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Until now halogen-type lamps could only polymerize by producing a great deal of heat for a few efficient wavelengths (on average 500mW/cm2 in the utilizable wavelength). The maximum emitting spectrum of halogen lamps (over 480nm) is not relevant to the optimal absorption zone of the photo-initiators used in dentistry (approx. 430 to 470nm). The latest generation L.E.D. (Light Emitting Diode) curing lights offer all that is expected of this new technology and the most recent design developed by Satelec® combines power, efficiency and speed
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Mini LED Cordless Curing Light
Mfg. Part #: F02611
A81-0125 Login for price
Mini LED Replacement Battery
Mfg. Part #: F02520
A81-0126 Login for price
Mini LED Supercharged Curing Light
Mfg. Part #: F05214
A81-0127 Login for price
Mini LED Handpiece Holder
Mfg. Part #: F02463
A81-0274 Login for price
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