Vivid Rinzeall
(Alcohol-Free Mouth Rinse)
Vivid Rinzeall Image
Alcohol Free Spearmint
16oz Case of 12 Net Price....$21.60
Chromatic Image
Two-Phase Chromatic Alginate
OraBloc (Pierel)
Orabloc Image
Articaine hydrochloride 4% w/ Epi
Buy 10, Get 1 FREE or Buy 18 Get 2 FREE!
Pkg of 50....$48.90  Net: $44.45 each
Quala Lidocaine
Quala Lidocaine Image
Lidocaine HCI 2% 1:100,000 w/ Epi
1.7ml Pkg of 50....$37.95
Vivid Numbgel
Vivid Numbgel Image
20% Benzocaine in 9 Flavors.
1 Oz....$4.50
Nsure Barrier
(Barrier Products)
Nsure Barrier Half Chair Sleeve Image
Half Chair Sleeve
27.5 x 24" Pkg of 225....$24.50
TC Tray Sleeves
(Barrier Products)
TC Tray Sleeves Image
11-5/8 x 16 Pkg of 500....$25.60
10-1/2 x 14 Pkg of 500....$13.95
Vivid Stickywrap
(Barrier Products)
Vivid Stickywrap Image
Barrier Film - Perforated Easy Peel in 5 Colors
4"x6" Pkg of 1200....$10.95
Vivid Koolbond SE
(Bonding Agents (6th Gen.))
Vivid Koolbond Se Image
6th Generation Bonding
5ml Pkg of 2....$59.95
Vivid Bond VII
(Bonding Agents (7th Gen.))
Vivid SecureBond VII Image
Refill Bottle 5ml ....$39.50
Vivid Totalbond Se
(Bonding Agents (7th Gen.))
Vivid Totalbond Se Image
6ml Bottle....$40.95
Vivid Qwiktemp - 1:1 Cartridge
(C&B Temp Materials)
Vivid Qwiktemp Image
76gm w/ Mixing Tips
Std Pkg....$59.00
Vivid TempLux 10:1
(C&B Temp Materials)
Vivid TempLux Image
Premium self-curing bis-acrylic composite
50ml + Tips....$79.50
Vivid TempMax - 4:1 Cartridge
(C&B Temp Materials)
Vivid Tempmax Image
Std Pkg....$51.95
Vivid Exelcut - Clinic Pack
(Carbide Burs FG)
Vivid Exelcut Fg Burs, Clinic Pack Image
Clinic Pkg of 100....$105.00
Vivid Exelcut - Standard Pack
(Carbide Burs FG)
Vivid Exelcut Fg Burs, Standard Pack Image
Std Pkg of 10....$11.95
Breeze RMGI
(Cements (Luting))
Breeze RMGI Image
(Cements (Luting))
TotalC-Ram Image
Self-Adhesive Resin Cement
Buy 1, Get 1 FREE.
8gm....$126.99  Net: $63.50 each
Vivid Bulk Fill Composite
Vivid Bulk Fill Composite Image
Posterior Bulk Fill Composite
20 x 0.25g....$49.00
4gm Syringe....$16.90
Vivid Flow Plus
Vivid Flow Plus Image
Flowable Composite in Larger Syringes
5gm Syringe....$19.95
Vivid Nano Flow
Vivid Nano Flow Image
Flowable Composite in Vita® Shades
2gm Syringes....$11.95
Vivid Nanofil
Vivid Nanofil Syringe Image
Nano-Hybrid Composite
4gm Syringe....$16.10
Vivid Color Core Advanced
(Core Build-Up)
Vivid Color Core Advanced Cartridge Image
Core build-up material
50g Cartridge....$60.95
Pearson Disposable Syringe Tips
(Disposable A/W Syringe Tips)
Air/water Syringe Tips Image
Buy 2, Get 1 FREE.
Colors w/ White Core (200)....$23.40  Net: $15.60 each
Pastel w/ White Core (200)....$23.40  Net: $15.60 each
Vivid RainbowMist
(Disposable A/W Syringe Tips)
Vivid Rainbow Mist Image
Multi Color A/W Syringe Tips w/ White Core
Buy 3, Get 1 FREE.
