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 Featured Brands - Medesy Products

All Medesy instruments are manufactured only with high quality stainless steel and are accurately checked and verified during each manufacturing phase in order to meet the international requirements laid down by the UNI EN ISO Norms 9001/:2008 and EN ISO 13485:2012 and CE fully attesting their suitability for the use they are fabricated for.
Medesy Abutment Holding Tweezers (Titanium) Medesy Adams Wire Bending Pliers w/ Carbide Tip Medesy Alcohol Lamps
Medesy Alginate Mixing Bowls Medesy Alginate Spatulas, Metal Blade Medesy Amalgam Carrier Guns (Metal)
Medesy Amalgam Carrier Guns (Plastic) Medesy Amalgam Carriers Medesy Amalgam/Gold Knives
Medesy Anesthetic Syringes, Aspirating Medesy Archwire Placement/Chill Medesy Articulating Paper Forceps, Full Arch
Medesy Articulating Paper Forceps, Standard Medesy Aspirating Syringes (Astra Style) Medesy Aspirating Syringes (Cook-Waite Style)
Medesy Aspirating Syringes (Foldable) Medesy Aspirating Syringes (Other) Medesy Aspirating Syringes (Ring Type)
Medesy Band Pusher/Scaler Medesy Band Pushers Medesy Band Removing Pliers, Posterior (Style 347)
Medesy Bite Sticks, Orthodontic Medesy Bite/Facial Gauge Medesy Blade Handles, #3 (Angled)
Medesy Blade Handles, #3 w/ mm Ruler Medesy Blade Handles, #3 w/ Round Handle Medesy Bone Calipers/Osteometers
Medesy Bone Collector Aspirator w/ Filter Medesy Bone Collector Suction Tube Medesy Bone Compactors
Medesy Bone Crushers Medesy Bone Graft Injectors/Retrograde Guns Medesy Bone Graft Pluggers/Packers
Medesy Bone Graft Scoop Medesy Bone Graft Spatulas Medesy Bone Grinder/Crusher
Medesy Bone Scrapers Medesy Bone Splitters Medesy Bone Wells
Medesy Bracket Height Gauges Medesy Bracket Placing Tweezers Medesy Bracket Positioning Gauge
Medesy Bracket Removing Pliers Medesy Buccal Tube Tweezers Medesy Bur Blocks, Aluminum
Medesy Bur Tweezers Medesy Burnishers by Other Companies Medesy Calcium Hydroxide Applicators (Double End)
Medesy Calcium Hydroxide Applicators (Single End) Medesy Caliper, Tooth Measuring Medesy Calipers, Compass
Medesy Carvers, Amalgam Medesy Carvers, Hollenback Medesy Carvers, Interproximal (IPC)
Medesy Carvers, Walls/Ward/Wiland Medesy Cement Spatulas (Double End) Medesy Cement Spatulas (Single End)
Medesy Chisels, Periodontal Medesy Composite Instruments (Resin/Silicone Handles) Medesy Composite Instruments (Stainless) by Medesy
Medesy Cord Packing Instruments Medesy Cotton Pellet Dispensers Medesy Crown & Bridge Scissors
Medesy Crown & Bridge Scissors, Festooning Medesy Crown Gauges, Iwanson (Metal) Medesy Crown Holders, Standing
Medesy Crown Polishing Forceps Medesy Crown Remover w/ Wire Loop Medesy Crown Removers, Morrell
Medesy Crown Removers, Spring Loaded Medesy Crown Removing Pliers, Temporary Medesy Crown Scissor, Angular w/ Wire Cutting
Medesy Crown Slitter Forceps Medesy Crown Spreader Elevators Medesy Crown Spreader Forceps
