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Medit i500


Meisinger USA Promotions and Free Goods:

Meisinger_Logo.jpg   Meisinger USA  
12276 San Jose Blvd Suite 110
Jacksonville FL 32223
TEL: (904) 260-5040
FAX: (904) 260-5212
  • Buy 5, Get 1 FREE!
  • Buy 10. Get 3 FREE!
  • Buy 20, Get 8 FREE!

  • Free goods must be of equal or lesser value. Free goods cannot be combined with other offers. Qualifying orders must be in a single transaction, multiple orders cannot be combined. To receive free goods email or FAX a copy of your Dental invoice(s) to MEISINGER USA, 10150 E. Easter Ave., Centennial, Colorado, 80112. Fax to 303-268-5407 or email Offer valid 1/1/20 through 3/31/20. Invoices must be received by 4/30/20. Please allow 4-6 weeks from the date MEISINGER receives the invoice for delivery of free goods. Offers are for retail customers only. See your Dental representative for a complete selection of MEISINGER products.
    Exp: 3/31/2020

     Meisinger FG Diamonds Round
     Meisinger FG Diamonds Inverted Cone
     Meisinger FG Diamonds Inverted Cone W/collar
     Meisinger FG Diamonds Pear
     Meisinger FG Diamonds Barrel
     Meisinger FG Diamonds Interproximal
     Meisinger FG Diamonds Anatomy
     Meisinger FG Diamonds Football - Pointed
     Meisinger FG Diamonds Football - Rounded
     Meisinger FG Diamonds Depth Cutter
     Meisinger FG Diamonds Flat End Cylinder
     Meisinger FG Diamonds Flat End Cylinder - Long
     Meisinger FG Diamonds Round End Cylinder
     Meisinger FG Diamonds Round End Cylinder - Long
     Meisinger FG Diamonds End Cutting
     Meisinger FG Diamonds Round Edge Cylinder
     Meisinger FG Diamonds Flat End Taper
     Meisinger FG Diamonds Round Edge Taper
     Meisinger FG Diamonds Flat End Taper - Long
     Meisinger FG Diamonds Round End Taper
     Meisinger FG Diamonds Needle
     Meisinger FG Diamonds Needle - Long
     Meisinger FG Diamonds Needle - X-long
     Meisinger FG Diamonds Flame - Short
     Meisinger FG Diamonds Flame
     Meisinger FG Diamonds Flame - Long
     Meisinger FG Diamonds Straight Bevel
     Meisinger FG Diamonds Amalgam Remover
     Meisinger FG Diamonds Curretage
     Meisinger FG Diamonds Bevel Tip Cylinder
     Meisinger FG Diamonds Finishing
     Meisinger FG Diamonds Duck Head
     Meisinger FG Diamonds Wheel
     Meisinger FG Diamonds Specialty - Safe End
     Meisinger FG Diamonds Cardia
     Meisinger FG Diamonds For Occlusial Reduction
     Meisinger FG Diamonds Cone
     Meisinger Lab Carbide Burs (plain Cut)
     Meisinger Lab Carbide Burs (cross Cut)
     Meisinger Surgical Carbide Burs
     Meisinger Surgical Carbide Burs
     Singles - Round
     Singles - Inverted Cone
     Singles - Long Inverted Cone
     Singles - Diabolo Hourglass
     Singles - Pear
     Singles - Double Cone, Barrel
     Singles - Wheel
     Singles - Interproximal
     Singles - Bud, Pointed Football
     Singles - Egg, Football
     Singles - Depth Cutter
     Singles - Cylinder
     Singles - Cylinder, Round End
     Singles - Cylinder, End Cutting
     Singles - Tapered, Flat End
     Singles - Tapered, Round Edge
     Singles - Tapered, Round End
     Singles - Needle Point
     Singles - Torpedo
     Singles - Torpedo, Tapered
     Singles - Flame
     Singles - Ce Tapered Cylinder
     Singles - Spiral Diamond Tapered, Round End
     Meisinger Carbide Burs
     Meisinger Carbide Burs
     Meisinger Cobra Carbide Burs

    Surgical Products
    Meisinger Surgical Carbide Burs  (Meisinger USA)
    FG Surgical Length 25mm
    Description Item # Qty Price Order
    Meisinger Bur #58 Surg. (10)
    While Supplies Last!!
    Half Price
    Regular price = $21.15
    Expires: 8/22/2039
    M 42-0097 $10.58

    Chairside Zirconia
    Brilliant Crios
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