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YDM Products :

YDM Alginate Cutter
YDM Alginate Spatula
Interproximal Articulating Forceps
Articulating Paper Holder
Pin Punch Grip Forceps
Partial Articulator B Type
Spacy Articulator
Yamaura Articulator
YDM Aspirating Syringe For 1ml
YDM Endodontic Aspirators Type-2
Band Pusher
Band Removing
Yamaura Band Seater
Bite Guage Tsubone Type
Dental Caliper
Prosthetic Caliper
Bite Tray
YDM Bone Chisels
Multi Collector Type-2
YDM Bone Files
YDM Bone Graft Carrier
Bone Crusher Kit
Bone Mill EX-1
Bone Mill EX-2
Bone Mill Kit
YDM Mini Bone Mill
YDM Bone Spoon
YDM Bone Scrapers
YDM Graft Dish
Bond Removing
Boone Gauge
YDM Bracket Placing Tweezers
Bracket Removing
YDM Broach Holder
Bur Pot
YDM Magnetic Bur Stand
Bur Guards
Bur Stand Block
Bur Stand Private
Bur Cassette With Safety Lid
Bur Stand St
Bur Basket
Protective Net
Bur Pot
YDM Burnisher
YDM Calcium Hydroxide Applicators
Filling Remover
Surplus Cement Remover
YDM Double End Cement Spatula
#36 Cement Spatula
No Image
No image
YDM Cement Spatula #22
YDM Cement Spatula #24
Double Wider Retractor
Composite Syringe
Cord Packing Twister
YDM Cord Packers
YDM One-Touch Pellet Dispenser
YDM Cotton Box
Parallel Meter
Konus Crown Pliers
Loop Crown Remover
Loop Wire Removing Kit
YDM Crown Slitter
Inlay/Crown Remover Set
Crown Gripper T/C
Temporary Crown Removing Plier
Crown Removing Pliers Professional
Crown Removing Pliers U.A.
YDM Crown Removing Drivers
Inlay Crown Seater
Yamaura Crown Splitting Pliers
YDM Gracey Cherry Blossom Handle Curettes
YDM Gracey Color Fit Handle Curettes
YDM Gracey Octagonal Handle Curettes
YDM Gracey Silicon Handle Curettes
YDM Octagonal Handle Gracey Curettes
YDM Round Handle Gracey Curettes
YDM Silicon Handle Gracey Curettes
YDM Gracey Cherry Blossom Handle Curettes (mini)
YDM Gracey Color Fit Handle Curettes (mini)
YDM Gracey Octagonal Handle Curettes (mini)
YDM Gracey Silicon Handle Curettes (mini)
YDM Octagonal Handle Gracey Curettes (mini)
YDM Round Handle Gracey Curettes (mini)
YDM Silicon Handle Gracey Curettes (mini)
K.K. Type Periodontal Curettes
YDM Curette
YDM Windowed Curette
YDM Diamond Dresser
No Image
No image
YDM Disposable Dental Instruments
YDM Mta Tweezers Hk
Distal End Cutter Ever Fine
Distal End Cutter
YDM Elastic Separating Forceps
YDM Periosteal Elevators
Root Tip Elevators
Root Tip Pick
YDM Elevators
YDM Stieglitz Root Forceps
Endo Guard
Clean Pot
YDM Endo Explorers
No Image
No image
File Holder Type 2
YDM Endodontic Gauge
YDM Medicine Applicator
Reamer Carry Stand
Reamer Safety Stand
YDM Endo Tweezers
YDM Root Canal Plugger
YDM Root Canal Plugger
YDM Finger Ruler
YDM Spreaders
YDM Spreaders Tips
No Image
No image
YDM Ultra Spreaders
Cleaning Wire
YDM Cleaninig Brushes
Rubber Sleeves
Excavator Round Tip
YDM Excavator
YDM Explorers D/E
YDM Explorer S/E
Tracing Plate
Fiber Cutter
YDM Flask
YDM Dressing Tweezers
Claw Forceps
Claw Pediatric Forceps
Pedodontic Extracting Forceps
YDM Adson Plain Serrated Forceps
YDM Forceps Adson
YDM Forceps Graefe
YDM Forceps Lucae
YDM Forceps Mclndoe
YDM Forceps W/curette
YDM Forceps W/hook
YDM Forceps Without Hook
YDM Hegar Tissue Forceps
YDM Non-Traumatic Forceps
YDM Slim Tissue Forceps
YDM Forceps (lower Anteriors)
YDM Forceps (lower Molars)
Root Forceps
Root Extracting Forceps
YDM Forceps (upper Anteriors)
Laboratory Caliper
Tension Gauge
YDM Gracey Cherry Blossom Handle Rigid Curettes
YDM Gracey Color Fit Handle Rigid Curettes
YDM Gracey Octagonal Handle Rigid Curettes
YDM Gracey Silicon Handle Rigid Curettes
YDM Octagonal Handle Gracey Curettes (rigid)
YDM Round Handle Gracey Curettes (rigid)
YDM Silicon Handle Gracey Curettes (rigid)
Heat Cutter
Guta Percha Case
YDM Mosquito Hemostats
YDM Rochester-Pean Hemostats
Universal Evacuation Tips
