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Implant Tools

Quality implant products
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Description/Package Item No. Price Qty Order
Odontit Twist Drill Long 1.00mm
Mfg. Part #: EIDL12
O12-0062 $40.00
Odontit Twist Drill Long 1.60mm
Mfg. Part #: EIDL16
O12-0064 $40.00
Odontit Twist Drill Long 2.00mm
Mfg. Part #: EIDL20
O12-0066 $40.00
Odontit Twist Drill Long 2.20mm
Mfg. Part #: EIDL225
O12-0068 $40.00
Odontit Twist Drill Long 2.50mm
Mfg. Part #: EIDL25
O12-0070 $40.00
Odontit Twist Drill Long 2.80mm
Mfg. Part #: EIDL28
O12-0072 $40.00
Odontit Twist Drill Long 3.00mm
Mfg. Part #: EIDL30
O12-0074 $40.00
Odontit Twist Drill Long 3.30mm
Mfg. Part #: EIDL33
O12-0076 $40.00
Odontit Lance Drill 1.50mm
Mfg. Part #: FL15
O12-0078 $40.00
Odontit Lance Drill 2.00mm
Mfg. Part #: FL20
O12-0080 $40.00
Odontit Pilot Drill 2.0-3.0mm
Mfg. Part #: FP2/3
O12-0082 $40.00
Odontit Paralleling Pin Pkg of 2
Mfg. Part #: DI-2
O12-0086 $16.00
Odontit Ratchet Wrench
Mfg. Part #: RW
O12-0088 $99.00
Odontit Ratchet Wrench 16mm Extension
Mfg. Part #: RE
O12-0090 $40.00
Odontit Irrigated Drill Extender 15mm
Mfg. Part #: DE
O12-0092 $50.00
Odontit Depth Gauge
Mfg. Part #: IDG
O12-0094 $15.00
Odontit Implant Thumb Knob
Mfg. Part #: ADL
O12-0096 $40.00
Odontit Evolution Ball Ortho Seating Tool, Long
Mfg. Part #: SBO    Click for Image 
O12-0100 $47.00
Odontit Evolution Ball Ortho Seating Tool, Short
Mfg. Part #: ENTC
O12-0102 $47.00
Odontit Evolution Narrow Seating Tool, Short
Mfg. Part #: EMTC
O12-0106 $47.00
Odontit Evolution Monoblock Seating Tool, Long
Mfg. Part #: SBM
O12-0108 $47.00
Odontit Mini Implant Instrument Organizer
Mfg. Part #: INORGMINI
O12-0110 $47.00
Odontit Expander Kit, Pkg of 4
Mfg. Part #: KITEXP
O12-0112 $190.00

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