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HILUX™ 610  (First Medica)
.Infinite control of power level is provided on the handgun
.Precisely measure and calibrate light intensity with digital radiometer
.Two light guides give you greater control. Our Turbo-Accelerator™ guide tapers from 13 to 8mm for maximum power output.
.Maintain high power at a constant level with double voltage regulation
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Hilux Anti-Glare Shield
Mfg. Part #: M009-01
F08-0058 Login for price
Hilux 250 & Up Replacement Bulb (75w 12v)
Mfg. Part #: M010--25
F08-0087 Login for price
Hilux 200 Replacement Bulb (55w 10v)
Mfg. Part #: M020
F08-0064 Login for price
Hilux 3mm Light Guide
Mfg. Part #: M014-01
F08-0089 Login for price
Hilux 8mm 60° Light Guide
Mfg. Part #: M011-24
F08-0055 Login for price
Hilux 11mm 60° Light Guide
Mfg. Part #: M015-24
F08-0051 Login for price
Hilux 13mm x 8mm Light Guide (Turbo)
Mfg. Part #: M012-24
F08-0072 Login for price
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