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for Celay & CEREC Full Crowns
New fluorescent shading pastes have been developed by VITA for surface individualization of milled full porcelain crowns using the Celay & CEREC techniques. These extremely fine-grained pastes are self-glazing and were specially developed for use with both Celay & CEREC porcelain blanks. The pastes provide extra-long life and have very kind wear characteristics.
Description/Package Item No. Price Qty Order
Vita Shading Paste Refill White (4gm) Each
Mfg. Part #: V55-501
V30-0151 $64.95
Vita Shading Paste Refill Orange (4gm) Each
Mfg. Part #: V55-502
V30-0152 $64.95
Vita Shading Paste Refill Ochre (4gm) Each
Mfg. Part #: V55-503
V30-0153 $64.95
Vita Shading Paste Refill Khaki (4gm) Each
Mfg. Part #: V55-504
V30-0154 $64.95
Vita Shading Paste Refill Olive (4gm) Each
Mfg. Part #: V55-505
V30-0155 $64.95
Vita Shading Paste Refill Med. Brown (4gm) Each
Mfg. Part #: V55-506
V30-0156 $64.95
Vita Shading Paste Refill Red Brown (4gm) Each
Mfg. Part #: V55-507
V30-0157 $64.95
Vita Shading Paste Refill Mauve (4gm) Each
Mfg. Part #: V55-508
V30-0158 $64.95
Vita Shading Glaze Paste (7gm)
Mfg. Part #: V55-515
V30-0159 $149.50
Vita Shading Paste Liquid (7gm)
Mfg. Part #: V55-520
V30-0160 $64.95
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