Pkg of 250....$17.95  Net: $13.46 each
Vivid Nugown
(Disposable Gowns w/ Velcro Closure)
Vivid Nugown Image
Pkg of 10....$49.95
Case of 1000....$19.50
PQ Cotton Rolls Size 2
Pq Cotton Rolls Image
Case of 2000....$8.99
Vivid Unicup
Vivid Unicup Image
Disposable 5oz Cups
Case of 1000....$19.50
Vivid Safetycare
(Emergency Products)
Vivid Safetycare Image
General purpose first aid kit with 100 components
Kit of 100pcs....$19.99
NIC K-Files
Nic Niti  K-Files 21mm Image
Strong and Extremely Flexible K-Files
Pkg of 6....$4.95
Vivid Rotomax
Vivid Rotomax Image
Rotary NiTi Files Compares to Pro Taper®
Pkg of 6....$19.95
Vivid Rotopro
Vivid Rotopro Image
Rotary NiTi Files Compares to Protaper®
Pkg of 6....$22.50
Vivid RotoXcel
Vivid Rotoxcel .02 Taper Image
Rotary NiTi Files K3 Type
Pkg of 6....$18.00
Vivid Sofvac
(Evacuation (Saliva Ejectors))
Vivid Sofvac Image
Dispasable Saliva Ejector Tips
Pkg of 100....$4.50
Pkg of 1000....$39.50
PQ Enzymatic Cleaner
(Evacuation Products)
PQ Enzymatic Cleaner Image
Evacuation Cleaner
1 Gallon....$29.50
Vivid Shocktab
(Evacuation Products)
Vivid Shocktab Image
Advanced Bio/Enzymatic Evacuation Cleaner
Pkg of 64 Tabs....$35.95
Vivid Ventvac HVE
(Evacuation Products)
Vivid Ventvac HVE Image
Disposable HVE Tips
Pkg of 100....$3.95
Pkg of 1000....$35.00
Pearson Multicolor Earloop Face Mask
(Face Masks)
Multicolor Earloop Face Mask Image
Box of 50....$22.95
Vivid ComfyCone
(Face Masks)
Vivid ComfyCone Image
Pkg of 50....$19.55
Vivid Smartfloss
(Floss Water Irrigators)
Vivid Smartfloss Image
Water Flosser / Irrigator
(Handpieces (High Speed Non-F.O.))
Pana-Max Image
Buy 2, Get 1 FREE.
Each....$395.00  Net: $263.33 each
Pana-max Plus
(Handpieces (High Speed Non-F.O.))
Pana-Max Plus Image
Buy 2, Get 1 FREE.
Each....$495.00  Net: $330.00 each
TwinPower Turbine® Basic
(Handpieces (High Speed Non-F.O.))
TwinPower Turbine® Basic Handpiece  Image
4-Hole High Speed Handpiece
Buy 2, Get 1 FREE or Buy 5 Get 5 FREE!
Each....$550.00  Net: $366.67 each
Twocore X4 Series
(Handpieces (High Speed Non-F.O.))
Twocore X4 Series Image
Premium Quality Handpieces
Non-Fiber Optic....$112.50
Vivid ComfyPro
(Handpieces (Prophy))
Vivid Comfypro Image
Premium Prophy Handpiece - 4 Holes
Silver or Pink....$255.00
Apollo Surgical Handpiece - 45º
(Handpieces (Surgical))
Apollo Surgical Handpiece - 45º Image
45º Surgical Handpiece
Non-Fiber Optic 4-Hole....$345.00
PQ Autoclave Pouches
(Infection Control)
PQ Autoclave Pouches Image
Self Sealing w/ Dual Indicator in 11 Sizes
3-1/2 x 9 Pkg of 200....$5.50
Vivid Naturaltouch
(Latex Gloves (Powder Free))
Vivid Naturaltouch Image
Latex Exam Gloves
Box of 100....$9.95
DX-Mixer Cement Mixing Tips
(Mixing Tips)
DX-Mixer Cement Mixing Tips Image
Long or Short Pkg of 50....$16.00
DX-Mixer Core Mixing Tips
(Mixing Tips)
Dx-Mixer Core Mixing Tips Image
Pkg of 50....$16.00
DX-Mixer Wings
(Mixing Tips)
DX-Mixer Wings Image
Impression Mixing Tips
Pkg of 48....$16.00
Xttrium 0.12% Chlorhexidine Gluconate Image
0.12% Chlorhexidine Gluconate
Case of 12....$72.00
(Nitrile Gloves (Powder Free))
Glacier Blue Nitrile Image
Blue Nitrile Gloves
Pkg of 300....$17.10
(Nitrile Gloves (Powder Free))
Inspire Image
Blue Nitrile Gloves
Box of 300....$15.40
Vivid Bluetouch
(Nitrile Gloves (Powder Free))
Vivid Bluetouch Image
Box of 250....$17.10
Vivid DazzleTouch
(Nitrile Gloves (Powder Free))
Vivid DazzleTouch Image
Pink Nitrile Gloves
Pkg 200....$15.40
Vivid LuxoCare
(Nitrile Gloves (Powder Free))
Vivid LuxoCare Image
Nitrile Cobalt Powder Free Gloves
Box of 300....$17.25
Vivid Whitetouch
(Nitrile Gloves (Powder Free))
Vivid Whitetouch Image
Box of 250....$17.10
N'sure Phosphor Plate Envelopes
(Phosphor Plate Envelopes)
N'sure Phosphor Plate Envelopes Image
Size 1 or Size 3
Buy 1, Get 1 FREE.
