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Premium quality ultrasonic piezo scaler (EMS Type). Comes with blue aluminum alloy handpiece for comfort and durability. Available in non-fiber optic and LED fiber optic.
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Vivid PiezoKleen Unit (EMS Type)
Comes with Aluminum Handpiece and 6 Tips
Mfg. Part #: P5-E
B47-0020 $260.00
Vivid PiezoKleen LED Unit (EMS Type)
Comes with Aluminum LED Handpiece and 6 Tips
Mfg. Part #: P5L-E
B47-0024 $299.99
Replacement Aluminum Handpiece
Mfg. Part #: H3    Click for Image 
B47-0084 $150.00
Replacement Aluminum LED Handpiece
Mfg. Part #: L3    Click for Image 
B47-0086 $190.00
Torque Wrench, White Plastic
Mfg. Part #: TW2    Click for Image 
B47-0088 $18.00
Torque Wrench, Blue Aluminum
Mfg. Part #: TW3    Click for Image 
B47-0090 $22.00
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