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 Featured Brands - YDM Products

Headquartered in Japan, YDM has been a leading company of dental hand instruments over 60 years. Their slogan is "Best Partner of Dentists and Doctors".
YDM Adams Wire Bending Pliers YDM Alginate Cutters YDM Alginate Spatulas, Metal Blade
YDM Amalgam/Gold Knives YDM Articulating Paper Forceps, Interproximal Contact YDM Articulating Paper Forceps, Standard
YDM Articulators, Chrome (C&B) YDM Articulators, Fully-Adjustable YDM Articulators, Semi-Adjustable
YDM Band Pushers YDM Band Removing Pliers, Posterior (Style 347) YDM Band Setter, Stainless Steel
YDM Bite Registration Trays, Reusable YDM Bite/Facial Gauge YDM Bone Chisels
YDM Bone Collector Suction Tube YDM Bone Graft Carriers YDM Bone Graft Scoop
YDM Bone Grinder/Crusher YDM Bone Scrapers YDM Bone Wells
YDM Bracket Height Gauges, Boone YDM Bracket Placing Tweezers YDM Bracket Removing Pliers
YDM Bur Bath/Containers with Insert YDM Bur Blocks, Magnetic YDM Bur Blocks, Plastic
YDM Bur Blocks, Plastic (Bulk) YDM Bur Blocks, Plastic (Foldable) YDM Bur Blocks, Stainless Steel
YDM Bur Mesh Holder YDM Bur Pot YDM Burnishers by Other Companies
YDM Calcium Hydroxide Applicators (Double End) YDM Calcium Hydroxide Applicators (Single End) YDM Carvers, Hollenback
YDM Carvers, Interproximal (IPC) YDM Cement Remover YDM Cement Spatulas (Double End)
YDM Cement Spatulas (Single End) YDM Chisels, Periodontal YDM Clear View Retractors
YDM Composite Instruments (Stainless) by YDM YDM Compule Dispenser Guns YDM Cord Packer Twister
YDM Cord Packing Instruments YDM Cotton Pellet Dispensers YDM Crown & Bridge Scissors
YDM Crown & Bridge Scissors, Festooning YDM Crown Calipers YDM Crown Crimping/Contouring Pliers
YDM Crown Remover w/ Wire Loop YDM Crown Removers, Morrell YDM Crown Removing Pliers w/Carbide Jaws
YDM Crown Removing Pliers, Temporary YDM Crown Seater (Reusable) YDM Crown Spreader Elevators
YDM Crown Spreader Forceps YDM Curettes, Surgical (Lucas) YDM Diamond Dressers
YDM Disposable Instrument Kits YDM Dispsoable Tubes and Plugs Filling Tweezers YDM Distal End Cutter w/ Carbide Tips
YDM Distal End Cutters, Flush/Hold YDM Elastic Separating Pliers, Orthodontic YDM Elevators, Periosteals (Other)
YDM Elevators, Root by Other YDM Elevators, Root Pick YDM Endodontic Broach Holder
YDM Endodontic Broken File Retrieval, Steiglitz YDM Endodontic Cassettes w/ Rulers YDM Endodontic Clean Stands w/ Foam
YDM Endodontic Explorers YDM Endodontic File Holder YDM Endodontic Locking Pliers w/ Grooved Tip
YDM Endodontic Micro Aspirators YDM Endodontic Organizers for Hand Files YDM Endodontic Pluggers (Double End)
YDM Endodontic Pluggers (Single End) YDM Endodontic Rulers, Straight YDM Endodontic Spreaders
YDM Evacuation Cleaning Brushes YDM Evacuation HVE Tip Sleeve/Cushion YDM Excavators
YDM Explorers (Double-End) By Other Companies YDM Explorers (Single-End) YDM Facial Plane Relator
YDM Fiber Splint Cutter YDM Files, Bone YDM Flask & Compress
YDM Forceps, Pedodontic (American) YDM Forceps, Pedodontic w/ Claw YDM Forceps, Tissue (Adson)
YDM Forceps, Tissue (Non-Traumatic) YDM Forceps, Tissue (Other) YDM Forceps, Tooth Extracting, Lower Anterior
YDM Forceps, Tooth Extracting, Lower Molar YDM Forceps, Tooth Extracting, Root YDM Forceps, Tooth Extracting, Upper Anterior
YDM Forceps, Tooth Extracting, Upper Molar YDM Gauges, Boley YDM Gauges, Interproximal
YDM Glass Jars YDM Gracey Curettes by Pearson YDM Gracey Curettes by YDM
YDM Guttapercha Cutter/Trimmer YDM Guttapercha Gauges YDM Guttapercha/Paper Point Organizers
YDM Halsey w/ Carbide Jaws, Needle Holders YDM Hemostat Forceps, Mosquito YDM Hemostat Forceps, Rochester-Pean
YDM HVE Tips, Autoclavable (Stainless Steel) YDM Implant Chisel YDM Implant Cleaning Instruments
YDM Implant Impression Trays, Reusable YDM Implant Removal Instrument YDM Implant Wrenches
YDM Impression Material, Hydrocolloid YDM Impression Syringes, Reusable YDM Impression Tray Holding Towers
YDM Impression Tray Humidifier YDM Impression Trays, Edentulous (Stainless Steel) YDM Impression Trays, Net
