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All face masks pkg of 50
Pearson Level 3 Face Masks
Level 3 Mask Pattern
Anti-Fog Level 3 Masks
Level 3 4-Ply Masks
Lady's Face Mask
Level 3 Child Masks
Level 3 Face Masks w/ Shield
Pearson Level 2 Face Masks
Pearson Level 1 Face Masks
Kids Mask
Respirator Face Mask
KN95 Flat Fold  Face Masks
KN95 Headband
KN95 Masks w/ valve
Camouflage Face Masks
KN95 Masks With PTFE Filter
KN95 Cup Shape Face Masks
KN94 Fish Shape Face Masks
Electronic Masks

 Vivid by Pearson categories:


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3D Printer Washing Machines

3D Printers

3D Printing Resins

Abrasive Disc Protector

Abutment Holding Tweezers (Titanium)

Acrylic, Dentures, Heat Cure

Acrylics, Repair

Adhesives, Tray (Brush-On)

Aerosol Suction Units

Air Polishing Powder

Air Polishing Units

Air Water Syringe Tips (Double Bent)

Air Water Syringe Tips (Metal Core)

Air Water Syringe Tips (Multi Chamber)

Air Water Syringe Tips (No Core)

Air Water Syringe Tips (w/ Shield)

Air Water Syringe Tips, Reusable

Air/Water Syringe Tip Splash Cover

Air/Water Syringes


Alginate Mixers

Alginate Spatulas, All Plastic

Alginate Spatulas, Metal Blade

Alginate Substitute

Alloy Polishers, HP Shank

Alloy Polishers, Wheels/Points

Alloy Polishing Kits

Alloys, Precious

Amalgam Capsules

Amalgam Carriers

Amalgam Polishing, FG Shank

Amalgam Polishing, RA Shank

Amalgam/Gold Knives


Anesthetic Needles, Dental

Anesthetic Self-Aspirating Syringes

Anesthetic Topical Sprays

Anesthetic, Topical Gels

Archwire Dispensers

Archwires NiTi Heat Activated, Rectangular

Archwires NiTi Heat Activated, Round

Archwires, Beta (Nickel Free)

Archwires, NiTi , Round

Archwires, NiTi , Round (Dimpled)

Archwires, NiTi , Round (Tooth-Color)

Archwires, NiTi, Rectangular

Archwires, NiTi, Rectangular (Dimpled)

Archwires, NiTi, Rectangular (Tooth-Colored)

Archwires, Reverse Curve of Spee (Rectangular)

Archwires, Reverse Curve of Spee (Round 125mm)

Articulating Film

Articulating Paper (Horseshoe)

Articulating Paper (Strips)

Articulating Paper Forceps, Standard

Articulating Silk

Articulators, Bronze (C&B)

Articulators, Bronze (Denture)

Articulators, Disposable

Aspirating Syringes (Astra Style)

Aspirating Syringes (Cooke-Wait Style)

Autoclave Cleaner

Autoclave Indicator Tapes

Autoclave Pouches (Self Sealing)

Bags (Zipper, Graphic)

Bags (Zipper, Oversized)

Bags, Biohazard

Bags, Mesh Giveaway

Bags, PVC Giveaway

Band Cements

Band Seaters, Stainless Steel

Bands, Plain Molar

Barrier Sleeves (Intra-Oral Camera)

Barrier Sleeves (Lights)

Barrier Sticky Wrap

Barrier Sticky Wrap Dispensers

Beard Covers

Bibs, Dispensers

Bibs, Patient Polybacked (3-Ply)

Bibs, Patient Polybacked (4-Ply)

Bite Blocks & Rims

Bite Registration Material

Bite Registration Trays, Disposable

Bite Registration Trays, Reusable

Bite Registration, Flavored

Bite Registration, Scannable

Bite Registration, Trays w/ Metal Rim

Black Bibs, Patient Polybacked (3-Ply)

Black Cups, Plastic Drinking

Black Face Masks (Level 3, 3-Ply)

