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Products: Bone Grafting Material >> Allograft Material >> Raptos
Disclaimer: Bone Grafting Materials and Membranes are considered Biologicals and are NON-RETURNABLE for Credit or Exchange due to FDA Regulations and Restrictions. Please make sure that you keep Biological Protocols in your office when storing these materials.
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Raptos Cancellous

Raptos irradiated Human bone particulates, a natural scaffold for bone regeneration. RAPTOS allograft mineralized bone grafts offer an osteoconductive platform for bone regeneration and Raptos demineralized particles offer an osteoinductive boost. Used either alone or as part of a composite bone graft, allograft bone particulates supply a natural framework facilitating the attachment of osteogenic precursor cells.

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Description/Package Item No. Price Qty Order
Raptos Cancellous Bone Powder Vials 250-1000 um 0.5cc
Mfg. Part #: CAN02-05
C68-1020 $75.00
Raptos Cancellous Bone Powder Vials 500-1000 um 0.5cc
Mfg. Part #: CAN05-05
C68-1030 $90.00
Raptos Cancellous Bone Powder Vials 250-1000 um 1.0cc
Mfg. Part #: CAN02-10
C68-1022 $90.00
Raptos Cancellous Bone Powder Vials 500-1000 um 1.0cc
Mfg. Part #: CAN05-10
C68-1032 $105.00
Raptos Cancellous Bone Powder Vials 250-1000 um 2.0cc
Mfg. Part #: CAN02-20
C68-1024 $190.00
Raptos Cancellous Bone Powder Vials 500-1000 um 2.0cc
Mfg. Part #: CAN05-20
C68-1034 $190.00
Raptos Cancellous Syringe 200-850 um 0.25cc
Mfg. Part #: CAN02S-02
C68-1176 $39.50
Raptos Cancellous Syringe 200-850 um 0.5cc
Mfg. Part #: CAN02S-05
C68-1178 $62.00
Raptos Cancellous Syringe 200-850 um 1.0cc
Mfg. Part #: CAN02S-10
C68-1180 $89.00
Raptos Cancellous Syringe 850-1500um 1.0cc
Mfg. Part #: CAN08S-10
C68-1210 $95.00

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