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Mani Products:

  • Alloy Polishers, HP
  • Burs, Crown Cutting, One Piece Construction FG
  • Burs, FG Carbide, One-Piece Construction
  • Composite Finishing Kits
  • Diamond Burs, (FG, Pedodontic)
  • Diamond Burs, (FG, Short Shank)
  • Diamond Burs, FG by Mani
  • Endodontic Barbed Broaches
  • Endodontic Burs, Steel
  • Endodontic Files, Ultrasonic
  • Endodontic Finger Pluggers (Niti)
  • Endodontic Finger Pluggers (Stainless Steel)
  • Endodontic Finger Spreaders w/Plastic Handle
  • Endodontic Finger Spreaders, NiTi
  • Endodontic Pathfinder Files
  • Endodontic Pathfinder Files, Rotary
  • Endodontic Rotary Niti Files, ISO Sizes
  • Engine Reamers
  • Finishing Burs FG 12-Bladed (7000 Series)
  • Gates Glidden Drills (Endo)
  • Guttapercha Remover
  • Hedstrom Files (NiTi)
  • Hedstrom Files (Stainless Steel)
  • Hedstrom Files, Rotary (RA Shank)
  • K-Files (Flexible)
  • K-Files (Medium Size)
  • K-Files (Niti, Special Taper)
  • K-Files (Safe End)
  • K-Files (Special Taper)
  • K-Files (Stainless Steel)
  • K-Files (Super Cut)
  • K-Files, Rotary (RA Shank)
  • Mounted Stones Green (FG Shank)
  • Mounted Stones Green (HP Shank)
  • Mounted Stones Green (RA Shank)
  • Mounted Stones, White (FG Shank)
  • Mounted Stones, White (RA Shank)
  • Paste Fillers, Endodontic
  • Peeso Reamers (Endo)
  • Posts (Screw Type, Stainless Steel)
  • Reamers, Endodontic
  • Reamers, Endodontic (Medium Sized)
  • Surgical Carbide Burs, FG
  • Sutures, Non-Absorbable (Nylon)
  • Sutures, Non-Absorbable (Polyester)
  • Sutures, Non-Absorbable (Silk)
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