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Powerful halogen light output delivering the strongest cold-light accelerated whitening technology through 12,000 optical fibers Light-filtering lenses with 30 layers of coating allowing only 480 520nm wavelength with zero ultra violet (UV) or infrared exposure Complete treatment in just 30 min. with average shade improvements greater than 8 shades on the VITA scale Simple & quick patient preparation & system operation with digital display timer
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Beyond Power Whitening System
Contains: Unit, in-office posters, 100 flyers, DVD
Mfg. Part #: BY-0398
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Beyond Whitening Kit Single Patient
Mfg. Part #: BY-PD201
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Beyond Whitening 5-Patient Econo Kit
Mfg. Part #: BY-PD205    Click for Image 
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Beyond Pearl White Toothpaste
Mfg. Part #: BY-OC31    Click for Image 
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