Medesy Crown Spreaders Medesy Cup Dispensers, Stainless Steel Medesy Curettes, Surgical
Medesy Curettes, Surgical (Lucas) Medesy Curettes, Surgical (Miller) Medesy Curettes, Universal by Other MFG (Resin/Silicone)
Medesy Curettes, Universal by Other MFG (Stainless) Medesy Discoid Cleoid Carvers Medesy Distal End Cutters
Medesy Distal End Cutters, Flush/Hold Medesy Elastic Placer/Remover Medesy Elastic Separating Pliers, Orthodontic
Medesy Elevators w/ Interchangeable Tips (Syndesmotomes) Medesy Elevators with Crossbar Handle Medesy Elevators, Periosteals (Goldman Fox)
Medesy Elevators, Periosteals (Molt #2-4) Medesy Elevators, Periosteals (Molt #9) Medesy Elevators, Periosteals (Other)
Medesy Elevators, Root (Comfort Handle) Medesy Elevators, Root (Kopp Style) Medesy Elevators, Root by Other
Medesy Elevators, Root Pick Medesy Elevators, Root w/ Anatomical Handle Medesy Enamel Chisels
Medesy Endodontic Box w/ Compartments Medesy Endodontic Broken File Retrieval, Micro Alligator Medesy Endodontic Broken File Retrieval, Other
Medesy Endodontic Broken File Retrieval, Steiglitz Medesy Endodontic Broken File Retrieval, Superfine Medesy Endodontic Clean Stands w/ Foam
Medesy Endodontic Excavators Medesy Endodontic Explorers Medesy Endodontic File Holder w/ Gauges
Medesy Endodontic File Organizers, Round Medesy Endodontic File Organizers, Square/Rectangular Medesy Endodontic Locking Pliers w/ Grooved Tip
Medesy Endodontic Measuring Blocks Medesy Endodontic Measuring Blocks w/ Ruler Medesy Endodontic Pluggers (Double End)
Medesy Endodontic Pluggers (Luks) Medesy Endodontic Pluggers (Single End) Medesy Endodontic Probe
Medesy Endodontic Retrofilling Plugger Medesy Endodontic Spreaders Medesy Excavators
Medesy Explorers (Double-End) By Other Companies Medesy Explorers (Single-End) Medesy Explorers, Plastic/Silicone (Single End)
Medesy Files, Bone Medesy Forceps, Complete Sets Medesy Forceps, English Pattern
Medesy Forceps, English Pattern (Assortment Kits) Medesy Forceps, English Pattern (Specialty) Medesy Forceps, Non-Trauma
Medesy Forceps, Pedodontic (American) Medesy Forceps, Pedodontic (English) Medesy Forceps, Pedodontic w/ Spring
Medesy Forceps, Suture Medesy Forceps, Tissue (Adson) Medesy Forceps, Tissue (Allis)
Medesy Forceps, Tissue (Gerald) Medesy Forceps, Tissue (Non-Traumatic) Medesy Forceps, Tissue (Other)
Medesy Forceps, Tissue (Semkin) Medesy Forceps, Tooth Extracting, Lower Anterior Medesy Forceps, Tooth Extracting, Lower Molar
Medesy Forceps, Tooth Extracting, Root Medesy Forceps, Tooth Extracting, Upper Anterior Medesy Forceps, Tooth Extracting, Upper Molar
Medesy Forceps, Tooth-Extracting with Deep Grip Medesy Gauges, Boley Medesy Goldman Fox Periodontal Surgery Knives
Medesy Gracey Curettes by Hu Friedy Medesy Gracey Curettes by Medesy Medesy Gracey Curettes w/ Aluminum Handle
Medesy Halsey w/ Carbide Jaws, Needle Holders Medesy Hatchets, Instruments Medesy Hemostat Forceps, Bulldog
