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Dr Samuel Lee's Surgical Kit

Dr. Samuel Lee's Gold Line Kit is part of our Signature Series; exclusive at DoWell Dental Products, Inc. This kit contains a collection of Dr. Lee’s most recommended instruments and is sufficient for his very own innovative techniques and practical surgery.

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Description/Package Item No. Price Qty Order
Dr. Samuel Lee's Surgical Kit
Mfg. Part #: SAMUELSURGKIT    Click for Image 
W52-0237 $1,280.00
Periosteal Elevator Molt #2/4 Gold
Mfg. Part #: S1500G    Click for Image 
W52-0238 $60.00
Castroviejo Needle Holder Cvd Gold
Mfg. Part #: S1501CG    Click for Image 
W52-0240 $150.00
Castroviejo Caliper 15cm Cvd. Gold
Mfg. Part #: S1067G    Click for Image 
W52-0242 $120.00
Tissue Plier Gold
Mfg. Part #: S1502G    Click for Image 
W52-0244 $40.00
Modified Chisel Gold
Mfg. Part #: S1503G    Click for Image 
W52-0246 $60.00
Bone Syringe Gold
Mfg. Part #: S1060G    Click for Image 
W52-0248 $50.40
Scalpel Handle Offset Double Gold
Mfg. Part #: S1504G    Click for Image 
W52-0250 $60.00
Sinus Lift (LA) Gold
Mfg. Part #: S1505G    Click for Image 
W52-0252 $60.00
Sinus Lift (CA) Gold
Mfg. Part #: S1506G    Click for Image 
W52-0254 $60.00
Dean Suture Scissors Gold
Mfg. Part #: S1507G    Click for Image 
W52-0256 $90.00
Crile Hemostat Gold
Mfg. Part #: S1146CG    Click for Image 
W52-0258 $60.00
Modified Perio Elevator Flat Gold
Mfg. Part #: S1508G    Click for Image 
W52-0260 $60.00
Modified Periosteal Elevator Gold
Mfg. Part #: S1509G    Click for Image 
W52-0262 $60.00
Chisel #13K/LR Gold
Mfg. Part #: S1510G    Click for Image 
W52-0264 $60.00
Implant Depth Gauge Gold
Mfg. Part #: S1319G    Click for Image 
W52-0266 $60.00
Bone Condenser Gold 3.3mm/4.0mm
Mfg. Part #: S1512G    Click for Image 
W52-0268 $60.00
Mirror Handle Gold
Mfg. Part #: S1281G    Click for Image 
W52-0270 $40.00
Lucas Surgical Curette #86 Gold
Mfg. Part #: S1112SG    Click for Image 
W52-0272 $60.00
Luxator 3mm Gold
Mfg. Part #: S1514G    Click for Image 
W52-0274 $60.00
Luxator 5mm Gold
Mfg. Part #: S1515G    Click for Image 
W52-0276 $60.00
DoWell Instrument Cassette 15pc (Empty)
Mfg. Part #: S1264N    Click for Image 
W52-0102 $180.00

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