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Blue Line Perio Surgery Kit

DoWell Dental Products, Inc created this outstanding Signature Blue line kit that contains a 20 piece collection of some of our most recommended instruments. This kit is designed for innovative techniques as well as superior ergonomic use.

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Description/Package Item No. Price Qty Order
Blue Line Perio Surgical Kit (18pc)
Mfg. Part #: BLUELINEPERIOKT    Click for Image 
W52-0062 $1,341.00
Blue Line Perio Elevator 2mm
Mfg. Part #: S1271    Click for Image 
W52-0064 $54.00
Blue Line Micro Periosteal Elev. 17cm
Mfg. Part #: S1272    Click for Image 
W52-0066 $54.00
Blue Line Periosteal Curved
Mfg. Part #: S1273    Click for Image 
W52-0068 $54.00
Blue Line Tissue Graft Plugger
Mfg. Part #: S1274    Click for Image 
W52-0070 $54.00
Blue Line Periodontal Probe
Mfg. Part #: S1275    Click for Image 
W52-0072 $54.00
Blue Line Gingivectomy Knife #S1276
Mfg. Part #: S1276    Click for Image 
W52-0074 $54.00
Blue Line Mucosal Flap Preparator
Mfg. Part #: S1277    Click for Image 
W52-0076 $54.00
Blue Line Gingivectomy Knife #S1278
Mfg. Part #: S1278    Click for Image 
W52-0078 $54.00
Blue Line Bone Packer
Mfg. Part #: S1279    Click for Image 
W52-0080 $54.00
Blue Line Micro Blade Holder
Mfg. Part #: S1280    Click for Image 
W52-0082 $54.00
Blue Line Mirror Handle
Mfg. Part #: S1281    Click for Image 
W52-0084 $36.00
Suture & Membrane Tweezer
Mfg. Part #: S1282    Click for Image 
W52-0086 $72.00
Castroviejo Micro Scissors
Mfg. Part #: S1283    Click for Image 
W52-0088 $72.00
Castroviejo Micro Needle Holder
Mfg. Part #: S1284    Click for Image 
W52-0090 $162.00
Atraumatic Tweezers
Mfg. Part #: S1285    Click for Image 
W52-0092 $72.00
Dissecting Tweezers
Mfg. Part #: S1286    Click for Image 
W52-0094 $72.00
Cheek Retractor
Mfg. Part #: S1287    Click for Image 
W52-0096 $27.00
Blue Line Periosteal Elevator Molt #9
Mfg. Part #: S1288    Click for Image 
W52-0098 $54.00
Scalpel Handle
Mfg. Part #: S1289    Click for Image 
W52-0100 $54.00
DoWell Instrument Cassette 15pc (Empty)
Mfg. Part #: S1264N    Click for Image 
W52-0102 $180.00

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