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Liberator 02 Procedure Kit

Liberator 02 Procedure Kit

Integra Miltex (Click for full line from this manufacturer)

The first rotary file that will not

The liberatorô rotary nickel-titanium endodontic files are the result of years of research and development as well as feedback from leading clinicians in the field of endodontics. The files incorporate a unique straight flute design and manufacturing process that eliminates the traditional helical flutes found on virtually all rotary endodontic files.
Feel the safety and control - The patented design of the non-cutting Roane tip minimizes ledging and transportation while helping to keep liberator files centered in the canal.
Liberator files are designed with straight flutes that will not self-thread, unlike helically fluted files. As proof, a controlled study measure the incidence of self-threading of the Liberator compared to competitive rotary files as shown here.
Feel the superior cutting efficiency -
The triangular cross section and lack of radial lands provide sharp cutting edges and reduce torque demand on Liberator files. Because the files operate at high RPM (1,500-200) compared to conventional files (300-500), torque is further reduced according to this basic rule of physics.
Efficient debris removal -
A vortex created by the high rotational speed effectively removes debris.
Faster, Easy-Use -
Liberator files rotating at 1,500-2000RPM cut dentin faster than conventional rotary files at 300RPM. This higher speed also provides excellent tactile feel in canals. Plus, torque control is not required for electric motors. And even air-driven handpieces may be used at 1,500 to 2,000 RPM.

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Liberator 02 Procedure Kit
Contains: 3 Pkg.of Liberator RGG#1 118/08 in 13mm, Liberator RGG#2 94/08 in 16mm, Liberator RGG#3 70/08 in 19mm. 8 Pkg.of Liberator Rotary 70/02, 60/02, 55/02, 50/02, 45/02, 35/02, 30/02, 25/02 in 25mm. 1 Pkg.of Rotary Obturator 40/02 in 23mm.
Mfg. Part #: 012-28050
M63-4182 $86.80

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