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COSMOS MH-55 SYSTEM  (Pearson)
Air-Driven Sonic Scaler
An incomparable air-driven scaler. The unique & state-of-the-art technology incorporated into the built-in vibration generator enables it to produce frequency 16,000Hz for the tip while the existing air-driven scalers provide 3,000Hz to 6,500Hz. This helps efficiently remove tough calculus, plaque and stain. Easy replacement of built-in vibration generator.

Description/Package Item No. Price Qty Order
Cosmos Air Driven Scaler W/3 Tips
Contains: Universal, Perio & Sickle Tips.
Mfg. Part #: MH55-1
P23-1127 $439.50
Cosmos Scaler Tip Universal (Blue Band)
Mfg. Part #: COSMOS TES2
P23-1206 $37.95
Cosmos Scaler Tip Perio (Pink Band)
Mfg. Part #: COSMOS TZO1
P23-1205 $37.95
Cosmos Scaler Tip Sickle (Green Band)
Mfg. Part #: COSMOS TTL1
P23-1204 $35.00
Cosmos Air Scaler Kit
Half Price
While Supplies Last!!
This item is on Special
Mfg. Part #: MH55-1(MF)
U25-0025 $249.50
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