Blasters, Mini

Blood Pressure Units, Digital

Blood Pressure Units, Wrist

Bonding Agents by Pearson

Bone Block Clamp

Bone Calipers/Osteometers

Bone Chisels

Bone Collector Aspirator w/ Filter

Bone Crushers

Bone Curettes

Bone Graft Carriers

Bone Graft Injectors

Bone Graft Injectors/Retrograde Guns

Bone Graft Membrane Instruments

Bone Graft Pluggers

Bone Grinder

Bone Scoop/Collector

Bone Scrapers

Bone Trap

Bone Wells

Bouffant Caps

Bracket Adhesives, Light Cure

Bracket Height Gauges, Boone

Bracket Height Gauges, Standard

Bracket Placing Tweezers

Brackets, Ceramic Roth .018

Brackets, Ceramic Roth .022

Brackets, Metal MBT .018 by Pearson

Brackets, Metal MBT .022 by Pearson

Brackets, Metal Roth .018 by Pearson

Brackets, Metal Roth .022 by Pearson

Brackets, Sapphire Roth .022

Brackets, Self Ligating Roth .022

Brush Tip Applicators

Brush Tip Applicators, Mini

Brushes, Bristle

Brushes, Denture

Brushing Models

Buccal Tubes, Roth (Bondable/Convertable)

Buccal Tubes, Roth (Bondable/Non-Convertible)

Buccal Tubes, Roth (Weldable/Convertible)

Buccal Tubes, Roth (Weldable/Non-Convertible)

Bur Blocks, Aluminum (High Capacity)

Bur Blocks, Magnetic

Bur Blocks, Plastic (Bulk)

Bur Blocks, Plastic (Foldable)

Bur Blocks, Plastic (With Cover)

Bur Cassettes, Aluminum

Bur Mesh Holder

Burnishers by Pearson

Burs, Crown Cutting, FG

Burs, FG Carbide - Short Shank (5/10 Pack)

Burs, FG Carbide - Short Shank (50/100 Pack)

Burs, FG Carbide (5/10 Pack)

Burs, FG Carbide, Clinic Packs (100)

Burs, HP Carbide Shank

Burs, RA/Latch Carbide

Butane Torches

CAD/CAM Wax (Girrbach)

CAD/CAM Wax (Zirkon Zahn)

Calcium Hydroxide Applicators (Double End)

Calcium Hydroxide Cavity Liners, Light Cure

Capillary Tips

Carvers, Hollenback

Carvers, Interproximal (IPC)

Carvers, Other

Carvers, Shooshan

Carvers, Tanner

Cement Remover

Cement Spatulas, Disposable

Cement Spatulas, Plastic

Cements, Polycarboxylate

Cements, ZOE (Reinforced)

Ceramic Grinders

Chairside Reline (Soft, Powder & Liquid)

Chisels, Periodontal

Clear Aligner Boxes

Clear Aligner Chewie

Clear Aligner Pliers

Clear Aligner Retrievers (Disposable)

Coil Springs, Orthodontic

Cold Sprays

Composite Diamond Polishers, Twist/Spiral (RA)

Composite Finishing Disc Kits

Composite Finishing Discs, Pop-On

Composite Finishing Kits

Composite Finishing Points, 1-Step

Composite Finishing, 1-Step Diamond-Impregnated

Composite Finishing, 2-Step Diamond-Impregnated

Composite Finishing, 3-Step Diamond-Impregnated

Composite Finishing, Disposable

Composite Finishing, Disposable Diamond

Composite Instruments (Non-Stick)

Composite Instruments (Resin/Silicone Handles)

Composite Instruments (Stainless) by Pearson

Composite Polishers, FG Shank

Composite Polishers, RA Shank

Composite Syringe Caddie

Composite Warmer

Composite, Flowable Single Shade

Composite, Light Cure Single Shade

Composites, Light Cure (Bulk Fill)

Composites, Light Cure (Flowable)

Composites, Light Cure (Micro Hybrid)

Composites, Light Cure (Nanofil)

Compule Guns

Cooling Spray

Cord Packing Instruments

Core Build Up Composites (Automix)

Core Build Up Composites (Cartridges)

Cotton Buffs

Cotton Pellet Dispensers

Cotton Roll Dispensers

Cotton Roll Substitute

Cotton Rolls

Cotton Tip Applicators

Cover-All Isolation Wear

Crown Polishing Grip

Crown Remover, Automatic w/ Lever

Crown Removers, Morrell

Crown Removers, Morrell (Spring Loaded)

