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Identica T500 SPEED & ACCURACY Representing the apex in 3D dental scanning with unsurpassed speed, accuracy and reliability, Identica helps you rediscover your productivity. Identica T-series designed to meet all of your needs. With a powerful scan engine and affordable pricing, new Identica T-series is a perfect fit for both performance enthusiasts and entry level users. Its revolutionary design and state-of-the-art software technology will rediscover and increase your productivity. • Superfast Scanning: Hardware and software combine to bring your lab the fastest scanner in the dental industry. Flexible multi-die provides all in one scanning system • Extreme Reality: T Series Scanners capture more details and geometry with higher resolution cameras. merge technology and advanced data processing algorithms • Next Generation Impression Scanning: Automatic double sided impression scanning and data alignment provides complete 3D files ready for design • Importing and exporting STL in any scan step • Accuracy of the scanner is where it all starts in Cad/Cam • Automatic Impression scanning: 3 axis arm + auto double-sided im pression scan Extreme Reality Next Generation Impression Scanning I dentica T300 Quality, Flexible, and Affordable Identica T300 dramatically improves the most important aspects of scanner performance. The latest software tech provides the cleanest and sharpest data, designed to bring out the finest data quality using its 2.0 MP cameras. T300 saves your precious time and money by minimizing trial and error to adjust restoration fits. •2.0 MP camera resolution •Accuracy - 7 µm (ISO 12836) •2-Axis manual impression scanning •Full arch scan time 24 seconds •Blue LED light •USB 3.0 B Type connectivity T300 Scanner Unit I dentica T500 Fast, Accurate and Versatile Identica T500 offers a fast scan engine and highly efficient software algorithm. With the high-speed cameras and projector, scan a full arch in just 12 seconds and eight dies within 19 seconds. Using state-of-the-art blue light scanning technology, Identica T500 captures the highest quality scans with accuracy <7 microns to ISO 12836. Speed up your workflow by scanning full arch or partials with dies simultaneously. Complete your work with reduced scanning steps. •2.0 MP camera resolution •3-Axis Automatic impression scanning •Phase-Shifting optical scanning principle •USB 3.0 B Type connectivity •Full arch scan time12 seconds •Blue LED light •Convenience Touch sensor T500 Scanner Unit I dentica Hybrid T300 Scanner M16-1070 Call for price T500 Scanner M16-1072 The right solution designed to meet all of your model and impression scanning needs. The most powerful scanner to date providing up to 74% faster scan times, a flexible multi-die that cuts scan steps significantly. Color scan texture for enhancing details and 3-axis scanning arm for auto-double impression scanning. Identica Hybrid represents the apex in 3D dental scanning with nearly unsurpassed speed, accuracy and reliability, helping you rediscover your productivity Optimized for Model & Impression Scanning Hybrid Scanner M16-1050 $ 8,999. 00 Call for price Complete Milling Packages Scan, Design, Mill and Finish . All Included Identica T300 Powerful dental CAD software Roland DWX-51D Dry/Wet Dental Mill Call Us for $$$$$$$$ Qoute Unbeatable Sales, Support and Service T-300 Color Scanner and Exocad dental software Package! Powerful dental Cad Software Identica T300 Starting At Per Month $268.00 Fast, Accurate, 2MP Scanning Plus Powerful Exocad Software!! CAD/CAM Bundles Don’t Have A Mill !!! Upload your Designed STL Files At Vivid ZirMax Plus Contour Crown -Translucency 43% -Flexural Strength 1200 MPa A09-0062 ( No Finishing ) ....... $31.95 A09-0064 ( Stain & Glazed ) ....... $41.95 Vivid ZirMax Multi-Layer Contour Crown -Translucency 49% -Flexural Strength 600 MPa A09-0066 ( No Finishing ) ....... $38.95 A09-0068 ( Stain & Glazed ) ....... $48.95 Vivid ZirCore Coping Contour Crown -Translucency 39% -Flexural Strength 1400 MPa A09-0060 ....... $21.95 Training and Support by Factory Trained Tech 1 Dental Pearson Visit Our Website : Dental Dept 800-535-4535 Digital Dept. 800-535-4535 X361 Lab Dept 800-336-8256 Call Digital Dept. 800-535-4535 X361 Pearson Milling Center Call Digital Dept. 800-535-4535 X361 Milling Center Call Digital Dept. 800-535-4535 X361 Scanners CAD/CAM Scanners, Milling Center & CAD/CAM Bundle