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Products: Brackets, Nickel Free MBT .018 >> Brackets, Nickel Free MBT .018 >> Avalon Bracket MBT .018

Avalon Bracket MBT .018

Avalon Bracket MBT .018

Ortho Technology Click for full line from this manufacturer (877)

Avalon Nickel Free Metal-Lined Composite Bracket System
Advanced Silver Alloy Material
Significantly enhances sliding mechanics
Biocompatible Sliding Guide Nickel free - Safe for sensitive patients
Unsurpassed Bracket Strength Highest quality medical grade polyrethane
Mechanical Lock Base Design Superior retention and easy debonding
"Micro Rock" Magnification Provides millions of additional undercuts to grip the adhesive
Rounded Corners For added patient comfort
Metal-Lined Archwire Slot For improved sliding mechanics and to withstand higher torquing forces
Highest Quality Material Made from medical grade polyurethane for superior strength
Compound Contour Base Provides for an ideal bracket fit
Removable Color Coded ID Dot For easy bracket selection
Translucent For pleasing aesthetics
Generous Tie Wing Area For easy bracket ligation
Contoured Tie Wing For added patient comfort
Dove Tail Grooves With "Micro Rock" coating provides superior mechanical lock

Description/Package Item No. Price Qty Order
Avalon Bracket MBT 5x5 Wo/ Hook .018
Mfg. Part #: AVM18-1000
O29-1050 $145.95
Avalon Bracket MBT 5x5 w/ Hook Cusp .018
Mfg. Part #: AVM18-1300
O29-1052 $145.95
Avalon Bracket MBT 5x5 w/ Hook3,4,&5 .018
Mfg. Part #: AVM18-1345
O29-1054 $145.95
Avalon Bracket MBT Central U/R .018
Mfg. Part #: A18-701
O29-1056 $36.50
Avalon Bracket MBT Central U/L .018
Mfg. Part #: A18-702
O29-1057 $36.50
Avalon Bracket MBT Lateral U/R .018
Mfg. Part #: A18-711
O29-1058 $36.50
Avalon Bracket MBT Lateral U/L .018
Mfg. Part #: A18-712
O29-1059 $36.50
Avalon Bracket MBT Cuspid U/R.018 (5)
Mfg. Part #: A18-723
O29-1060 $36.50
Avalon Bracket MBT Cuspid U/L.018 (5)
Mfg. Part #: A18-724
O29-1061 $36.50
Avalon Bracket MBT Cusp w/ Hook U/R .018
Mfg. Part #: A18-721
O29-1062 $36.50
Avalon Bracket MBT Cusp w/ Hook U/L .018
Mfg. Part #: A18-722
O29-1063 $36.50
Avalon Bracket MBT Bicuspid Univ .018
Mfg. Part #: A18-730
O29-1064 $36.50
Avalon Bracket MBT Bic w/ Hook Univ .018
Mfg. Part #: A18-731
O29-1065 $36.50
Avalon Bracket MBT Ant Low Univ .018
Mfg. Part #: A18-741
O29-1076 $36.50
Avalon Bracket MBT Cuspid L/R .018
Mfg. Part #: A18-753
O29-1077 $36.50
Avalon Bracket MBT Cuspid L/L .018
Mfg. Part #: A18-754
O29-1078 $36.50
Avalon Bracket MBT Cusp w/ Hook L/R .018
Mfg. Part #: A18-751
O29-1079 $36.50
Avalon Bracket MBT Cusp w/ Hook L/L .018
Mfg. Part #: A18-752
O29-1080 $36.50
Avalon Bracket MBT Bicuspid L/R .018
Mfg. Part #: A18-763
O29-1081 $36.50
Avalon Bracket MBT Bicuspid L/L .018
Mfg. Part #: A18-764
O29-1082 $36.50
Avalon Bracket MBT Bic w/ Hook L/R .018
Mfg. Part #: A18-761
O29-1083 $36.50
Avalon Bracket MBT Bic w/ Hook L/L.018(10)
Mfg. Part #: A18-762
O29-1084 $73.20
Avalon Bracket MBT 2nd Bic L/R .018
Mfg. Part #: A18-773
O29-1085 $36.50
Avalon Bracket MBT 2nd Bic L/L .018
Mfg. Part #: A18-774
O29-1086 $36.50
Avalon Bracket MBT 2nd Bic w/ Hook L/R.018
Mfg. Part #: A18-771
O29-1087 $36.50
Avalon Bracket MBT 2nd Bic w/ Hook L/L.018
Mfg. Part #: A18-772
O29-1088 $36.50

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