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 Vivid Featured Products:

Vivid DailyKleen Advanced Toothpaste w/ Fluoride
H650404_Group_Standing.jpg Image

4.3oz .... $6.50
Buy 3, Get 1 FREE.
Vivid ComboFloss Unique Pre-Cut Threader + Floss
w660006.jpg Image

Pkg of 50 x 5 (250) .... $24.99
Vivid AquaMini
S391012_Group.jpg Image

Unit .... $24.99
New Lower Prices
Vivid TruSonic Toothbrush
R08-0024.jpg Image

Each .... $19.99
Vivid OralPro
R08-0020.jpg Image

Each .... $27.50
New Lower Prices
Vivid PlaqOut
R08-0026.jpg Image

Each .... $24.95
New Lower Prices

Dental Floss
Nylon Dental Floss (Patient Size)
PTFE Dental Floss (Patient Size)
Dental Floss (Spools)
Two-Tone Floss
Dental Floss Dispensers
Dental Floss (Satin Style)
Polyester Dental Floss (Patient Size)
Mirror Floss
Expanding Floss
Dental Floss (Water/Power)
Irrigators (Home Care)
Irrigators (Cordless Water Floss)
Denture Brushes
Denture Brushes
Enamel Therapy
Enamel Therapy (Remineralization)
Floss Threaders
Floss Threaders
Combination Threader/Flosser
Implant Floss
Implant Floss
Interdental Brushes
Interdental Brushes
Power Toothbrushes
Power Toothbrushes (Battery)
Sonic Toothbrushes (Rechargeable)
Rotary Power Toothbrushes
Power Toothbrush Heads (Generic)
Preventive Products
Travel Case
Toothbrushes (Adult)
Antimicrobial Toothbrushes
Toothbrushes (Junior)
Toothbrushes (Infant)
Disposable Toothbrushes
Toothbrushes (Perio .004")
Toothbrushes (Travel)
Toothbrushes (End Tuft)
Handicap Toothbrushes
Ortho Toothbrushes
Tongue Brush & Cleaner
Toothbrush Sterilizer
Prepasted Toothbrushes
Brushing Timers
Toothpaste (Standard Size)
Toothpaste, Sodium Fluoride
Fluoride 5000 PPM Dentifrice
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Pearson Isolation Gowns
Pearson Isolation Level 1,2,3 Gowns
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