Crown Removers, Spring Loaded

Crown Removing Expander

Crown Removing Forceps With Rubber Jaws

Crown Removing Spreaders

Crown Scissors w/ Carbide Tips

Crown Spreaders

Crowns, Temporary (Polycarbonate)


CSR Wraps

Cup Dispensers, Plastic

Cups, Drinking (Biodegradable)

Cups, Plastic Drinking

Curettes, Periodontal Surgery

Curettes, Universal by Pearson & Power

Curing Light UV Safety Shields

Curing Lights LED Gun Style With Base

Curing Lights LED with Fiber Optic Probe

Cuspidor Screens

Dappen Dishes (Disposable)

Dappen Dishes (Glass)

Dappen Dishes (Self Adhesive)

Dappen Dishes (Silicone)

Dental Examination Instrument Kits

Dental Floss + Toothpicks, Adult by Pearson

Dental Floss + Toothpicks, Child

Dental Floss Dispensers

Dental Floss Irrigators (Cordless)

Dental Floss Pick, Antibacterial

Dental Floss Satchets

Dental Floss, Charcoal Infused (Patient Size)

Dental Floss, Expanding (Patient Size)

Dental Floss, Nylon (Patient Size)

Dental Floss, PTFE (Patient Size)

Dental Floss, Satin (Patient Size)

Denture Boxes

Denture Cleaners

Denture Cleaning Brushes

Denture Cushions / Adhesives

Denture Mesh Strengtheners

Denture Reline (Hard)

Denture Trimming Polishers

Denture Trimming/Adjusting Kits


Dial Calipers

Diamond Burs, (FG, Disposable, Sterile)

Diamond Burs, (FG, Pedodontic)

Diamond Burs, (FG, Short Shank)

Diamond Burs, (FG,Turbo/Cool Cut)

Diamond Burs, (HP)

Diamond Burs, (HP, Sintered, Universal)

Diamond Burs, (Surgical)

Diamond Burs, FG (For Zirconia)

Diamond Burs, FG by Pearson

Diamond Discs (HP Shank)

Diamond Discs, Sintered

Diamond Polishing Paste

Diamond Prep Kits, Removal

Digital Sensor Barriers

Digital Sensor Bite Wing Loops

Digital Sensor Holder Kits

Digital Sensor Holders

Discoid Cleoid Carvers

Disinfecting Fogging Machines

Disinfecting Sprayers

Dispensing Syringe Tips w/ Foam & Brush

Dispensing Syringe Tips, Pre-Bent

Disposable Cold Packs

Disposable Instruments

Disposable Prophy Angles 105º by Pearson

Disposable Prophy Angles, Reciprocating

Distal End Cutter w/ Carbide Tips

Distal End Cutters w/ Safety Hold

Double-Sided Bowls for Acrylics

Dust Collectors

Dust Collectors, Compact/Portable

Electric Handpieces


Elevators, Periosteals

Elevators, Root

Elevators, Root, PDL Series w/ Nitride Coating

Enamel Therapy

Endodontic Burs, Carbide (FG)

Endodontic Calcified Files

Endodontic Cassettes/Caddy

Endodontic Chelating/Prep Agents, Gels/Creams

Endodontic Clean Stands w/ Foam

Endodontic File Organizers, Round

Endodontic File Organizers, Square/Rectangular

Endodontic Locking Pliers w/ Grooved Tip

Endodontic Measuring Blocks w/ Ruler

Endodontic Measuring Blocks w/ Ruler & Foam

Endodontic Non-Rotary NiTi Files

Endodontic Organizer Rings w/ Foam

Endodontic Organizers for Hand Files

Endodontic Pluggers (Double End)

Endodontic Pulp Capping, Bioceramic

Endodontic Rotary Condensers

Endodontic Rotary File Organizer

Endodontic Rotary NiTi Re-Treatment Files

Endodontic Rotary Niti Compare to ProTaper Next®

Endodontic Rotary Niti Compare to ProTaper®

Endodontic Rotary Niti Compare to ProTaper® Gold

Endodontic Rotary Niti Files Compare to K3®

Endodontic Rotary Niti Files Compare to Recipro®

Endodontic Rotary Niti Files Compare to Vortex®

Endodontic Rotary Niti Files Compare to Wave 1®

Endodontic Rotary NiTi Files, Canal Initiating

Endodontic Rotary Niti Files, Initiating

Endodontic Rotary Niti Files, ISO Sizes

Endodontic Rotary Niti Files, Other

Endodontic Rotary Niti Files, Single Step

Endodontic Rulers, Finger

Endodontic Rulers, Straight

Endodontic Spreaders

Endodontic Ultrasonic Shapers

Endodontic, Paste Fillers

Enzymatic Solutions/Detergents

Etching Products in Syringes

Evacuation Cleaning Powders

Evacuation Cleaning Solutions

Evacuation Cleaning Tablets

Evacuation, HVE Tips (Short/Half Size)