Medesy Hemostat Forceps, Hartman Medesy Hemostat Forceps, Heiss Medesy Hemostat Forceps, Kelly
Medesy Hemostat Forceps, Kelly Rankin/Crile Medesy Hemostat Forceps, Mosquito Medesy Hemostat Forceps, Rochester-Kocher
Medesy Hemostat Forceps, Rochester-Pean Medesy Implant Burs Cassettes Medesy Implant Burs, Trephine
Medesy Implant Chisel Medesy Implant Cleaning Instruments Medesy Implant Depth Gauge
Medesy Implant Forceps Medesy Implant Forceps (Titanium) Medesy Implant Organizer Tray
Medesy Implant Retractors Medesy Impression Paste Spatulas Medesy Impression Syringes, Reusable
Medesy Impression Trays, Aluminum (Perforated) Medesy Impression Trays, Disposable (Plastic/Perforated) Medesy Impression Trays, Edentulous (Anatomical Design)
Medesy Impression Trays, Edentulous (Perforated Metal) Medesy Impression Trays, Edentulous (Stainless Steel) Medesy Impression Trays, Pedodontic
Medesy Impression Trays, Perforated (Stainless Steel) Medesy Impression Trays, Perforated Partial Medesy Impression Trays, Solid (Stainless Steel)
Medesy Impression Trays, Solid Partial Medesy Instrument Cassettes, Metal by Other Medesy Instrument Cassettes, Silicone
Medesy Instrument Lubrication Medesy Instrument Trays, Aluminium Medesy Instrument Trays, Aluminum (Mini)
Medesy Instrument Trays, Aluminum (Perforated) Medesy Instrument Trays, Stainless Steel Medesy Instruments, Dressing Forceps
Medesy Instruments, Probe/Explorer Medesy Instruments, Probes (Color Coded) by Other Mfg Medesy Instruments, Probes (Non-Color Coded, Double End)
Medesy Instruments, Probes (Non-Color Coded, Single End) Medesy Intraligamentary Syringes Medesy Johnson Pliers
Medesy Kidney Bowls Medesy Laryngoscopes Medesy Ligature Director
Medesy Ligature Tie Forceps (Mosquito/Halsted) Medesy Ligature Tie Forceps (Smaha) Medesy Ligature Wire Cutters w/ Carbide Tips
Medesy Ligature Wire Twister (Twirl) Medesy Lip/Cheek Retractors, Metal (Double-Sided) Medesy Luxating Elevators
Medesy Mallets, Laboratory Medesy Mallets, Surgical Medesy Margin Trimmers
Medesy Matheiu Needle Holders (Surgical) Medesy Mathieu Needle Holders Medesy Matrix Band Retainer, Roll
Medesy Matrix Band, Roll Medesy Matrix Bands, European Style Medesy Matrix Bands, Tofflemire
Medesy Matrix, Ivory Medesy Maxillofacial Instruments Medesy Mayo-Hegar w/ Carbide Jaws, Needle Holders
Medesy Membrane Tweezers Medesy Meriam Cotton Tweezers Medesy Micro Surgery Kit
Medesy Micro Surgery Tissue Forceps Medesy Micro Tweezer Titanium Medesy Micro/Mini Mirrors
Medesy Mirror Handles (Cone Socket) Medesy Mirror Handles (Simple Stem) Medesy Mirror Handles w/ mm Ruler (Simple Stem)
Medesy Mirror Handles, Ergonomic (Cone Socket) Medesy Mirror Heads, Cone Socket Medesy Mirror Heads, Ultra Bright
Medesy Mirrors w/ Retractors Medesy Mirrors, Double Sided (Simple Stem) Medesy Mirrors, Magnifying
Medesy Mirrors, Oval Shape Medesy Mixing Cups, Stainless Steel Medesy Mixing Slabs, Glass