YDM Impression Trays, Partial (Swivel) YDM Impression Trays, Perforated Partial YDM Instrument Cassettes, Metal by Other
YDM Instrument Cassettes, Plastic YDM Instrument Code Rings YDM Instrument Grips
YDM Instrument Jars YDM Instrument Protective Cap YDM Instrument Sharpening Devices
YDM Instrument Sharpening Instruments YDM Instrument Tape Roll YDM Instrument Trays, Stainless Steel
YDM Instruments, Probes (Color Coded) by Other Mfg YDM Instruments, Probes (Color-Coded Resin) YDM Instruments, Probes (Non-Color Coded, Double End)
YDM Instruments, Probes (Non-Color Coded, Single End) YDM Interproximal Cavity Protection YDM Interproximal Strip Holders
YDM Jaw Motion Rehabilitation YDM Ligature Director YDM Ligature Tie Forceps (Coon)
YDM Ligature Tie Forceps (Mosquito/Halsted) YDM Ligature Tie Forceps (Smaha) YDM Ligature Wire Cutters
YDM Liquid Dispensers YDM Mallets, Device YDM Mallets, Surgical
YDM Matheiu Needle Holders (Surgical) YDM Mathieu Needle Holders YDM Matrix, Mylar
YDM Mayo-Hegar w/ Carbide Jaws, Needle Holders YDM Medicine Applicator Instruments YDM Micro Surgery Explorers
YDM Micro Surgery Tissue Forceps YDM Micro/Mini Mirrors YDM Mirror Handles (Simple Stem)
YDM Mirror Heads, Simple Stem YDM Mixing Wells (Reusable) YDM Model Measuring Device
YDM Mouth Gags, Other YDM Mouth Gags/Retractor, Heister YDM Mouth Props With Tongue Guard
YDM Needle Holders, Castroviejo YDM Needle Holders, Castroviejo w/ Carbide Jaws YDM Needle Holders, Crile-Wood w/ Carbide Jaws
YDM Needle Holders, Halsey YDM Needle Holders, Halsey w/ Carbide Jaws YDM Needle Holders, Mayo-Hegar w/ Carbide Jaws
YDM Needle Holders, Micro Castroviejo YDM Needle Holders, Ryder w/ Carbide Jaws YDM Ortho Tension Gauge
YDM Osteotomes w/ Curved Handle YDM Periodontal Scissors, Goldman-Fox YDM Periodontal Surgery Dissector
YDM Periodontal Surgery Knives YDM Periodontal Surgical Kit YDM Periotomes w/ Interchangeable Tips
YDM Photography Contrastors YDM Photography Mirrors (Stainless Steel) YDM Plaster Knives
YDM Plaster Nippers YDM Plaster Spatulas YDM Plastic Filling Instruments
YDM Pliers, 3-Prong Type 200 (Aderer) YDM Pliers, Bird Beak Style 139 YDM Pliers, Gordons
YDM Pliers, Goslee YDM Pliers, How YDM Pliers, How w/ Carbide Tips
YDM Pliers, Kim w/ Cutter YDM Pliers, Lab & Office YDM Pliers, Light Wire
YDM Pliers, Lingual Bar YDM Pliers, Nance YDM Pliers, Orthodontic (Clasp Forming)
YDM Pliers, Orthodontic (Specialty) YDM Pliers, Orthodontic (Tube Crimping) YDM Pliers, Peeso
YDM Pliers, Reynolds YDM Pliers, Stretching YDM Pliers, Tissue
YDM Pliers, Tweed Arch YDM Pliers, Tweed Loop YDM Pliers, Weingart #861
YDM Pliers, Wire Forming YDM Pliers, Young #300 YDM Pluggers/Condensers
YDM Post Extractor Forceps/Pliers YDM Retractors, Cheek (Minnesota) YDM Retractors, Plastic (Double-Sided)
YDM Retractors, Plastic (Single-Sided) YDM Ronguers, Bone (Hirakawa) YDM Rubber Dam Clamp Boards
YDM Rubber Dam Clamp Forceps, Brewer YDM Rubber Dam Clamp Forceps, Stockes YDM Rubber Dam Clamp Kits w/ Forceps
YDM Rubber Dam Clamps YDM Rubber Dam Frames, Metal YDM Rubber Dam Punches, Ainsworth
YDM Scalers, By Other YDM Scalers, Cone Socket (Tips & Handles) YDM Scissors, Gauze
YDM Scissors, Iris YDM Scissors, Iris (Delicate/Mini) YDM Scissors, Micro Surgery
YDM Scissors, Surgical (Dean) YDM Scissors, Surgical (Joseph) YDM Scissors, Suture (Other)
YDM Scissors, Suture (Spenser) YDM Separators, Tooth, Eliot YDM Sharpening Stone Oil
YDM Sharpening Stones YDM Sharpening Test Sticks YDM Sinus Lift Instruments
YDM Surgical Aspirator Tips (Autoclavable) YDM Surgical Blade Handles, #3 YDM Surgical Blade Removal, Reusable
YDM Surgical Lip/Cheek Retractors YDM Suture Pliers YDM Temporary Crown Remover Forceps
YDM Temporary Filling Carrier YDM Tongue Depressors, Autoclavable YDM Tweezers, College (Perforated Handle)
YDM Tweezers, College (Smooth Handle) YDM Tweezers, Splinter YDM Vulcanite Scrapers
YDM Wax Carver With Interchangeable Tips YDM Wax Carvers, Lab/Denture Work YDM Wax Carvers, LeCron/Hylin
YDM Wax Carvers, Traditional YDM Wax Spatulas #31 YDM Wax Spatulas #7
YDM Wax Spatulas (Other) YDM X-Ray Film Grid
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