Evacuation, HVE Tips (Slotted)

Evacuation, HVE Tips (Vented)

Evacuation, Mirror/Retractor

Excavators w/ Color Rings

Excavators w/ Resin Handles

Excavators w/ Silicone Handles

Excavators w/ Stainless Steel Handles

Excavators w/ Titanium Coating

Explorers With Resin Handles

Explorers With Silicone Handles

Explorers With Stainless Steel Handle (Double-End)

Explorers With Stainless Steel Handle (Single-End)

Eye Protection

Eye Shields For Patient Use

Face Mask Comforters

Face Mask, Fashion Children's

Face Masks (Children)

Face Masks (Cone)

Face Masks (Electric)

Face Masks (Level 1, 3-Ply)

Face Masks (Level 2, 3-Ply)

Face Masks (Level 3, 3-Ply)

Face Masks (Level 3, 4-Ply)

Face Masks (Level 3, Anti-Fog)

Face Masks (Level 3, Dual Fit)

Face Masks (Level 3, Pattern)

Face Masks (Level 3, Petite)

Face Masks (Tie-On)

Face Masks Extenders

Face Masks Reusable with Head Strap

Face Masks w/ Shield

Face Masks, Fashion (Adult)

Face Masks, Fashion w/ Valve (Adult)

Face Masks, KN95 (Earloop)

Face Masks, KN95 (Fish Style)

Face Masks, KN95 (Headband)

Face Masks, Reusable with Frame

Face Shields (Autoclavable)

Face Shields (Flip Up)

Face Shields (Op-D-Op Style)

Face Shields (Sports)

Face Shields (With Adjustable Headband)

Face Shields (With Foam Band)

Face Shields with Clip-On Eyewear

Finger Cots

Finishing Burs FG 12-Bladed (7000 Series)

Finishing Burs FG 30-Bladed (9000 Series)

First Aid Kits

Floss Irrigators, Countertop

Floss Threaders

Floss with Mirror Dispenser

Fluoride Rinses (Premixed)

Fluoride Trays (Double Arch)

Fluoride Trays (Single Arch)

Foam Pellets

Forceps, Ergonomic Handle w/ Holes

Forceps, Ergonomic Handle w/ Holes (Pedo)

Forceps, Splinter

Forceps, Tissue

Forceps, Tooth Extracting, Lower Anterior

Forceps, Tooth Extracting, Lower Molar

Forceps, Tooth Extracting, Root

Forceps, Tooth Extracting, Upper Anterior

Forceps, Tooth Extracting, Upper Molar

Gauze Sponges, All Gauze

Gauze Sponges, Non-Woven

Glass Ionomer Capsule Activators

Glass Ionomer Capsule Appliers/Guns

Glass Ionomer Core Build Up Material (P&L)

Glove Dispensers (Metal)

Glove Dispensers (Plastic)

Gloves, Latex

Gloves, Nitrile

Gold/Precious Alloy Polishers, RA Shank

Gold/Precious Alloy Polishers, Unmounted

Gowns, Disposable Isolation (Colored/Non-Blue)

Gowns, Disposable Isolation (CPE)

Gowns, Disposable Isolation (PP)

Gowns, Disposable Isolation (PP+PE)

Gowns, Disposable Isolation (SMS)

Gowns, Washable

Gracey Curettes by Pearson

Gum Massagers with Rubberized Tip

Guttapercha Cutters

Guttapercha Cutters, Heat Activated

Guttapercha Point Cassettes

Guttapercha Points (ISO Sizes, Full Color)

Guttapercha Points (ISO Sizes, mm Marked)

Guttapercha Points (mm Marked Accessory Sizes)

