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Laboratory Products:

Abrasives Acrylic Dispensers Acrylic Disposable Brushes
Acrylic Mixing Cups Acrylic Polishing Kit Acrylic Polishing Paste
Acrylic Primers Acrylic Trimmer Air Guns
Air/Gas Valves Alcohol Lamps Alcohol Torches
Aligner Boxes Alloys, Non-Precious Alternative To Vacuum
Articulators, Aluminum (Light-Weight) Articulators, Bronze Articulators, Chrome
Articulators, Crown & Bridge (Spring Type) Articulators, Disposable Articulators, Disposable Pin
Articulators, Face Bows Articulators, Fully-Adjustable Articulators, Magnetic
Articulators, Magnetic Discs Articulators, Mounting Plates Articulators, Plasterless
Articulators, Semi-Adjustable Attachments, Ceka Attachments, Magnetic
Attachments, Other Attachments, Preat Attachments, Rhein 83
Ball Clasps Bite Gauge Block Out Compounds
Blockout Resin Border Molding Boxes, Retainer
Boxes, Retainer (Comprehensive Kit) Brushes Brushes (Sable)
Buffing Compound, Universal Buffing Compounds Buffing Kit for Acrylics
Buffing Paste for Acrylics Buffing Paste for Chrome/Metal Bunsen Burners, Natural Gas
Burning Alcohol Butane Torches C & B Platic Boxes
Calipers, Compass Calipers, Dial Casting Products
Casting Ring Liners Casting Wells Chisels
Chrome Cobalt Alloys Chrome Partial Products Chrome/Metal Polishing Paste
Clasp Repair Clasps, Ball Clear Aligner Boxes
Compass Calipers Composites, Crown & Bridge Cooling Spray
Crown Calipers Crucible Formers Crucibles
Cups, Stainless Steel Cyanoacrylate Accelerators Cyanoacrylate Adhesives
Cyanoacrylate Debonder Debubblizers Denture Acrylic, Add-On
Denture Box Patient Kits Denture Boxes Denture Characterizing
Denture I.D. Systems Denture Mesh Strengtheners Denture Resin, Composite
Denture Stabilizer Dial Calipers Diamond Discs, Sintered
Die Materials Die Silicone Die Stones
Dipping Pots Dowel Pins Duplicating Flasks
Duplicating Materials E-Gasket Electro Polishers
Emergency Tooth Stabilization Face Bows Fiber Cutter
Fiber Scissors Flask & Compress Flexible Denture Systems
Fractured Tooth Repair Gingival Mask Silicone Gingival Tissue, Soft
Gold Platers Grinding Box Gypsum Hardeners
Gypsum Liquid Additives Gypsum Remover Gypsum Separator
I.D. Systems, Denture Impression Tray Handles Instrument Bench Stand
Insulating Paste for Acrylics Investments Knives, Wax
Lab Mailing Boxes Lab Pans Lab Stones
Laboratory Handpieces Labstones Laser Welding Products
Lathe Carbide Burs (1/4" Shank) Light Cure Opaquer Light Cure Tray Material
Magnifiers, Table Top Margin Roller/Burnisher Mask, Gingival
Mixing Cups Mixing Device w/ Vacuum Model Boxes
Model Duplication Model Formers Model Gloss
Model Holder Model Trimmer Wheels Model Trimmer Wheels, Diamond Coated
Mounting Plates Mouthguard Cases Mouthguard, Boil & Bite
Mouthguards, Sports Nightguard Nightguard Vacuum Forming Material
Nightguard/Bruxism Material Occlusal Indicator Opaquer, Light Cure
Plaster Bins Plaster Bins/Traps Plaster Knives
Plaster Nippers Plaster Traps Plaster, Lab
Plaster, Orthodontic Pneumatic Chisels Polishing Buffs
Polishing Compound, Universal Polishing Compounds Polishing Felt Buffs
Polishing Felts, Diamond Impregnated Porcelain Porcelain Condenser
Porcelain Etchant Unidose Porcelain Instruments Porcelain Ovens
Porcelain Primers Porcelain Repair Porcelain Sculpturing Instruments
Pumice Pumice (Unidose) Pumice Disinfectant
Pumice Substitute Quick Chucks Retainer Boxes
Retainer Boxes, Comprehensive Kit Ruler Safety Shields for Grinding
Saw Frames and Blades Scales Scissors, Vacuum Forming Material Trimming
Scoops for Gypsums Sculpturing Instruments, Ceramics Separating Mediums
Silicone Lab Putty Silicone Sprays Solder With Incorporated Flux
Solders Splint Reinforcement (Fiber) Splinting Material, Nylon/Stainless
Splinting Material, Pre-Impregnated Splinting Material, Pre-Soaked Ready for Use Sports Mouthguards
Stones, Lab Surgical Fracture Splints Surveyors
Thermal Knife w/ Electric Motor, Vacuum Forming Thermal Knives, Vacuum Forming Tin Foil Substitute
Torches, Alcohol Torches, Butane Torches, Casting
Torches, Flameless Torches, Table Top Transport Bags
Tray Material, Light Cure Tray Material, Self-Cure Vacuum Forming Accessories
Vacuum Forming Crown & Bridge Material Vacuum Forming Cutter Knife Vacuum Forming Laminate Colored Mouthguards
Vacuum Forming Material, Clear Soft Vacuum Forming Material, Coping Vacuum Forming Material, Nightguard Laminate
Vacuum Forming Material, Spacer Foam Vacuum Forming Material, Sports Mouth Guard Vacuum Forming Materials, Bleach
Vacuum Forming Materials, Colored Mouthguards Vacuum Forming Materials, Dual Laminate Vacuum Forming Materials, Surgical Splint
Vacuum Forming Materials, Tray Vacuum Forming Scented Colored Mouthguards Vacuum Forming Thermal Knife w/ Electric Motor
Vacuum Forming Thermal Knives Vacuum Forming Thermal Pliers Vibrators
Vulcanite Scrapers Wax Carver With Interchangeable Tips Wax Carvers w/ Silicone Handle, Lab/Denture Work
Wax Carvers, Lab/Denture Work Wax Carvers, Modeling/Sculpting Wax Carvers, PK Thomas
Wax Carvers, Traditional Wax Heaters Wax Knives
Wax Spatulas Waxing Kits Waxing Units
Wire Gauge
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