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Falcon Instruments Products:

  • Adams Pliers w/ Carbide Tip
  • Alginate Spatulas, Metal Blade
  • Amalgam Carrier Guns (Metal)
  • Articulating Paper Forceps, Full Arch
  • Band Pusher/Scaler
  • Band Removing Pliers, Posterior (Style 347)
  • Bone Collector Aspirator w/ Filter
  • Bone Graft Pluggers/Packers
  • Bow Compass Caliper
  • Bur Blocks, Aluminum
  • Bur Tweezers
  • Burnishers w/ Silicone Handle
  • Cheek Retractors, Mirror Style
  • Crown Spreaders
  • Curettes, Surgical
  • Distal End Cutters w/ Safety Hold
  • Elevators, Root
  • Elevators, Root w/ Anatomical Handle
  • Enamel Strip Holders
  • Endodontic Perforation Repair
  • Endodontic Rulers, Finger
  • Explorers With Stainless Steel Handle (Double-End)
  • Forceps, Tissue (Non-Traumatic)
  • Gold Foil Instruments
  • Gracey Curettes by Other Companies
  • Gracey Curettes by Pearson
  • Hand Sanitizers, Travel Sizes
  • Heavy Duty Hard Wire Cutters
  • Impression Trays, Edentulous (Perforated Metal)
  • Johnson Pliers
  • Ligature Tie Forceps (Smaha)
  • Ligature Wire Cutter w/ Cutting End
  • Ligature Wire Cutters
  • Ligature Wire Cutters (Mini Head)
  • Ligature Wire Twister (Twirl)
  • Lingual Universal Pliers
  • Luxating Elevators
  • Mallets, Surgical
  • Micro Surgery Pluggers/Burnishers
  • Mirrors, Micro Mirrors
  • Needle Holders, Derf w/ Carbide Jaws
  • Osteotomes
  • Periotomes
  • Plastic Filling Instruments (Non Stick)
  • Pliers, Bird Beak w/ Carbide Tips
  • Pliers, Birdbeak w/ Cutter
  • Pliers, Face Bow
  • Pliers, How
  • Pliers, Nance
  • Pliers, Orthodontic (Clasp Forming)
  • Pluggers/Condensers
  • Retrograde Guns, Endodontic
  • Rubber Dam Clamp Boards
  • Rubber Dam Frames, Metal
  • Scalers, By Falcon
  • Sinus Lift Instruments
  • Super Heavy Duty Hard Wire Cutters
  • Super Pluggers
  • Surgical Blade Handles w/ Ruler
  • Surgical Blade, Micro/Mini Handle
  • Tweezers, College (Full Titanium)
  • Tweezers, College (Serrated Tip)
  • Wax Carvers, Lab/Denture Work
  • Wax Carvers, PK Thomas
  • Wax Knives
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