Medesy Mouth Gags, Molt Medesy Mouth Gags, Other Medesy Mouth Gags/Retractor, Heister
Medesy Mouth Props, Reusable Medesy MTA Carrier/Plugger Medesy Nail Care Instruments
Medesy Napkin Holders, Non-Chill Medesy Needle Holders + Scissors, Olsen-Hegar Medesy Needle Holders, Baumgartner w/ Carbide Jaws
Medesy Needle Holders, Boynton Medesy Needle Holders, Boynton w/ Carbide Jaws Medesy Needle Holders, Castroviejo
Medesy Needle Holders, Castroviejo w/ Carbide Jaws Medesy Needle Holders, Castroviejo w/ Diamond Jaws Medesy Needle Holders, Crile-Ryde
Medesy Needle Holders, Crile-Ryde w/ Carbide Jaws Medesy Needle Holders, Crile-Wood Medesy Needle Holders, Crile-Wood w/ Carbide Jaws
Medesy Needle Holders, Delicate Medesy Needle Holders, Delicate w/ Carbide Jaws Medesy Needle Holders, Derf
Medesy Needle Holders, Derf w/ Carbide Jaws Medesy Needle Holders, Gillies w/ Carbide Jaw Medesy Needle Holders, Halsey
Medesy Needle Holders, Halsey w/ Carbide Jaws Medesy Needle Holders, Mathieu w/ Carbide Jaws Medesy Needle Holders, Mayo-Hegar
Medesy Needle Holders, Mayo-Hegar w/ Carbide Jaws Medesy Needle Holders, Micro Castroviejo Medesy Needle Holders, Micro Castroviejo w/ Carbide Jaws
Medesy Needle Holders, Olsen-Hegar w/ Carbide Jaws Medesy Needle Recapper Boxes Medesy Olsen-Hegar Needle Holders w/ Carbide Jaws
Medesy Orthodontic Distal Benders Medesy Osteotomes Medesy Osteotomes w/ Curved Handle
Medesy Pedo Tooth Extractor Tweezers Medesy Periodontal Scissors, Goldman-Fox Medesy Periodontal Scissors, Goldman-Fox w/ Carbide Blade
Medesy Periodontal Surgery Instrument Kits Medesy Periodontal Surgery Files Medesy Periodontal Surgery Knives
Medesy Periodontal Surgery Marking Tweezers Medesy Periosteal Elevator w/ Titanium Blade Medesy Periosteal Elevators, Freer
Medesy Periosteal Elevators, Seldin Medesy Periotomes w/ Interchangeable Tips Medesy Photography Contrastors
Medesy Photography Retractors Medesy Plaster Knives Medesy Plaster Nippers
Medesy Plaster Spatulas Medesy Plastic Filling Instrument w/ Silicone Handle Medesy Plastic Filling Instruments
Medesy Plastic Filling Instruments (Non Stick) Medesy Plier Carrying Case Medesy Plier Rack
Medesy Pliers, Bird Beak Style 139 w/ Carbide Tips Medesy Pliers, How #112 Curved Medesy Pliers, How w/ Carbide Tips
Medesy Pliers, Jarabak Medesy Pliers, Loop Forming Medesy Pliers, Omega Loop Forming
Medesy Pliers, Orthodontic (Cinch Back) Medesy Pliers, Orthodontic (Kits) Medesy Pliers, Palatal Arch
Medesy Pliers, Reynolds Medesy Pliers, Tweed Loop Medesy Pliers, Tweed w/ Carbide Tips
Medesy Pliers, Universal Wire Forming w/ Cutter Medesy Pliers, Weingart #861 Medesy Pliers, Wire Bending
Medesy Porcelain Sculpturing Instruments Medesy Retainer Boxes, Delux Medesy Retainer Boxes/Bath
Medesy Retractors, Cheek (Minnesota) Medesy Ronguers, Bone (Beyer) Medesy Ronguers, Bone (Blumenthal)
Medesy Ronguers, Bone (Delicate) Medesy Ronguers, Bone (Friedman) Medesy Ronguers, Bone (Kerrison)
