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Fluor Protector S

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Fluor Protector S is a fluoride protective varnish for treatment of dentinal hypersensitivity, exposed cervicals and sensitivity. The innovative formulation ensures immediate availability of fluoride that is safe and suitable for all ages. The unique ammonium fluoride formula allows the varnish to be completely homogeneous and maintain excellent flow and wetting properties, it even gains access to interproximal areas without difficulty. The fluoride content is equivalent to .77%, or 7700ppm at application. The fluoride concentration increases nearly four times higher (approximately 30,000ppm) once the varnish has set. This uptake in fluoride provides for excellent adhesion to the tooth surface and fast absorption into enamel for long term protection. The varnish hardens to a thin clear film on the tooth surface, providing a highly esthetic result for patients. Fluor Protector S is supplied in a high-yielding multi-dose form and individually portioned single dose units.
  • HIGH, FAST & SAFE FLUORIDE RELEASE: Innovative formula delivers high fluoride concentration and 4x greater uptake once setting on the tooth surface; this allows for fast absorption on the tooth surface and is effective and safe for both children & adults.
  • INNOVATIVE HOMOGENEOUS FORMULA: 1.5% Ammonium Fluoride formula allows fluoride to be applied in controlled amounts therefore ensuring fluoride is immediately available and evenly distributed on all teeth; no mixing or measuring before application
  • THIN, SMOOTH & COLORLESS ON TEETH: varnish hardens to a thin, clear layer on the tooth surface providing a high esthetic result and smooth surface on patient's teeth.

  • Description/Package Item No. Price Qty Order
    Fluor Protector S Unidose Pkg of 20
    Mfg. Part #: 639522AL
    V40-3000 $52.40
    Fluor Protector S Tube, 7gm
    Mfg. Part #: 639520AL
    V40-3002 $33.10

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