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Dentapreg Products

Dentapreg SFM
Pre impregnated splinting material
Pkg of 8....$162.00
Dentapreg PFM
Pre Impregnated Splinting Material Ideal For Anterior Bridge
Pkg of 3....$165.00
Dentapreg PFU
Pre Impregnated Splinting Material Ideal For Posterior Bridge
Pkg of 3....$165.00
Dentapreg Pinpost
Pre Impregnated Splinting Material Ideal for Crown Retention
Pkg of 12....$31.50
Dentapreg UFM
Fiberglass Splinting Material
Pkg of 3....$165.00
Dentapreg SFU
Ideal For Postorthodontic Retainers, Space Maintainers
Pkg of 3....$165.00
Dentapreg Veil
For Large Restorations, Composite Crowns & Composite Veneers
Pkg of 4....$337.50
Dentapreg Mesh
Resistant & Reliable Denture Reinforcement
Pkg of 3....$163.50
Dentapreg Bundle
For Posterior Minimally Invasive Short To Long-Term Temporaries
Pkg of 4....$337.50
Dentapreg Braid
For Anterior Temporaries With Different Retentions
Pkg of 4....$337.50
Dentapreg Instrument Kit
For Working With Dentapreg Strips
Kit of 2....$123.00
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