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Hu-Friedy Cleoid-Discoids

Hu-Friedy (Click for full line from this manufacturer)

Made in USA

Description/Package Item No. Price Qty Order
Hu-Friedy Cleoid-Discoid # 1/2 D/E
Mfg. Part #: CD1/2    Click for Image 
H55-0160 $38.10
Hu-Friedy Cleoid-Discoid # 89/92 D/E
Mfg. Part #: CD89/92
H55-0175 $38.10
Hu-Friedy Cleoid-Discoid # 3/6 D/E
Mfg. Part #: CD3/6
H55-0165 $38.10
Hu-Friedy Cleoid-Discoid # 4/5 D/E
Mfg. Part #: CD4/5
H55-0170 $38.10
Hu-Friedy Cleoid-Discoid # 6T D/E
Mfg. Part #: CV6T    Click for Image 
H55-0150 $38.10
Hu-Friedy Cleoid-Discoid # 90B D/E
Mfg. Part #: CD90B    Click for Image 
H55-0176 $38.10
Hu-Friedy Cleoid-Discoid W-A-C-D D/E
Mfg. Part #: CDWACD    Click for Image 
H55-0155 $38.10
Hu-Friedy Cleoid-Discoid # 3T D/E
Mfg. Part #: CV3T    Click for Image 
H55-0140 $38.10
Hu-Friedy Cleoid-Discoid # 4T D/E
Mfg. Part #: CV4T
H55-0142 $38.10
Hu-Friedy Cleoid-Discoid # 5T D/E
Mfg. Part #: CV5T    Click for Image 
H55-0145 $38.10
Hu-Friedy Satin Steel Cleoid-Discoid # 3/6 D/E
Mfg. Part #: CD3/66    Click for Image 
H55-3342 $38.10
Hu-Friedy Satin Steel Cleoid-Discoid # 4/5 D/E
Mfg. Part #: CD4/56    Click for Image 
H55-3343 $38.10
Hu-Friedy Satin Steel Cleoid-Discoid # 89/92 D/E
Mfg. Part #: CD89/926    Click for Image 
H55-3344 $38.10
Hu-Friedy Resin Eight Cleoid-Discoid # 3/6 D/E
Mfg. Part #: CD3/68
H55-8096 $43.65
Hu-Friedy Resin Eight Cleoid-Discoid # 89/92 D/E
Mfg. Part #: CD89/928
H55-8097 $43.65
Hu-Friedy Satin Steel Cleoid-Discoid # 7 D/E
Mfg. Part #: CD3/67
H55-3460 $43.65
Hu-Friedy Hollenback/2 Modified Cleoid, Small
Mfg. Part #: CVH1/MC2    Click for Image 
H55-0131 $38.10

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