Guttapercha Points (Wave One® Style)

Guttapercha Thermoplastic Obturators

Guttapercha Thermoplastic Verifiers

Guttapercha, Greater Taper (.04)

Guttapercha, Greater Taper (.06)

Guttapercha, Greater Taper (.08 and Above)

Guttapercha, Greater Taper (Pro Taper® Style)

Guttapercha/Paper Point Organizers

Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

Hand Sanitizers, Gel

Hand Sanitizers, Travel Sizes

Hand Soap Sheets

Handpiece Replacement Turbines for Bien Air

Handpiece Replacement Turbines for KaVo

Handpiece Replacement Turbines for Midwest

Handpieces (E-Type Attachments, 1:1 Straight)

Handpieces (E-Type Attachments, Speed Decreasing)

Handpieces (E-Type Attachments, Speed Increasing)

Handpieces (E-Type Contra Angle Sheaths)

Handpieces (E-Type Contra Angles 1:1 Complete)

Handpieces (E-Type Contra Angles 1:1 Head Only)

Handpieces (Low Air Speed Motors, 4-Hole)

Handpieces (Low Speed Attachments, Decreasing)

Handpieces (Lube/Clean)

Handpieces (Lubricating Sprays)

Handpieces (Self Generating LED)

Handpieces, High Speed Family By Pearson

Handpieces, Surgical 45 Degrees


Headrest Covers for Dental Chairs

Heat Sealers

Heavy Duty Hard Wire Cutters

Hedstrom Files (mm, Marked)

Hedstrom Files (NiTi)

Hedstrom Files (Stainless Steel)

Hemostatic Solutions

Home Care Kits, Adult

Home Care Kits, Child

Home Care Kits, Orthodontic

Hypodermic Syringes w/ Needles

Hypodermic Syringes, Luer Lock Without Needles

Implant Bone Condensers

Implant Bone Screw

Implant Burs Cassettes

Implant Cement

Implant Chisel

Implant Cleaning Instruments

Implant Depth Gauge

Implant Impression Trays, Disposable

Implant Miscellaneous Instruments

Implant Motors

Implant Osteotome Kits

Implant Surgery

Implant Wrenches

Impression Dynamic Mix Machines

Impression Guns, 50ml

Impression Material Flavored VPS Cartridges (50ml)

Impression Material Gun Holders

Impression Material VPS Dynamic 380ml Cartridge

Impression Material, VPS Cartridges (50ml)

Impression Material, VPS Putty

Impression Mixing Tips, 380ml

Impression Mixing Tips, 50ml

Impression Tips 50ml (Less Waste)

Impression Tray Cleaners

Impression Trays, Disposable (Plastic)

Impression Trays, Edentulous (Disposable)

Impression Trays, Plastic Autoclavable

Instrument Cassettes, Metal

Instrument Cassettes, Plastic

Instrument Code Rings

Instrument Trays, Disposable

Instrument Trays, Stainless Steel

Instruments, Probe/Explorer

Instruments, Probes (Color Coded)

Instruments, Probes (Non-Color Coded, Single End)

Interdental Brush w/ Toothpick

Interdental Brushes, Mini

Interdental Brushes, Retractable

Interdental Brushes, Standard

Interdental Cleaners with Rubberized Heads

Interdental Sticks, Plastic

Interproximal Clearance Tabs & Guides

Interproximal Polishing Strips Polyester Open

Interproximal Separators, Handheld

Interproximal Strips Diamond Coated Open Center

Intraligamentary Syringes

Intraoral Cameras

Intraoral Elastic Attachers

Intraoral Impression Tips

Investing Units

Irrigating Needles

Irrigating Syringes With Needles Combination

Irrigating Syringes, Luer Lock

Isolation Gowns, Level 1, 2, 3

K-Files (Flexible)

K-Files (NiTi)

K-Files (Silicone Handle)

K-Files (Stainless Steel, mm Marked)

Lab Carbide Cutters by Pearson

Lab Coats

Lab Coats, Zipper

Lab Cutters, Ceramic Blade

Lab Jackets

Lab Jackets, Zipper

Laboratory Benches

Laboratory Handpieces, Electric (Units)

Ligature Director

Ligature Tie Forceps (Mathieu)

Ligature Ties, Fashion

Ligature Wire Forming Pliers

Ligature Wire Twister (Twirl)

