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Vita YZ HT

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Shade liquids
Liquids for custom coloring of monolithinc VITA YZ HT restorations prior to sintering. Available in 7 VITA classical A1-D4 shades and in 7 VITA SYSTEM 3D-Master shades as well as additional supplementary shades for the ginvival, cervical and incisal areas.
Made in Germany

Description/Package Item No. Price Qty Order
YZ HT Shade Starter Set, 3D Master
Contains 50ml each of 1M1, 1M2, 2L1.5, 2M2, 3M2, 3M3, 4M2; 20ml each of Chroma A, B, C & D; 20ml each of Pink, Grey, Blue; 10ml indicator; 50ml stabilizer; 2 brushes size 2 and 4
Mfg. Part #: EZOC3D
V30-0512 $1,005.00
YZ HT Shade Liquid Starter Set
Contains 50ml each of A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B2, C2, D2; 20ml each of Chroma A, B, C & D; 20ml each of Pink, Grey, Blue; 10ml indicator; 50ml stabilizer; 2 brush set size 2 and 4
Mfg. Part #: EZOCC
V30-0514 $1,135.95
YZ HT Shade Liquid Starter Kit 2M2
Mfg. Part #: ZR-SLK2M2
V30-0516 $614.95
YZ HT Shade Liquid Starter Kit A2
Mfg. Part #: ZR-SLKA2
V30-0518 $614.95
YZ HT Shade Liquid 1M1 50ml
Mfg. Part #: EZOCY0650
V30-0522 $72.95
YZ HT Shade Liquid 1M2 50ml
Mfg. Part #: EZOCY0750
V30-0524 $63.50
YZ HT Shade Liquid 2L1.5 50ml
Mfg. Part #: EZOCY0850
V30-0526 $63.50
YZ HT Shade Liquid 2M2 50ml
Mfg. Part #: EZOCY1250
V30-0528 $63.50
YZ HT Shade Liquid 3M2 50ml
Mfg. Part #: EZOCY2050
V30-0530 $63.50
YZ HT Shade Liquid 3M3 50ml
Mfg. Part #: EZOCY2150
V30-0532 $63.50
YZ HT Shade Liquid 4M2 50ml
Mfg. Part #: EZOCY2850
V30-0534 $72.95
YZ HT Shade Liquid A1 50ml
Mfg. Part #: EZOCY3650
V30-0536 $63.50
YZ HT Shade Liquid A2 50ml
Mfg. Part #: EZOCY3750
V30-0538 $63.50
YZ HT Shade Liquid A3 50ml
Mfg. Part #: EZOCY3850
V30-0540 $63.50
YZ HT Shade Liquid A3.5 50ml
Mfg. Part #: EZOCY3950
V30-0542 $63.50
YZ HT Shade Liquid B2 50ml
Mfg. Part #: EZOCY4250
V30-0544 $63.50
YZ HT Shade Liquid C2 50ml
Mfg. Part #: EZOCY4650
V30-0546 $63.50
YZ HT Shade Liquid D2 50ml
Mfg. Part #: EZOCY4950
V30-0548 $63.50
YZ HT Shade Liquid Pink 50ml
Mfg. Part #: EZOCY7420
V30-0550 $93.95
YZ HT Shade Liquid Grey 50ml
Mfg. Part #: EZOCY7520
V30-0552 $94.95
YZ HT Shade Liquid Blue 50ml
Mfg. Part #: EZOCY7620
V30-0554 $94.95
YZ HT Shade Liquid Chroma A 20ml
Mfg. Part #: EZOCY7720
V30-0556 $84.95
YZ HT Shade Liquid Chroma B 20ml
Mfg. Part #: EZOCY7820
V30-0558 $84.95
YZ HT Shade Liquid Chroma C 20ml
Mfg. Part #: EZOCY7920
V30-0560 $84.95
YZ HT Shade Liquid Chroma D 20ml
Mfg. Part #: EZOCY8020
V30-0562 $84.95
YZ HT Shade Liquid Indicator 10ml
Mfg. Part #: EZOCY8110
V30-0564 $34.95
YZ HT Shade Liquid Stabilizer 50ml
Mfg. Part #: EZOCY8350
V30-0566 $77.95
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