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Vivid QwikImage™ precise setting time and snap-set. Placement in mouth triggers an accelerated set. Formulated from the highest quality polymers and fillers. Working time 1 1/4 Min. Setting time 2 1/4 Min.
Description/Package Item No. Price Qty Order
Vivid QwikImage Light Body (Black) 2 Pack
Mfg. Part #: PL90467
D33-0300 $16.00
Vivid QwikImage Light Body (Black) 4 Pack
Mfg. Part #: PL90468
D33-0302 $28.00
Vivid QwikImage Light Body (Black) 24 Pack
Mfg. Part #: PL90469
D33-0304 $156.00
Vivid QwikImage Heavy Body (Rose) 2 Pack
Mfg. Part #: PL90648
D33-0312 $16.00
Vivid QwikImage Heavy Body (Rose) 4 Pack
Mfg. Part #: PL90649
D33-0314 $28.00
Vivid QwikImage Heavy Body (Rose) 24 Pack
Mfg. Part #: PL90650
D33-0316 $156.00
Vivid QwikImage Monophase (Purple) 2 Pack
Mfg. Part #: PL91122
D33-0306 $16.00
Vivid QwikImage Monophase (Purple) 4 Pack
Mfg. Part #: PL91123
D33-0308 $28.00
Vivid QwikImage Monophase (Purple) 24 Pack
Mfg. Part #: PL91124
D33-0310 $156.00
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