Lip Retractors, Metal

Lithium Disilicate Polishers

Lithium Disilicate Polishers (Chairside)

Luting Cement, Glass Ionomer (Capsules)

Luting Cement, Glass Ionomer (P&L)

Luting Cements, Resin (Automix)

Luting Cements, Resin, Dual Cure

Luxating Elevators

Magnifier Light Source

Magnifiers w/ Headband & LED Light

Mallets, Surgical

Mandrels, Snap On

Margin Trimmers

Matrix Bands, Dead Soft

Matrix, Sectional W/ Stainless Steel Bands & Rings

Matrix, Sectional With NiTi Rings

Matrix, Sectional With Peek Rings

Matrix, Sectional, Autoclip

Matrix, Sectional, Band Removing Pliers

Matrix, Sectional, Forceps

Matrix, Sectional, Kits

Matrix, Tofflemire (Retainers)

Matrix, Tofflemire, Pre-Assembled

Micro Foam Applicator Dispenser

Micro Foam Applicator w/ Cylinder Tip

Micro Foam Applicator w/ Plugger

Micro foam applicator w/ Round Tip

Micro Foam Applicator w/ Spatula

Micro Packer Pluggers

Micro/Mini Cutters


Milling Blocks, Lithium Discilicate

Milling Burs Roland (for Lithium Disilicate)

Milling Burs Roland (for PMMA)

Milling Burs Roland (for Titanium)

Milling Burs Roland (for Zirconia)

Milling Burs, 3M Lava

Milling Burs, Amann Girrbach

Milling Burs, ARUM

Milling Burs, Imes

Milling Burs, Sirona

Milling Burs, VHF

Milling Burs, Wieland

Milling Burs, Yena

Milling Burs, Zirkon Zahn

Mini Mold, Orthodontics

Mirror Defoggers

Mirror Handles (Cone Socket)

Mirror Handles (Ortho)

Mirror Handles (Simple Stem)

Mirror Handles, Ergonomic

Mirror Heads, Cone Socket

Mirror Heads, Simple Stem

Mirrors w/ Retractors

Mirrors, Illuminated

Mirrors, Magnifying

Mirrors, Micro Mirrors

Mirrors, Oversized

Mirrors, Patient Handheld

Mirrors, Sterile/Disposable

Mixing Guns for Impression Material 1:1

Mixing Pads, Non-Slip

Mixing Pads, Paper

Mixing Sticks

Mixing Tips Crown & Bridge (Less Waste)

Mixing Tips, C&B

Mixing Tips, Cement

Mixing Tips, Core Build-Up

Mixing Wells

Mobile Carts

Model Formers

Model Scan

Model Trimmers

Models, Endodontic

Models, Implant

Models, Orthodontic

Models, Pathology

Models, Patient Education

Models, Study

Models, Teeth

Models, Typodont

Mounted Stones Green (FG Shank)

Mounted Stones, White (FG Shank)

Mounted Stones, White (HP Shank)

Mounted Stones, White (RA Shank)

Mouth Gags, Molt

Mouth Props, Disposable Foam

Mouth Props, Silicone

Mouth Props, Split

Mylar Matrix Strips

Nail Care

Napkin Holders, Autoclavable (Adult)

Napkin Holders, Chain

Napkin Holders, Disposable

Napkin Holders, Non-Chill

Needle Holders + Scissors, Olsen-Hegar

Needle Holders, Castroviejo w/ Carbide Jaws

Needle Holders, Crile-Wood

Needle Holders, Crile-Wood W/ Carbide Jaws

Needle Holders, Mathieu w/ Carbide Jaws

Needle Holders, Mayo-Hegar

Needle Holders, Olsen-Hegar w/ Carbide Jaws

Obturator Guns/Pens

Occlusion Spray

Operatory Packages

Orthodontics (Elastomerics)

Orthodontics (Patient Relief)

Orthodontics,Trainer Alignment


Paper Points For Rotary Files

Paper Points, Bulk Pack (ISO Sizes)

Paper Points, Cell Pack (Accessory Sizes)

Paper Points, Greater Taper (.04)

Paper Points, Greater Taper (.06)

Paper Points, Greater Taper (Other)

Paper Points, Greater Taper (Pro Taper Style)

