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Root ZX II OTR Module

Root ZX II OTR Module

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The Root ZX II Low Speed Handpiece with OTR technology prepares root canals while displaying precise and accurate measurements.
During file rotation, the torque is automatically measured. If the torque is less than the set value, the file rotation continues, but if the torque has reached the set value, the file reverses rotation by 90 and then continues in the cutting direction once again. OTR reduces file fatigue, as well as the possibility of file breakage.
Lightweight, the handpiece is ergonomically designed to minimize fatigue and fingertip stress and is ideal for endodontic access. It offers 3 speed settings of 100, 300 & 500 rpm and 3 programmable memory modes.
  • Safely & efficiently clean & enlarge canals with OTR technology
  • Standard Ni-Ti file can be used no need for special files
  • New contra head has internal file electrode
  • OTR Module can be connected to any Root ZX II

  • Manufacturer's Promotion:
    Purchase 1 Root ZX II Apex Locator or OTR Handpiece Module, get a $100 USD Rebate
    MSRP value listed in USD. Offers cannot be combined. Offers expire March 31, 2024. To receive your free gift or promotional offer, fax a copy of your dealer invoice dated January 1, 2024 through March 31, 2024 by April 15, 2024, to J. MORITA USA at (949) 465-1009, Attn: Q1 Promotions, or email to: If free goods are shipping to a residential address, please notify us in advance. J. MORITA USA reserves the right to change or cancel these promotions at any time. Students are not eligible for quarterly specials and discounts.
    Exp: 3/31/2024
    Disclaimer: Promotion does not come from Pearson, and is governed by the terms and conditions of the manufacturer. In some cases the promotion may apply to a related item. Pearson is not responsible if the terms of the promotion listed here do not match the current terms and conditions of the manufacturer's promotion.
    Description/Package Item No. Price Qty Order
    Root Zx II OTR Low Speed Handpiece Module
    Unit Includes: Micromotor, Contra Angle, Handpiece Cord, Handpiece Rest, AR Oil, AC Adapter, Battery (pre-installed), Foot Switch, Handpiece Plastic Sleeves (20)
    Mfg. Part #: 24-5361257
     Manufacturer Promotion 
    M83-0078 $1,525.00
    Dentaport Micromotor (TR800)
    Mfg. Part #: 24-7503950
    M83-0089 $406.00
    Micromotor #400
    Mfg. Part #: 24-7504500
    M83-0350 $406.00
    Contra Angle
    Mfg. Part #: 24-7503955
    M83-0090 $1,010.00
    Handpiece Cord
    Mfg. Part #: 24-7503960
    M83-0092 $449.50
    Handpiece Rest
    Mfg. Part #: 24-7503965
    M83-0351 $29.50
    RootZX II AR Oil, 60ml
    Mfg. Part #: 24-7503800
    M83-0355 $32.50
    RootZX II AC Adapter
    Mfg. Part #: 24-7504060
    M83-0352 $69.95
    RootZX II Battery
    Mfg. Part #: 24-7504010
    M83-0354 $60.90
    Foot Switch
    Mfg. Part #: 24-7504015
    M83-0353 $51.00
    File Electrode
    Mfg. Part #: 24-7503988
    M83-0087 $42.50

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