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Products: Post Extraction Tissue Removal

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Slade Blade

 (Paradise Dental)
Designed with Scott Froum, DDS, the Slade Blade was made for the efficient removal of granulation tissue post extraction. Thorough removal of cystic infected tissue leaves a clean socket in preparation of an implant placement. Created by a periodontist for periodontists, the Slade Blade is the perfect new dental instrument to add to your kit.

Description/Package Item No. Price Qty Order
Slade Blade Anterior Narrow
Mfg. Part #: R432    Click for Image 
P15-0826 $49.90
Slade Blade Posterior Narrow
Mfg. Part #: R433    Click for Image 
P15-0828 $49.90
Slade Blade Anterior Wide
Mfg. Part #: R434    Click for Image 
P15-0830 $49.90
Slade Blade Posterior Wide
Mfg. Part #: R435    Click for Image 
P15-0832 $49.90
Posterior Wide (w/o serrations)
Mfg. Part #: R436    Click for Image 
P15-0834 $49.90
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