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Kenda Products

Disposable 2-Step Composite Polish
Singlue Use Polishers & Finishers for Microfill Composites
Kit of 12....$21.50
Disposable 1-Step Composite Polisher
Single Use Composite Finishers
Kit of 12....$21.00
Disposable 2-Step Hybrid Polisher
Special Hard Polishers For All Hybrid Composites
Kit of 12....$44.50
C.G.I. Disposable
Single Use 3-Step Polishing System
Kit of 12....$17.50
Nobilis Disposable
For Cost-Effective Finishing & Polishing Of Composite & Ceramics.
Kit of 12....$39.50
Composite Microfill
For A Perfect Pre-Polishing Of All Microfilled Composites
Kit of 12....$49.50
2-Step Ceramic Polishing System
2-Step Diamond Polishing System
Pkg of 6....$26.50
Glass Ionomer Polisher
For Compomer, Glass-Ionomer & Standard Composites.
Pkg of 12....$21.50
G.P.S. Polisher
2-Step Diamond Composite Polisher
Kit of 12....$32.50
Prophy Polisher
For Tooth Cleaning Without The Use Of Polishing Paste.
Kit of 12....$21.50
Unicus Disposable
Extra Fine Diamond Polisher For Composites & Ceramics.
Kit of 12....$45.65
Amalgam Polishers
For Fast & Brilliant Polishing Of Amalgam & Precious Metals
Kit of 12....$28.95
Universal Polishing System
Universal Polisher For Cast Effective Polishing.
Kit of 12....$24.95
Deluxe Kit
For All Composite & Compomer Restorations
Kit of 12....$49.50
2 Step Polisher
Kit of 12....$270.00
Esthetic Set
For Time Saving Polishing & Finishing Of Composite Restorations & Ceramic Inlays
Kit of 18....$96.50
Hybrid Polishers
Diamond Impregnated For Finishing & Polishing Hybid Composites.
Kit of 12....$47.95
Diamond Impregnated Polishing System
Kit of 12....$52.95
Microfine Diamond Polishing System.
Kit of 12....$53.50
Diamond Impregnated For Composite Restorations & Ceramics.
Kit of 12....$45.50
Disposable Restorative Polishers
Pkg of 30....$29.95
Queen Techno
Silicone Polisher For Denture & Acrylics (HP Shank)
Pkg of 6....$21.50
Zirco1 Polisher
Only 1 Step To A High Luster Finish On Zirconia & Ceramics
Pkg of 6....$95.99
For Zirconia & Lithium Disilicate
Kit of 12....$69.00
For High Performance Ceramic, Zirconia & Pressed Ceramic (HP Shank)
Kit of 6....$35.50
Autoclavable Storage Space Bur Caddy
244 Blue
All-Purpose Polishing Compound
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