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Prophycare Prophy Angle
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Prophycare Prophy Angle

Ergonomic design with unique interior web for non-splatter prophy.
Disposable prophy angle in polycarbonate with soft, flexible 100% latex-free cup for low speed prophy attachment handpieces. Individually wrapped single use prophy angle with attached rubber cup - no need for a new sterile handpiece for each treatment No risk for prophy paste particles to enter the handpiece and damage the mechanism. Ergonomic shape with a slim neck design, a round head and an angle to enhance access to posterior teeth and patient comfort while reducing hand fatigue and repetitive wrist motion. The size of the cup is optimized for easy access in hard to reach areas without compromising the paste holding capacity. Suitable for any surface, for treatment on adults and pediatric use. Substitutes pointed polishers.

Description/Package Item No. Price Qty Order
ProphyCare Yellow Prophy Angels Pkg of 144
Mfg. Part #: 690130
D79-0020 $78.99
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