Paper Points, Greater Taper (WaveOne Gold Style)

Patient Giveaway, Bags (Plastic)

Patient Giveaway, Bags (Travel Case)

Patient Relief Waxes

Peek Discs, 98mm

Periodontal Surgery Files

Periosteal Elevators, Raspators


Phosphor Plate Envelopes, Side Loading

Phosphor Plate Envelopes, Top Loading

Photography Contrastors

Photography Mirrors (Fog-Free)

Photography Mirrors (Glass Mirror)

Photography Mirrors (Stainless Steel)

Photography Retractors

Piezo Insert Cassette

Piezo Surgery Tips

Piezo Surgery Units

Piezo Tip Holders

Piezo Ultrasonic Scaler Tips (EMS®-Style)

Piezo Ultrasonic Scaler Tips (Satelec®-Style)

Pit & Fissure, Light Cure Sealants

Plaster Bins/Traps

Plaster Nippers

Plastic Filling Instrument/Burnisher Combination

Plastic Filling Instruments

Plastic Filling Instruments (Non Stick)

Plastic Filling Instruments w/ Code Rings

Plier Rack

Pliers, 3-Prong (Aderer)

Pliers, Arch Forming/Bending

Pliers, Light Wire

Pliers, Orthodontic (Cinch Back)

Pliers, Orthodontic (Torquing)

Pliers, Tweed


PMMA (Splint)

PMMA Discs (95mm)

PMMA Discs (98mm)

PMMA Discs (98mm, Acetal)

Pneumatic Chisels

Polishers, Universal (HP)

Polishing Buffs

Polishing Felt Buffs

Polishing Strips, Polyester w/ Open Center

Porcelain (Presssable)

Porcelain Finishing, Diamond Impregnated (HP)

Porcelain Finishing, Diamond Impregnated (RA)

Porcelain Polishers, FG Shank

Porcelain Polishers, Unmounted

Porcelain/Ceramic Polishers (HP)

Porcelain/Ceramic Polishers (RA)

Posts (Screw Type, Gold Plated)

Posts (Screw Type, Stainless Steel)

Posts (Screw Type, Titanium)

Posts, Fiberglass

Posts, Fiberglass (Light Transmitting)

Posts, Parallel (Stainless Steel)

Power Toothbrushes (Battery)

Power Toothbrushes, Rotary

Power Toothbrushes, Sonic

Prophy Angles W/ Brush

Prophy Angles, Disposable 90º Standard by Pearson

Prophy Brushes (RA)

Prophy Brushes (Screw-On)

Prophy Brushes (Snap-On)

Prophy Cups

Prophy Handpieces (45º - 4 Hole)

Prophy Handpieces (4-Hole)

Prophy Pastes (Cups)

Prophy Rings (Disposable)

Pulse Oximeters


Resins, (Temporary Crown & Bridge, New Hue Shades)

Resins, (Temporary Crown & Bridge, Vita Shades)

Retainer Boxes, Delux

Retainer Boxes, with Mirror

Retainer Boxes/Bath

Retraction Cords (Knitted)

Retractors, Minnesota

Retractors, Plastic (Double-Sided)

Retractors, Plastic (Single-Sided)

Ronguers, Bone (Friedman)

Ronguers, Bone (Leur)

Root Tip Teaser


Rubber Dam Frames Plastic/Nylon

Rubber Dam Frames, Carbon

Rubber Dam Kits

Rubber Dam, Latex

Rubber Polishers

Safety Glasses (Clear Lenses) by Pearson

Safety Glasses (UV Lenses)

Safety Glasses, Disposable

Saliva Absorbent Pads

Saliva Ejectors, Disposable (Comfort Tip)

Saliva Ejectors, Traps

Saliva Ejectors, With Tongue Protector

Scalers, by Pearson

Scalpels, Disposable

Scissors, Castroviejo

Scissors, Dressing w/ Carbide Blade

Scissors, La Grange

Scrubs (Sets)

Separating Discs, Fiber Reinforced

Shade Guide, Bleaching

Shade Guide, Vita (Generic)

Sharpening Stones

Sharps Collectors

Shoe Covers (Non-Skid)