Medesy Ronguers, Bone (Leur) Medesy Ronguers, Bone (Side Cutting) Medesy Root Elevator for Wisdom 3rd Molar Teeth
Medesy Root Extractor Medesy Rubber Dam Clamp Boards Medesy Rubber Dam Clamp Forceps, Brewer
Medesy Rubber Dam Clamp Forceps, Ivory Medesy Rubber Dam Clamp Forceps, Stockes Medesy Rubber Dam Clamp Kits w/ Forceps
Medesy Rubber Dam Clamps Medesy Rubber Dam Frames, Metal Medesy Rubber Dam Punches, Ainsworth
Medesy Rubber Dam Punches, Ivory Medesy Rubber Dam, Latex Medesy Ruler
Medesy Scalers, By Medesy Medesy Scissors, Bandage Medesy Scissors, Castroviejo
Medesy Scissors, Dressing/Operating w/ Carbide Blade Medesy Scissors, Iris Medesy Scissors, Kelly
Medesy Scissors, La Grange Medesy Scissors, Locklin Medesy Scissors, Metzenbaum
Medesy Scissors, Micro Surgery Medesy Scissors, Retta Medesy Scissors, Square Ring Finger Hole
Medesy Scissors, Supercut w/ Carbide Blades (Dean) Medesy Scissors, Supercut w/ Carbide Blades (Iris) Medesy Scissors, Supercut w/ Carbide Blades (Kelly)
Medesy Scissors, Supercut w/ Carbide Blades (La Grange) Medesy Scissors, Supercut w/ Carbide Blades (Metzenbaum) Medesy Scissors, Supercut w/ Carbide Blades (Zed)
Medesy Scissors, Supercut, High Tech Medesy Scissors, Surgical Medesy Scissors, Surgical (Joseph)
Medesy Scissors, Surgical (Left Hand) Medesy Scissors, Surgical (Sharp Point) Medesy Scissors, Suture (Other)
Medesy Scissors, Suture (Spenser) Medesy Scissors, Zed Line Medesy Sharpening Stone Oil
Medesy Sharpening Stones Medesy Sinus Lift Instruments Medesy Super Heavy Duty Hard Wire Cutters
Medesy Surgery Instrument Kits Medesy Surgical Aspirator Tips (Autoclavable) Medesy Surgical Aspirator Tips (Frazier)
Medesy Surgical Blade Handle #3 Elongated Medesy Surgical Blade Handles, #3 Medesy Surgical Blade Remover Forceps
Medesy Surgical Blade, Micro/Mini Handle Medesy Surgical Blades, Miniature Medesy Surgical Blades, Stainless Steel
Medesy Surgical Lip/Cheek Retractors Medesy Surgical Scissors, Mayo Medesy Surgical Tissue Retractor
Medesy Surgical Tissue Retractor w/ Lip Retractor Medesy Temporary Crown Removing Forceps Medesy Tissue Nippers
Medesy Tissue Punches, Curved (Reusable) Medesy Tissue Punches, Reusable Medesy Tissue Punches, Rotary (RA Shank)
Medesy Tongue Depressors, Autoclavable Medesy Tongue Forceps Medesy Towel Clamps
Medesy Tweezers (Perio Tissue) Medesy Tweezers (Perry #312) Medesy Tweezers w/ Fine Tip
Medesy Tweezers, College (Diamond Coated) Medesy Tweezers, College (Full Titanium) Medesy Tweezers, College (Perforated Handle)
Medesy Tweezers, College (Serrated Tip) Medesy Tweezers, College (Smooth Handle) Medesy Waste Containers for Pellets/Cotton
Medesy Wax Carvers w/ Heat Resistant Handle Medesy Wax Carvers, Lab/Denture Work Medesy Wax Carvers, LeCron/Hylin
Medesy Wax Carvers, PK Thomas Medesy Wax Knives Medesy Waxing/Ceramic Comprehensive Kits
Medesy Wynman Crown Remover Forceps w/ Carbide Jaws
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