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Vivid Kwikfit

Sectional Matrix System

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Vivid KwikFit Matrix System Kit w/ 3 Forceps
Contains: 2 separator rings, 2 clip rings w/ tip, 1 soft tip, 1 hard tip, 1 forceps for ring, 1 forceps for placing matrix bands, 100 bicuspid matrix bands, 100 molar matrix bands, 100 tall molar matrix bands, 100 molar matrix bands w/ extensions, 100 large interdental wedges, 100 medium interdental wedges, 100 small interdental wedges, 100 x-small interdental wedges.
Mfg. Part #: DIW0401    Click for Image 
Z88-0010 $199.00
Vivid KwikFit Molar Matrix 6.4mm Pkg of 50
Mfg. Part #: DMB0414    Click for Image 
Z88-0012 $9.99
Vivid KwikFit T-Molar Matrix 6.4mm Pkg of 50
Mfg. Part #: DMB0413    Click for Image 
Z88-0014 $9.99
Vivid KwikFit Molar Matrix 5.2mm Pkg of 50
Mfg. Part #: DMB0412    Click for Image 
Z88-0016 $9.99
Vivid KwikFit Bicuspid Matrix 4.5mm Pkg of 50
Mfg. Part #: DMB0411    Click for Image 
Z88-0018 $9.99
Vivid KwikFit Matrix Forceps for Rings
Mfg. Part #: DMB0451
Z88-0030 $28.00
Vivid KwikFit Forceps for Interdental Wedges
Mfg. Part #: DMB0461    Click for Image 
Z88-0034 $39.99
Vivid KwikFit Forceps for FL Bands
Mfg. Part #: DMB0441    Click for Image 
Z88-0032 $34.99
Vivid KwikFit Clamp Ring Soft Tips
Mfg. Part #: DMB0424    Click for Image 
Z88-0026 $15.99
Vivid KwikFit Clamp Ring Hard Tips
Mfg. Part #: DMB0423    Click for Image 
Z88-0028 $15.99
Vivid KwikFit Matrix Ring Tip (Hard)
Mfg. Part #: DMB0431    Click for Image 
Z88-0027 $5.95
Vivid KwikFit Matrix Ring Tip (Soft)
Mfg. Part #: DMB0432    Click for Image 
Z88-0029 $5.95
Vivid KwikFit Matrix Ring, Powerful
Mfg. Part #: DMB0421
Z88-0020 $13.99
Vivid KwikFit Matrix Ring, Standard
Mfg. Part #: DMB0422
Z88-0022 $13.99
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