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Products: Implant Support Kits >> Implant Surgery Kit >> Connect Implant Surgical Kit

Connect Implant Surgical Kit

(TBR DentalGroup)
All the essential elements for your implant surgery practice are gathered in the surgical kit

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Description/Package Item No. Price Qty Order
Connect Implant Surgical Kit
Includes: Wrench, Pointer Drill, Stop Drill #1, Drill #2, Drilling Sequence, Screw Taps, Short & Long Screw Tools for Torque Wrench, Short & Long Screw Tools for Contra-Angle, Short & Long Hexagonal Screwdrivers, Drill Extension, Drilling Guide, Parallelism Gauge
T12-1244 $999.00
Conical Drill #2
Mfg. Part #: A-FXC200
T12-1246 $54.99
Conical Drill #3
Mfg. Part #: A-FCX300
T12-1248 $54.99
Conical Drill #4
Mfg. Part #: A-FCX400
T12-1250 $54.99
Conical Drill #5
Mfg. Part #: A-FCX500
T12-1252 $54.99
SwissClip Screw Tap 3.5mm
Mfg. Part #: A-TAR302
T12-1254 $74.99
SwissClip Screw Tap 4mm
Mfg. Part #: A-TAR402
T12-1256 $74.99
SwissClip Screw Tap 5mm
Mfg. Part #: A-TAR502
T12-1258 $74.99
Ratchet Torque Wrench
Mfg. Part #: A-CD045
T12-1260 $296.00
SwissClip Short Screw Tool For Contra-Angle
Mfg. Part #: A-MCA230
T12-1262 $74.99
SwissClip Long Screw Tool For Contra-Angle
Mfg. Part #: A-MCA325
T12-1264 $74.99
SwissClip Short Screw Tool For Wrench
Mfg. Part #: A-MCC163
T12-1266 $74.99
SwissClip Long Screw Tool For Wrench
Mfg. Part #: A-MCC258
T12-1268 $74.99
Implant Drill Extension Bit
Mfg. Part #: A-PF661
T12-1270 $54.99
Implant Drill Guide
Mfg. Part #: A-PER210
T12-1272 $54.99
Implant Parallelism Gauge
Mfg. Part #: A-JAU355
T12-1274 $38.99
Implant Screwdriver Hexagonal Short
Mfg. Part #: A-CHC216
T12-1276 $54.99
Implant Circular Surgical Knife 3.5mm
Mfg. Part #: A-BC350
T12-1280 $74.99
Implant Circular Surgical Knife 4.5mm
Mfg. Part #: A-BC450
T12-1282 $74.99
Implant Trephine Bur 2.5mm
Mfg. Part #: A-TRE250
T12-1284 $74.99
Implant Trephine Bur 3.7mm
Mfg. Part #: A-TRE370
T12-1286 $74.99
Implant Trephine Bur 4.2mm
Mfg. Part #: A-TRE420
T12-1288 $74.99
Implant Trephine Bur 5.2mm
Mfg. Part #: A-TRE520
T12-1290 $74.99
Hexagonal Tip for Torque Wrench, Short
Mfg. Part #: A-ECD007
T12-1294 $38.99
Hexagonal Tip for Torque Wrench, Long
Mfg. Part #: A-ECD006
T12-1296 $38.99
HexagonalStop Drill #2
Mfg. Part #: A-FCB200
T12-1300 $54.99
HexagonalStop Drill #3
Mfg. Part #: A-FCB300
T12-1302 $54.99
HexagonalStop Drill #4
Mfg. Part #: A-FCB400
T12-1304 $54.99
HexagonalStop Drill #5
Mfg. Part #: A-FCB500
T12-1306 $54.99
Short Tip for Torque Contra Angle
Mfg. Part #: ET_600
T12-1308 $38.99
Stop Drill Internal Irrigation 8mm
Mfg. Part #: A-FBI080
T12-1310 $54.99
Stop Drill Internal Irrigation 10.5mm
Mfg. Part #: A-FBI105
T12-1312 $54.99
Stop Drill Internal Irrigation 11.5mm
Mfg. Part #: A-FBI115
T12-1314 $54.99
Stop Drill Internal Irrigation 13mm
Mfg. Part #: A-FBI130
T12-1316 $54.99

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