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    New Lines & Arrivals
    Woodpecker - DXM
    Dr. Walser - Laschal
    EARasers - Thomas
    Synergy - Arm & Hammer
    Lysol - Infinium
    B-Brite - Orabloc
    MDT - Man & Machine
    MCT - Transcodent
    Roland - EasyForm
    Ti-Oss - Angelus
    Codent - Gemma
    Denjoy - Sancutary
    Sinsational Smile
    Nikinc - Surgident
    Motion - Diaswiss
    Nakamura - Nichronomix
    Polydentia - Sanctuary
    Hi-Tec - Meta Biomed
    Odontit - Qwikstrip
     Clearance Items
    Note: All specials are while supplies last unless otherwise specified. If product is ordered online and no longer in stock, prices will no longer be honored. All sales of clearance items are final.
      Articulating Materials
      Barrier Sleeves
      Bite Registration
      Blood Pressure Units
      Bonding Agents
      Bone Grafting Material
      Burs (Diamonds)
      Burs, Carbide Crown Cutting
      Burs, FG Carbide
      Burs, FG Finishing
      Burs, HP Carbide
      Burs, Sugical
      C & B Composite Systems
      Cardiology Products
      Cements & Liners
      Composite Finishing
      Core Build-Up
      Crown & Bridge (Temp)
      Dental Care
      Dental Floss Picks
      Denture Liners
      Diamond Burs
      Diamond Burs (Disposable)
      Diamond Discs
      Diamond Grinders
      Diamonds (Sintered)
      Digital Imaging Supplies
      Disposable Diamonds
      Dowel Pins
      Emergency Products
      Evacuation Products
      Exam Gowns & Capes
      Face Masks
      Finishing & Polishing
      Fluoride Products
      Handpieces (Other)
      Handpieces, Lab High-Speed
      Hanging Engines
      Health, Hygiene & Beauty
      Hypodermic Products
      Implant Accessories
      Implant Instruments
      Impression Material
      Impression Materials
      Impression Trays
      Impression Trays
      Infection Control
      Infection Control
      Instrument Accesories
      Instrument Cassettes
      Instrument Diagnostic
      Instrument Operative
      Instrument Sharpeners
      Instrument, Perio
      Instrument, Surgical
      Instruments, Forceps
      Interdental Cleaners
      Laboratory Equipment
      Light Curing Units
      Orthodontics (Brackets)
      Orthodontics (Cutters & Pliers)
      Orthodontics (Elastomerics)
      Orthodontics (Other)
      Orthopedic Products
      Pins & Posts
      Preventive Products
      Prophy Products
      Retraction Material
      Rubber Dam
      Saliva Ejectors
      Salon & Spa
      Shade Matching Light
      Suction Products
      Surgical Blades
      Surgical Blades
      Surgical Products
      Tooth Whitening
      Ultrasonic Scalers
      X-Ray Products

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     New Pearson Products
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