Silicone Polishers, Unmounted

Sinus Lift Instruments

Smart Watches

Soap Dispensers

Soaps, Antimicrobial Foaming

Strip Crown Assortment Kits, Adult

Surgical Aspirator Tips (Disposable)

Surgical Blade Handles

Surgical Blades, Stainless Steel (Non-Sterile)

Surgical Carbide Burs, FGXL (10-Pack)

Surgical Carbide Burs, RA

Surgical Loupes

Sutures, Absorbable (Chromic Gut)

Sutures, Absorbable (Plain Gut)

Sutures, Non-Absorbable (Silk)

Syringes, Disposable for Impression, 12ml

Temporary C&B Automix

Temporary C&B Cement (25ml Cartridge)

Temporary C&B Cement (Automix)

Temporary C&B Cement (Automix, Non-Eugenol)

Temporary C&B Guns

Temporary Crown & Bridge 1:1 (50ml Cartridge)

Temporary Crown & Bridge 10:1 50ml Cartridge

Temporary Crown & Bridge 4:1 (50ml Cartridge)

Temporary Filling Material (Jars & Tubes)

Temporary Filling Material (Light Cure)

Thermometers, Infrared

Thermometers, With Sanitizer Dispenser

Thermoplastic Ovens

Tissue Punches, 90 Degree

Tissue Punches, Reusable

Tissue, Facial

Titanium Discs, 98mm

Tongue Brushes

Tongue Cleaners

Tongue Depressors

Tooth Fairy Boxes

Tooth Savers, Tooth Shaped

Tooth Whitening Lights

Tooth Whitening Pens

Tooth Whitening, Take Home (Carbamide Peroxide)

Toothbrushes, Adult by Pearson

Toothbrushes, Antimicrobial

Toothbrushes, Biodegradable

Toothbrushes, Disposable

Toothbrushes, Disposable (Pre-Pasted)

Toothbrushes, End Tuft

Toothbrushes, Infant/Baby

Toothbrushes, Junior by Pearson

Toothbrushes, Orthodontic

Toothbrushes, Periodontal (.004)

Toothbrushes, Travel

Toothbrushing Timers

Toothpaste (Standard Size)

Toothpaste, Sodium Fluoride

Toothpicks, Disposable

Towels, C-Fold Towels

Towels, Multi-Fold Towels

Trash Cans, Touchless

Tray Covers, Size B

Tray Material Curing Light

Tray Material, Light Cure

Tunneling Instruments

Tweezers, College (Serrated Tip)

Ulraviolet Sterilization Units

Ultrasonic Air Scalers

Ultrasonic Cleaning Units

Ultrasonic Cleaning Units, Compact

Ultrasonic Effervescent Tablets

Ultrasonic Piezo Scalers

Ultrasonic Piezo Scalers (LED)

Ultrasonic Piezo Scalers (With Endo Function)

Ultrasonic Piezo Scalers (with Water Reservoir)

Ultrasonic Scaler Inserts (25k & 30k)

Ultrasonic Scaler Water Reservoir

Ultrasonic Scalers (25k & 30k)

Ultrasonic Scalers, Patient Use

Ultrasonic Sweep Units

Ultraviolet Sterilization Box

Ultraviolet Sterilization Wand

Utility Wax Strips

Vacuum Forming Dual Laminate Soft/Hard (Square)

Vacuum Forming Machines

Vacuum Traps Filters

Varnish (5% Sodium Fluoride)

Wax Carvers, Lab/Denture Work

Wax Carvers, Modeling/Sculpting

Waxes, Base Plate

Waxes, Boxing

Waxes, Casting

Waxes, Sticky

Waxing Units

Wedge & Matrix Combination

Wedges, Cure Thru

Wedges, Elastic

Wedges, Plastic Anatomical

Wedges, Plastic w/ Handle

Wedges, Wooden

Wire Cutters w/ Carbide Inserts, Orthodontic

Wynman Crown Remover Forceps w/ Carbide Jaws

X-Ray Bite Blocks

X-Ray Film (Intraoral)

X-Ray Film Reader

X-Ray Positioning System

Zirconia Abrasives (Non-Sintered)

Zirconia Discs, 98mm

Zirconia Grinders, HP Shank

Zirconia Grinders, RA Shank

Zirconia Polishers (HP Shank)

Zirconia Polishers (RA Shank)

Zirconia Shading Liquid
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