs, (HP, Sintered)
  Diamond Burs, Reusable Pre-Sterilized (FG)
  Die Materials
  Digital Imaging Holders
  Digital Imaging Supplies
  Disinfecting Wipes, Surface
  Disposable Instruments
  Disposable Prophy Angles 105
  Disposable Prophy Angles Standard 90
  Distal End Cutters w/ Safety Hold & Carbide Tips
  Dowel Pins
  Drape Sheets
  Elevators, Periosteals
  Elevators, Root
  Endodontic Barbed Broaches
  Endodontic Broken File Retrieval
  Endodontic Cassettes
  Endodontic Chelating/Prep Agents, Unidose
  Endodontic Files, Rotary
  Endodontic Finger Pluggers
  Endodontic Finger Spreaders
  Endodontic Micromotors
  Endodontic Non-Rotary NiTi Files
  Endodontic Piezo Tips
  Endodontic Rotary Niti Files
  Engine Reamers
  Enzymatic Solutions
  Evacuation, Surgical Aspirator Tips
  Expansion Screws, Orthodontic
  Face Masks (Cone)
  Face Masks (KN95)
  Face Masks (N95, Cup Style)
  Face Masks (Tie-On)
  Face Shields (Reusable)
  Face Shields (With Foam Band)
  Fluoride Rinses (Take Home)
  Fluoride Trays (Double Arch)
  Fluoride Trays (Single Arch)
  Foam Pellets
  Forceps, English Pattern
  Forceps, Pedodontic
  Forceps, Tooth Extracting, Lower Anterior
  Forceps, Tooth Extracting, Upper Anterior
  Gates Glidden Drills (Endo)
  Gauze Forceps
  Gauze Sponges, Cotton-Filled
  Glass Jars
  Gloves, Nitrile
  Gloves, Sterile Surgical (Latex)
  Gracey Curettes (Rigid)
  Grinding Wheels
  Guttapercha Points (Accessory Sizes)
  Guttapercha Points (ISO Sizes)
  Guttapercha Points (ISO Sizes, Full Color)
  Guttapercha Points (ISO Sizes, mm Marked)
  Guttapercha, Greater Taper (.04)
  Guttapercha, Greater Taper (.06)
  Hand Sanitizer Dispensers
  Hand Sanitizers, Foam
  Hand Sanitizers, Gallon Sizes
  Hand Sanitizers, Gel
  Hand Sanitizers, Travel Sizes
  Heavy Duty Hard Wire Cutters
  Hedstrom Files (NiTi)
  Hedstrom Files (Stainless Steel)
  Hemostat Forceps
  Home Care Kits
  Hu-Friedy Clearance Instruments
  Hypodermic Syringes
  Implant Burs
  Implant Floss
  Implant Instruments
  Implant Tweezers
  Impression Material Dynamic 380ml Cartridge
  Impression Material Gun Holders
  Impression Material, Poly Vinyl Cartridges (50ml)
  Impression Material, Poly Vinyl Putty
  Impression Mixing Tips, 50ml
  Impression Syringes, Disposable
  Impression Trays, Edentulous
  Impression Trays, Pedo Reusable
  Impression Trays, Solid
  Impression Trays, Water Cooled
  Instrument Sharpeners
  Instrument Trays, Aluminium
  Instrument Trays, Plastic
  Instruments, Carvers
  Instruments, Pluggers/Condensers
  Interdental Cleaners with Rubberized Heads
  Interproximal Separators, Handheld
  Irrigating Syringes & Needles
  K-Files (Flexible)
  K-Files (Medium Size)
  K-Files (NiTi)
  K-Files (Stainless Steel)
  Lab Carbide Cutters, HP
  Lab Cutters, Nitride Coated
  Laboratory Handpieces
  Lathe Carbide Burs (1/4" Shank)
  Ligature Wire Cutters
  Ligature Wire Cutters w/ Carbide Insert
  Lingual Universal Pliers
  Luting Cements, Resin, Dual Cure
  Magnifiers w/ Headband
  Mallets, Surgical
  Matrix, Cervical
  Matrix, Cure Thru
  Matrix, Mylar