YDM Freer Chisels
Titanium Curettes
YDM Implant Trays
Implant Titanium Probe
Implant Removing Instrument
YDM Ratchet Wrench
Agar Syringe (5/16) Type
Agar Syringe (ct) Type
Impression Syringe For Silicone
Tray Tower Humidity Box
Tray Tower Type 2
Tray Tower Type 3
Tray Tower Type 3
YDM Edentulous Trays
Net Edentulous Trays
Net Impression Trays
YDM Bi-Lateral Tray
YDM Fusayama Tray
YDM Rotating Tray
Sterilization Casette
Sterilization Cassette
YDM Sterilizaton Case
Color Rings
Silicone Grips
YDM Instruments Stand
Instrument Protective Cap
YDM Color Tapes
YDM Stainless Steel Trays
Cement Filling Instrument
YDM Plugger
Unique Gram Probes
YDM Probes(single End)
YDM Probe Tip
YDM Probes
YDM Contact Matrix
Contact Gauges
Contact Gauges
Strip Holders
YDM Irrigating Syring
Jaw Opening Trainer
YDM Ligature Director
YDM Ligature Director Single End
YDM Coon Tying Pliers
Manaura Needle holder
Mathieu Tying Pliers
YDM Mathieu Needle Holder
Module Mosquito Pliers
Pin & Ligature Cutter
One-Touch Phial Stand
YDM One Push Liquid Bottle Set
Automatic Mallet Type-2
YDM Mallet
Strip Holders
YDM Matrix Tofflemire Retainer
YDM Micro Explorer
YDM Adson Micro Tissue Pliers
YDM Micro Tissue Pliers
YDM Simple Stem Mirror Handles
Mirror Handle w/ Millimeter Scale
YDM Micro Mirror
YDM Micro Mirror Handle
Simple Stem Mirrors
Staainless Dish
YDM Heister Mouth Gags
Almighty Mouth Gags
YDM Roser-Koenig Mouth Gags
YDM Mouth Gags W/tongue Guard
YDM Castroviejo Needle Holders
YDM Castroviejo Needle Holders w/ Carbide Jaws
YDM Mathieu Needle Holders
YDM Mathieu Needle Holders w/ Carbide Jaws
YDM Needle Holder
YDM Needle Holder
YDM Needle Holders
Measuring Device
Sinus Lift Osteotome
Periodontal Kirkland Knife Double End
Periodontal Knife
YDM Periotome Set Type 2
YDM Contraster
YDM Photographic Mirrors
YDM Plaster Knife
YDM Plaster Nippers
YDM Plaster Spatulas Type-2
YDM Composite Filling Instruments DLC/CP
YDM Composite Instruments TMDU 2
YDM Composite Instruments TMDU 3
YDM Plastic Filling Instrument
YDM Proximal Filling Instrument
Concaved Pliers
Goslee Pliers #136
Stretching Pliers #130
Band Contouring
Band Margin
Clasp Bending
Module Pliers
Bar Bender
Bar Twisting Pliers Ki
Bird Beak
How Ever
How L
How S
Light Wire
Nance Closing Loop
Tree Jaw
Tweed Arch
Tweed Loop
Band Removing TC
How L TC
Kim T/C Insert
Light Wire T/C Insert
Utility TC
YDM Weingart TC
YDM Clasp Adjusting -Standard Size # 200
Post Core Remover
Screw Post Removing Pliers
YDM Cheek Retractor
Fullwider Cheek Retractor
Pigeon Cheek Retractor
YDM Cheek Retractor
Hirakawa Ronguers
YDM Delicate Ronguers
YDM Clamp Board
YDM Brewer Forceps
YDM Clamp Forceps
YDM Rubber Dam Clamps
Young Contoured Rubber Dam Frames
Young Dam Frames
YDM Rubber Dam Kit Type-2
YDM Rubber Dam Punch Type
Est Scaler Pair
Micro Curette
Scaler Tip Handle
YDM Scaler Double End
YDM Scaler Single End
YDM Slim Scalers
Gracey Color Fit Handles
YDM Cone Socket Tips
YDM Gracey Curettes Tips
No Image
No image
YDM Crown Scissors
YDM Festooning Scissors
YDM Micro Gum Scissors
YDM Foil Scissors
Suture Spencer Scissors
YDM Suture Scissors
YDM General Scissors
YDM Universal Scissors
YDM Ivory Separator
Re Born Instrument Sharpener
Sharpening Tool
YDM Instruments Oil
No Image
No image
YDM Sharpennig Stone
Scaling Tester
YDM Sinus Lift Instruments
YDM Aspirator
YDM Scalpel Handle
YDM Scalpel Handle #3
YDM Scalpel Blade Removing Forceps
YDM Retractor
YDM Suture Pliers
Temporary Filling Carrier
YDM Tongue Depressor
Locking Tweezers
YDM Hot Plate
YDM Wax Instruments
Evans Wax Carvers
LeCron Wax Carver
Technician Wax Carver
Yamaura Wax Carvers
Amalgam Carver
YDM P.K. Thomas Carver
Capon Wax Carver
Resin Carvers
Yamaura Hollenback Wax Carver
YDM Wax Spatulas
X-Ray Gauge
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