Pkg of 100....$6.00  Net: $3.00 each
Pkg of 300....$16.20  Net: $8.10 each
Vivid DigiSleeve
(Phosphor Plate Envelopes)
Vivid Digisleeve Horizontal Image
Top Loading or Side Loading Barrier Envelopes
Size #2 Box of 100....$7.50
Size #2 Box of 300....$18.00
(Piezo Scaler Tips)
Sirona Piezo Scaling Tips Image
Piezo Ultrasonic Inserts Compatible with EMS® and Satelec®
As Low As....$13.50
Vivid iKleen
(Power Toothbrushes)
Vivid iKleen Image
Powerful Adult Rotating Toothbrush
Buy 3, Get 1 FREE.
Each....$9.99  Net: $7.49 each
(Prophy Products)
Gelato Prophy Paste Cups Image
Prophy Paste Cups
Box of 200....$18.95
Vivid ExelPro
(Prophy Products)
Vivid ExelPro Image
Premium quality disposable prophy angles - available in Soft or Firm
Pkg of 100....$19.99
Pkg of 500....$95.00
Vivid Slimpro
(Prophy Products)
Vivid Slimpro Image
Disposable Prophy Angles
Pkg of 100....$19.99
Pkg of 500....$90.00
(Prophy Products)
Vivid-pro Disposable Prophy Angles Image
Disposable Prophy Angles
Pkg of 144....$29.95
Pkg of 500....$99.95
Vivid DailyKleen
Vivid DailyKleen Image
Disposable Toothbrushes
Pkg of 12....$4.50
Vivid OraBrush - Premium Quality
Vivid Orabrush™ Classickleen™ Image
Available in 14 adult & 4 child sizes
Pkg of 12....$4.50
Case of 72....$24.50
Vivid Powerkleen
Vivid Powerkleen Image
Powerful Battery Operated Toothbrush
Pq Enzyme Ultrasonic Cleaner
(Ultrasonic Tablets)
PQ Enzyme Ultrasonic Cleaner Image
Effervescent Tablets
Pkg of 64....$40.95
Vivid Dualzyme
(Ultrasonic Tablets)
Vivid Dualzyme Image
Concentrated instrument pre-soak
Pkg of 64....$24.99
Citrine (Dharma)
(Varnish (5% Sodium Fluoride))
Citrine Fluoride Varnish Image
Available in 4 flavors including caramel
Pkg of 50....$38.50
Vivid Trushield
(Varnish (5% Sodium Fluoride))
Vivid Trushield Image
Bubblegum Flavor
Pkg of 100....$75.00
Vivid BiteTray
(VPS Bite Registration)
Vivid Bite Tray Image
Disposable 3-Way Bite Trays
Pkg of 35 or 50....$8.50
Vivid QwikBite - 50ml Cartridge
(VPS Bite Registration)
Vivid Qwikimage Bite Image
2 Cartridges w/ Tips....$19.50
Vivid Qwikimage
(VPS Impression Material)
Vivid Qwikimage  Image
Polyvinyl Impression Material
Pkg of 2....$19.50
Pkg of 4....$28.00
Pkg of 24....$156.00
Diaswiss Fg Diamond For Zirconia
(Zirconia Burs)
Diaswiss Fg Diamond For Zirconia #379 Image
Specially designed diamond coating
Pkg of 6....$20.50
Vividzircon FG
(Zirconia Burs)
Vividzircon FG Burs - Coarse Image
Premium Quality Zirconia Diamonds at Great Savings
Pkg of 5 As Low As....$16.60
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