  Matrix, Sectional, Coated
  Matrix, Sectional, Stainless Steel
  Matrix, Tofflemire, Pre-Assembled
  Medicament Dispensers
  Micro Foam Applicator Dispenser
  Mirrors, Mouth (Fiberglass)
  Mixing Tips, 380ml
  MTA Root Canal Repair
  Needle Holders, Mathieu
  Obturation (Endodontics)
  Oral Cancer Screening
  Orthodontics (Instruments)
  Paper Abrasive Discs
  Paper Points
  Paper Points (Greater Taper)
  Paper Points For Rotary Files
  Paste Fillers for Root Canal
  Patient Comfort Products
  Patient Giveaway, Bags
  Peeso Reamers (Endo)
  Phosphor Plate Envelopes, Side Loading
  Phosphor Plate Envelopes, Top Loading
  Photography Cameras
  Photography Mirrors
  Pit & Fissure, Light Cure Sealants
  Pit & Fissure, Self Cure Sealants
  Plastic Abrasive Discs
  Pliers, Orthodontic (Wire Bending)
  Pliers, Orthodontic w/ Carbide Tips
  Pliers, Wire Bending
  Polishers, Gold
  Polishers, Occlusal
  Polishers, Universal
  Polishing Compounds
  Polishing Strips, Open Center
  Polishing/Finishing Strips, Diamond Coated
  Porcelain Finishing (Diamond Impregnated)
  Porcelain/Ceramic Polishers (RA)
  Post Extractors
  Posts (Burnout)
  Posts (Screw Type)
  Posts (With Core)
  Posts, Clearance
  Posts, Fiberglass (Light Transmitting)
  Posts, Parallel (Stainless Steel)
  Posts, Parallel (Titanium)
  Power Toothbrush Heads
  Power Toothbrushes
  Pre-Soak Solutions
  Prophy Angles, Reusable
  Prophy Brushes
  Prophy Cups
  Reamers, Endodontic
  Retainer Boxes
  Retainer Boxes, Comprehensive Kit
  Retention Pins
  Retraction Cords
  Root Canal Sealers, Pressurized
  Rubber Dam Clamp Forceps
  Rubber Dam Clamps
  Safety Glasses
  Saliva Ejectors (Hands Free)
  Saliva Ejectors, Disposable
  Saliva Ejectors, Disposable (Flavored)
  Scissors, Supercut
  Scissors, Surgical
  Separating Discs
  Soaps, Antimicrobial Foaming
  Soaps, Antimicrobial Liquid
  Strip Crowns, Adult
  Surface Cleaners and Disinfectants
  Surgical Blade Handles
  Surgical Blades, Stainless Steel
  Surgical Carbide Burs, Allport
  Surgical Carbide Burs, HP
  Surgical Carbide Burs, RA
  Surgical Carbide Burs, Toller
  Surgical Carbide Burs, Trephines
  Sutures, Absorbable
  Sutures, Non-Absorbable
  Temporary C&B Cements
  Temporary C&B Light Cure
  Tongue Cleaners
  Tongue Depressors
  Tooth Whitening (In Office)
  Tooth Whitening (Take Home)
  Toothbrushes, Adult
  Toothbrushes, Biodegradable
  Toothbrushes, Disposable
  Toothbrushes, Junior
  Toothbrushes, Orthodontic
  Toothbrushes, Perio
  Toothpicks, Disposable
  Towel Dispensers
  Ultrasonic Canal Cleaner, Endodontic
  Ultrasonic Scaler Inserts (25k & 30k)
  Ultrasonic Solutions & Tablets
  Varnish (5% Sodium Fluoride)
  Wedges, Plastic
  Wire Cutters w/ Carbide Inserts, Orthodontic
  X-Ray Envelopes
  X-Ray Film (Extraoral)
  X-Ray Film (Intraoral)
  X-Ray Film Hangers
  X-Ray Film Holding Instruments
  X-Ray Film Mounts
  X-Ray Processor Cleaners
  X-Ray Viewers
  Zirconia Discs, 98mm
  Zirconia Polisher, Comprehensive Kit
  Zirconia Polishers (Chairside)
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