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. Powerful halogen light output delivering the strongest cold-light accelerated whitening technology through 12,000 optical fibers . Light-filtering lenses with 30 layers of coating allowing only 480 520nm wavelength with zero ultra violet (UV) or infrared exposure . Complete treatment in just 30 min. with average shade improvements greater than 8 shades on the VITA scale . Simple & quick patient preparation & system operation with digital display timer
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Beyond Power Whitening System
Contains: Unit, in-office posters, 100 flyers, DVD
Mfg. Part #: BY-0398
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Beyond Whitening Kit Single Patient
Mfg. Part #: BY-PD201
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Beyond Whitening 5-Patient Econo Kit
Mfg. Part #: BY-PD205    Click for Image 
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Beyond Pearl White Toothpaste
Mfg. Part #: BY-OC31    Click for Image 
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