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 Featured Brands - Nordent Products

Every Nordent product offers dental professionals the highest quality and the best value. Every product is meticulously crafted under strict quality standards. Nordent has achieved the following quality assurance standards: CE, ISO 9001:2008, FDA #1419489.
Our full line features over 950 products for Diagnostic, Hygiene, Operative, Surgical and Instrument Maintenance procedures. Many of these products are Nordent innovations that changed the industry.
Nordent Amalgam Carriers Nordent Amalgam/Gold Knives Nordent Bone Files
Nordent Burnishers by Other Companies Nordent Carvers, Hollenback Nordent Carvers, Interproximal (IPC)
Nordent Carvers, Other Nordent Carvers, Shooshan Nordent Cement Spatulas (Single End)
Nordent Chisels, Periodontal Nordent Composite Instruments (Non-Stick) Nordent Composite Instruments (Stainless) by Nordent
Nordent Cord Packing Instruments Nordent Crown Removing Instrument Nordent Curettes, Periodontal Surgery
Nordent Curettes, Surgical Nordent Curettes, Universal by Nordent Nordent Discoid Cleoid Carvers
Nordent Elevators, Periosteals Nordent Elevators, Root Nordent Elevators, Root Pick
Nordent Enamel Chisels Nordent Endodontic Aspirators Nordent Endodontic Excavators
Nordent Endodontic Explorers Nordent Endodontic Pluggers (Double End) Nordent Endodontic Spreaders
Nordent Excavators w/ Color Rings Nordent Excavators w/ Stainless Steel Handles Nordent Explorers With Stainless Steel Handle (Double-End)
Nordent Explorers With Stainless Steel Handle (Single-End) Nordent Forceps, Suture Nordent Forceps, Tissue
Nordent Gracey Curettes by Nordent Nordent Implant Cleaning Instruments Nordent Instrument Code Rings
Nordent Instruments, C&B Applicators Nordent Instruments, Probe/Explorer Nordent Instruments, Probes (Color Coded)
Nordent Instruments, Probes (Non-Color Coded, Double End) Nordent Instruments, Probes (Non-Color Coded, Single End) Nordent Luxating Elevators
Nordent Margin Trimmers Nordent Micro Surgery Retractor Nordent Mirror Handles (Cone Socket)
Nordent Mirror Handles (Simple Stem) Nordent Mirror Handles w/ mm Ruler Nordent Mirror Handles, Ergonomic
Nordent Periodontal Surgery Files Nordent Periotomes Nordent Plastic Filling Instruments
Nordent Plastic Filling Instruments (Non Stick) Nordent Pluggers/Condensers Nordent Ronguers, Bone (Blumenthal)
Nordent Ronguers, Bone (Cleveland) Nordent Ronguers, Bone (Friedman) Nordent Scalers, By Nordent
Nordent Scalers, Furcation Nordent Scissors, Castroviejo Nordent Scissors, La Grange
Nordent Scissors, Surgical (Dean) Nordent Sharpening Machines Nordent Sharpening Stones
Nordent Sharpening Test Sticks Nordent Sinus Lift Instruments Nordent Tissue Nippers
Nordent Tweezers (College, Locking)
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